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MLA Works Cited Example

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This MLA Works Cited example represents the main aspects of using sources in academic writing. Basically, there are three main types of sources, such as scholarly articles, books, or web pages and other electronic sources. In this case, these types require knowledge of specific rules if writers want to cite them in academic works. Since scholars have to follow formatting rules, they may miss crucial aspects when citing. Therefore, this MLA Works Cited example can help learners in organizing credible sources by following academic standards.

General Information on MLA

Many scholars use MLA format Works Cited to organize academic papers properly and understand how to cite in MLA format. In particular, the Modern Language Association or MLA is one of the paper formats that writers use when organizing academic papers in literature, sociology, artwork, history, politics, and other subjects. Because the MLA writing style is a specific format, scholars need to learn basic principles. Moreover, writers organize used sources on the Works Cited page, covering the alphabetic order. In turn, there are three main categories of sources that learners can use in an MLA sample paper, including scholarly articles, books, or web pages and electronic sources. Thus, this MLA Works Cited example serves to help students who face challenges with the format.

The Example of the MLA Works Cited Page for Scholarly Articles

Firstly, many scientists write scholarly articles in different fields of study. In this case, these sources are published by journals, including their volumes. For example, in order to mention scholarly sources in the MLA format paper, writers must point out authors, the title of the article, journal, volume, number, year of publication, and its pages. Besides, titles of journals must be in the italic form. As a result, the example for scholarly articles in the MLA format Works Cited page will look like:

MLA Works Cited Example

MLA Example Works Cited Page for Books

Then, books are sources that scholars write for different purposes. Basically, books can be literary works or include different essays for educational purposes in the MLA format. In this case, writers can use them in academic papers as evidence or sources under analysis. For instance, learners need to include authors, the title of the book, publisher, and year of publication on the Works Cited page. Although there is no need to mention pages, in-text citations must include the number of a page where the information is taken. Hence, the MLA Works Cited example for books is:

MLA Works Cited for Books

MLA Works Cited Example for Web Articles and Other Electronic Sources

Although scholarly articles and books are useful in writing papers, web and electronic sources can be used too. In particular, these web articles and electronic sources must be credible. Since famous journals, educational platforms, and other forms of publishers are credible, such sources can be used. Moreover, there are different forms of electronic sources, such as poems, articles, music, records, pictures, videos, pdf files, and others. However, in order to use such sources on the Works Cited page, there is a need to mention authors, the title of the source, publisher, year of publication, and the link to show where it is taken. Therefore, the MLA Works Cited example may vary:

MLA Works Cited  for Web Sources

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