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Academic writing requires learners to use credible or reliable sources. Basically, information from credible sources is usually accurate and correct. In this case, a reliable source helps to advance scholarly knowledge in a specific field. However, most of the sources available for the use are not reliable and may contain misleading information. Also, students must assess the credibility of a source before using it to support their arguments. In particular, credible sources originate from qualified authors, have correctly formatted references, use recent evidence, are available through academic mediums, focus on improving knowledge, and contain relevant information.

Quality of Sources

Scholars write academic articles and books in areas of their specialization. For instance, a reliable source must have a qualified author. In this case, the author of such type of source writes on a topic related to his or her field of study. Besides, the author of a credible source must be an influential scholar. For example, prominent authors contribute to the development of knowledge. Hence, other scholars may cite a journal article. In turn, one may need to carry out a background search for authors to determine the credibility of their work. Thus, credible sources have qualified and influential scholars.

Reliable sources

References in the Reliable Source

The credible source has academic references. For instance, authors of the reliable source take time to include a correctly structured and comprehensive reference list. In this case, one should examine the quantity and quality of the reference list to ascertain its credibility. Besides, the reference list of a credible source must be reliable. Thus, credible sources have a dependable and thorough reference list.

The Actuality of Credible Sources

Reliable sources rely on recent evidence. For instance, the information in some areas of study like sciences evolves rapidly. In this case, most contemporary academic sources are more authoritative. As a rule, sources that are published five years before the date of the use are reliable. However, one must evaluate the publication date of a reference to determine its legitimacy and actuality.

Libraries and Online Databases

Credible sources are available on college libraries or online journal database. For instance, reliable sources appear in the academic medium. Basically, people may use them as primary or secondary sources. In this case, unreliable sources are available in non-academic websites. Thus, one must evaluate the origin of a reference to ascertain its academic credibility. 

Advancing Knowledge

The credible source focuses on advancing past and new knowledge. For example, authors of scholar sources try to inform an audience about factual information. In this case, they persuade the audience to agree with a particular school of thoughts. Also, one must ensure that a source advances knowledge in a specific area of expertise to determine its credibility. Thus, working sources are related to a particular field.

Relevant Information in Reliable Sources

Credible sources contain relevant information to a specific area of study. For instance, one must obtain evidence from sources that support the main arguments. In this case, a reference in the reliable source is only credible in its field of knowledge. Besides, a person should not just use sources to meet the requirements. Thus, reliable sources must relate to an area of expertise.

Conclusion on Reliable Sources

In conclusion, reliable sources have qualified authors. Basically, scholars with substantial experience in an area of knowledge prepare sources with correct references. In this case, they use recent evidence to support their arguments. Besides, qualified authors avail credible work through academic mediums and focus on the development of knowledge. Finally, a credible source contains relevant information by considering a studying field. Otherwise, one should term a source as incredible.                   

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