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The Modern Language Association (MLA) referencing technique has been in existence for an extended period. Basically, people use the style in literature and other related disciplines. Understanding the need for MLA format in text citation encourages researchers to learn and practice the general rules of developing MLA in-text citations.

Main Principles

MLA format in text citation

MLA format in text citation plays a critical role in scholarly writing by facilitating referencing. Basically, the MLA style is one of the paper formats that people use in different types of papers. In particular, the use of MLA citation allows writers to establish the credibility of their work through the demonstration of accountability to the consulted materials. Hence, scholarly writing tends to build on existing research. It implies that theories or arguments may be traced to particular scholars. Moreover, the provision of MLA format citation within a text enables the readers to identify the source of a given argument. As a result, the audience engages the original research and judges the validity and scope of the findings.

Plagiarism Concerns

Additionally, the MLA in-text citation protects the author from plagiarism accusations if they know how to cite MLA. In particular, the academic world does not respect plagiarism. People should avoid it at all costs. Hence, academic writing relies heavily on referencing techniques such as the MLA style.

The Structure of MLA Format In Text Citation

In text citations in the MLA style have a unique structure. In the MLA format in text citation, the used evidence follows the author-page format. It has a single space between the two elements. Basically, the ‘author’ refers to the surname of the writer of the source while the ‘page’ is the specific location of the paraphrased or quoted information, for example, Clarks 23. In this case, the content included in the in text citations is dependent on the medium of the source and the corresponding complete reference entry. Moreover, sources may not have a known author. However, people maintain the MLA citation example by providing the appropriate substitute for the author’s name, for example, an organization’s name or a shortened title. Also, they use the numbering system in the source based on the concept of page numbers, for instance, paragraph numbers and line numbers.

The Author-Page Style in MLA Format

The author-page style for MLA format in text citation may manifest in the MLA format paper in two main ways. Firstly, the in text citation may appear as a parenthetical citation. In this case, people place the surname and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence that contains the quotation or paraphrased material but before the period. Alternatively, they can include the surname in the sentence while the page number maintains its position at the end of the sentence. The author’s surname is usually followed by a signal phrase, such as argues, suggests, and claims. Basically, the authors prefer this technique when there is a known author or corporate author. Therefore, the two approaches of positioning in-text citations can be interchangeably used. However, there are specific instructions to adhere to one style.

Conclusion on MLA Format In Text Citation

The general guidelines for the creation and placement of MLA format in text citation are discussed intensively. Additionally, writers should recognize the significance of incorporating in text citations in academic essays. The basic rules provide more detailed directives for handling different circumstances. In this case, an author may encounter different issues while using the MLA style. Also, people should know what is MLA format, be informed how to cite in MLA format, be familiar with rules for citing a website MLA and MLA website in text citation, understand how to cite MLA website, consider MLA format example, and cover main aspects of MLA Works Cited.

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