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Essay on The Countdown Global Launch, a Call to Action on Climate Change

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Dr. Veronica Flores
  • Icon Calendar 22 June 2024
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High School
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Environmental Studies and Forestry
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Individual Essay Example

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The climate crisis that people observe today is an existential threat facing humanity and all life on Earth. In this essay on “The Countdown Global Launch, a Call to Action on Climate Change” by TED Staff, the situation is evidenced by rising greenhouse gas emissions, which have led to extreme weather events. The recent Countdown Global Launch conference, documented in a TED video, communicates the urgent need for ambitious climate action. While the video presents a compelling call for immediate changes to address climate change, bold innovation alongside policy, economic, and social change is required across all sectors globally to avoid catastrophic warming.

The Main Point of the Video

The main point of the video is that immediate and sweeping climate action across all parts of society is urgently required to prevent catastrophic global warming. As head of TED, Chris Anderson stresses in his opening remarks, “We as citizens have to stop sending greenhouse gases into the atmosphere” (TED 00:07:56-00:08:02). All speakers in the video support this message that as climate change progresses, we stand to experience a huge loss of our overall biodiversity. Hence, if climate change continues, it will unleash runaway warming trends, inflicting immense harm on humanity and life on Earth.

Essay example on "The Countdown Global Launch, a Call to Action on Climate Change" by TED Staff

Relation to Personal Experiences

As someone concerned about environmental issues, I strongly relate to the profound urgency expressed by speakers in the video. Our choices can also be the pivot point of combating climate change by being mindful of the carbon footprint we are leaving behind (Turrentine par. 31). I consistently try to live sustainably in my personal life, like minimizing resource waste and avoiding excess consumption. Therefore, I relate profoundly to the video presenters urgently advocating for rapid mobilization to combat climate change.


The urgent call to climate action in the video is critically important. As climate scientist Johan Rockström warns, “climate has reached a global crisis point” (TED 00:12:50-00:12:54). Getting to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is vital to preserving a stable climate. In summary, the video presenters convincingly express that the timeline for action has grown extremely short and that only rapid mobilization can halt the worst climate disruption scenarios from unfolding.


The video delineates many impactful ways individuals can contribute to climate solutions. For instance, although fossil fuels have been a huge advantage to the world in terms of accelerating growth and prosperity, they need to be replaced with cleaner sources of energy as soon as possible (Teske et al. 9). As an individual, I plan to expand my sustainable behaviors by vocally and materially supporting political leaders and initiatives with ambitious emissions-reduction and climate justice platforms. The video clarifies that climate action must come from all sides, with individuals modifying their lifestyles for the planet’s benefit.

Surprising Takeaway

One major surprising takeaway from the video was grasping the sheer enormity and urgency of the global transition required to address climate change. The only way to buy the planet valuable time is by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases since it can delay the onset and exposure of dangerous climatic conditions (Trisos et al. 1). Hence, huge margins of greenhouse gases must be cut in the future to achieve climate sustainability. Therefore, the video inspires optimism that the climate change fight can be won collectively.

Summing Up

The video conveys an urgent imperative for comprehensive climate action this decade to prevent disastrous global warming. As expressed through talks in the video, the next ten years are critical for the survival of all living things. In summary, this video highlights the gravity of the situation and the real prospects for progress through cooperation and imagination. We can transition toward climate stability and well-being by heeding its call to action.

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