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A journal article is a credible source of information for learning different concepts and use evidence for further research. It is a type of source that people use in science. For instance, in order to meet scientific standards and provide valid information, journal studies must represent the investigation of a specific theme, provide clear research, and be peer-reviewed by other experts to validate the results. Hence, these requirements make journal studies relevant to the world of science.

General Aspects

Writing in education requires credible and accurate information on types of papers, paper formats, and essay structure. Basically, there are many articles of information available to scholars, including secondary sources. Some familiar sources include books, websites, magazines, press releases, and newspapers, among others. Most of these sources are not good because they contain vague information. In turn, a journal article is better than other types of sources for research because it provides current investigation, recent research, and have accurate details since they are peer-reviewed.

Journal article

Investigation in a Journal Article

Journal articles are better than other sources since they contain current investigation. Basically, scholars research on emerging issues and present their results in journal studies. In this case, the journal includes up-to-date information on various topics. Hence, scholars write studies to update developing knowledge. Also, they use current research methods to analyze data and information when writing a journal article. Journal sources use an effective method to interpret data collected in various instances. As a result, scholars focus on the most recent and convincing information. Therefore, reliable sources are better than other works since they contain results from current investigations.


Journal articles are superior to other scholarly sources because they contain recent research. An excellent example is a journal article on diabetes control. Scholars investigate the modern method that can help control diabetes. In this case, they update on the knowledge available on diabetes control. Also, these articles are short documents that communicate new information. The statement implies that studies contain short and most recent data. Hence, they enhance the understanding and adoption of new knowledge. Therefore, journal studies entail current details on issues that affect modern society.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Journal articles are better than other sources since they are peer-reviewed. During the peer review process, a group of experts reads the research paper or dissertation to decide whether it contains good ideas. In particular, every journal paper undergoes rigorous tests to determine its significance to the relevant area of study. Basically, reviewers only approve high-quality journal studies. For instance, they examine whether a journal article contains sound methods and fundamental research. Hence, these articles include precise evidence and description. Besides, they rely on acceptable research methods. Therefore, these requirements make journal studies better than books and other scholarly materials since it ensures that they have accurate details.

Conclusion on a Journal Article

In conclusion, journal articles are better than other scholarly sources. Basically, journal studies have a current investigation, which makes them valuable scholarly sources. Then, they contain recent research. In this case, studies entail useful information concerning issues that affect people in their daily lives. Besides, these articles focus on emerging events and issues, which make them relevant to various areas of study.  Lastly, articles have accurate details since they are peer-reviewed. The process of peer review ensures that the journal article contains factual information, academically acceptable methods, and contribute to knowledge. Therefore, journal writings are better scholarly sources than books, newspapers, magazines, and websites, among others. Also, people should know what is a primary source.

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