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Essay on My Journey From Marine to Actor

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In this Ted Talk essay on “My Journey From Marine to Actor” by Adam Driver, Jesse J. Perez, and Matt Johnson, the authors highlight the ways of the struggles from failing to get into a career in acting to becoming a marine and eventually realizing their dreams of becoming actors after being relieved of their military duties. The video epitomizes constant rejection in life, a quest to fit in and acclimatize to everyday life, and how positivity can aid in transitioning to stability. People often fight different struggles through life, but resilience, consistency, and positivity lead to a triumphant ending to all stories in the contemporary world. In this case, although Driver, the main speaker, leaves the military after being medically separated, he turns physical and emotional anguish into determination to pursue his passion and acting career. The video is essentially about resilience to achieve success since it uniquely mirrors any life as an individual, with a vital motivational touch for everyone going through phases of struggle.

The Main Point of the Talk

The video’s main point is to teach the particular virtue of being resilient to attain your life desires. When going through difficult moments in life, one’s perspective and a positive attitude yield victory (Fahkry par. 12). Consistency is one’s pursuit that brings self-mastery in an exceptional way regardless of the circumstances. Driver had a passion for acting at an early age before eventually signing up for the military after rejection but finally made his way into acting post-military service. He went to New York to get an acting role and eventually made it after a couple of auditions (Driver et al. 03:15-03:24). His relentless nature changed his life. Moreover, he is out to impact the lives of other Marines through his brainchild of taking theatre arts to the military. In essence, there is a motivational touch to others in his experiences and how he moves past his struggles.

Ted Talk Essay on "My Journey From Marine to Actor" by Adam Driver, Jesse J. Perez, and Matt Johnson

Actuality of the Video

The video is related to people’s personal experiences since it uniquely mirrors their life’s struggles. Resilience involves being dynamic during adversity, looking into the conventional past thought processes, and applying different logic to achieve goals (Buzzanell 14). In pursuit of stable life, the people’s journey may be rough trying out other skills, pushing themselves to the limit to learn them, and perfecting them to help them to have a stable income stream. Their lives are currently on an active growing phase and show perfection every day as a direct consequence of the unrelenting practice.


This video is important because it has a motivational component for those yearning to fit in within different spheres of life after low moments. The first speaker notes that his transition from the military was complex, but he ended up fitting into acting both emotionally and physically (Driver et al. 03:28-03:35). It is essential to acclimatize to different situations to take advantage of the opportunities around an individual. Driver was able to connect the theatre arts with his activities in the military to perfect his acting skills.

Applying the Information

People can apply this information to help them pick up after the devastation of losing their livelihood. Success results from the discipline to follow a well-crafted blueprint with tailored adjustments (Fahkry par. 21). Such processes enable a seamless transition from phases of struggle to perfection. All individuals can reinvent themselves. Ideally, there exists immense wisdom necessary for self-development within the subconscious mind (Murphy 5). The innate intelligence in humans can project one’s next move in all situations and instinctively channel growth. Notably, mindpower can change the trajectory of one’s life when resilience is a pivotal part of human actions.

Surprising Fact

The surprising thing in the video is about the emotional turmoil that marines go through when integrating into civilian life, signifying the inability to allow the mind to surmount obstacles in life. It usually leads to emotional and mental baggage that elicits chronic illnesses and neurotic tendencies (Murphy 17). Therefore, a lack of both physical and emotional stability can wreck a person’s life. However, it is how a person chooses to deal with their situation that ultimately dictates their wellbeing. Thus, positivity remains a crucial component of success in a resilient mind.

Summing Up

In conclusion, a relentless mindset always triumphs and is a virtue that every motivated person should possess to transform our world. Driver turned his mind not to give up and eventually became a classic example to all marines going through similar predicaments. As a result, the motivational video mirrors human lives in many aspects and purposefully helps those feeling broken and downtrodden.

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