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A thesis statement takes an integral part in any form of academic writing. Basically, a good thesis statement contains the main focus of an essay. In this case, a person can understand an article by reading through the thesis statement. Along these lines, the main claim provides a synopsis of an academic paper. In particular, there are three categories of thesis examples, namely analytical, expository, and argumentative, which evaluate, explain, and convince an audience, respectively.

Analytical Thesis Statements

The primary focus of the thesis statement in an analytical essay is to evaluate and give meaning to a concept or situation. For example, analytical thesis examples answer “how” and “why” questions. Basically, this sentence is prevalent in analysis papers. In turn, an excellent example of an analytical thesis statement is: “The process of metamorphosis signifies the class struggles of the organisms to break out of a life of being oppressed.” Hence, the above thesis explains “how” the animals behave during metamorphosis. Besides, the statement indicates the reasons “why” organisms struggle during the process of transformation. Thus, an analytical claim evaluates various situations to give meaning.

Thesis examples

Expository Thesis Examples

An expository thesis statement explains a situation to the reader. For instance, a thesis statement in an expository essay should assert what one wants the reader to know, believe, or understand. In this case, expository thesis examples must explain to a reader the meaning or implication of an essay. Besides, the explanatory thesis statement should give a writer’s accurate opinion on the subject matter. Basically, an expository thesis statement should be declarative. Along these lines, thesis examples should reveal the primary intention of a writer. In turn, an excellent example of an expository thesis statement is: “In modern times, the “Azonto Music” heavily influences the social lives of Ghanaians.” The thesis statement explains how “Azonto Music” affects socialization among Ghanaians today. On the other hand, a reader can understand what the essay explains by reading through this thesis example. Thus, an expository sentence elucidates a situation to a reader.

Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples

An argumentative thesis statement convinces a reader to believe in a specific point of view. For instance, an argumentative sentence states an arguable claim. Along these lines, this thesis statement provides reasons or evidence that supports the claim in the argumentative essay or persuasive essay. Besides, its organization helps to convince the reader to adopt a specific position. An excellent example of an argumentative thesis statement is: “Farmers should not eliminate Barn Owl’s nests from storehouses because this bird helps to reduce insects and rodents.” In this case, the thesis statement presented a debatable issue and evidence to support the writer’s perception. Thus, argumentative thesis examples try to influence the reader’s opinion.


In conclusion, thesis examples represent an integral part of academic writing that gives readers an overview of the content. The three categories of the thesis are analytical, explanatory, and argumentative. Firstly, the analytical thesis statement covers the situation. Then, the explanatory thesis statement explains a position to a reader. Finally, the argumentative claim allows an audience to accept an alternative point of view. Thus, if people know how to write a thesis statement, readers can judge the type of an essay based on thesis examples.

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