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Thesis Statement

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Dr. Simon Robbins
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The most important part of the essay’s structure is your thesis statement. This one last sentence of your introduction provides a roadmap to your whole essay, highlights its main points, and clearly answers all of the questions you tried to investigate within the essay. Hence, such an essay has to be precise and clear, not overgeneralizing facts as that will mean that your work is vague and you did not understand what you were doing. Therefore, writing a good thesis statement is an important skill to learn at any level of education.

Definition of a Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

As a fact, a typical thesis statement:

  • Situates at the end of the introductory paragraph. Such an option is considered to be the best as it usually sums up the background information that led to a specific hypothesis and highlights what the author find important to investigate further.
  • Hence, usually, it also outlines major implications by the essay, its arguments, most important themes, take-aways, and so on.
  • Anything that can be called as the most important argument of the essay has to be reflected in the thesis.
  • Consequently, it might reflect a disputable idea. That is because the author might be biased or target only a specific side of the issue.
  • As a result, it is a one-sentence summary of the essay.

Thesis Statement’s Role in The Essay

Writing an essay depends on specific rules that you must follow in order to provide a perfect paper. Hence, the set of rules is common to all and such rules are considered unquestionable as they are proven to be the most effective. Also, such rules are about the position, structure, and definition of the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement in the Structure of the Essay

As a fact, the thesis statement appears to be one of the essential aspects of the essay structure as it is a roadmap of it. If people know how to write a good essay, they produce high-quality papers. However, while some high school papers might lack the thesis statement and be limited to a purpose statement, that should not be the case for higher institutions’ papers. Consequently, the lack of the main claim means that the essay lacks a well-defined focus and structure.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Students spend years on mastering skills on how to write a thesis statement. Hence, I will also have a detailed guide written for you on my website. Just check the blog or the link above. However, at this point, the most important thing you should know is that before writing it you should know what you will write in your essay. As simple as it sounds, knowing of what the whole essay will talk about is usually a challenge for most. That is because people rush on writing their essay without thinking of how they will look in the end.

Other Features

For the proper writing process, one should consider essay structure and highlight each important argument. Also, if the person adds or substracts arguments from the essay – they have to revisit the thesis statement and rewrite it. On the other hand, it is easier to write a thesis statement when you are already done with the rest. Therefore, your thesis statement has to be the last thing you reread or rewrite in your paper. Hence, you should always revisit the conclusion’s restatement of the thesis if you made changes in your original version of it.

The Impact of Academic Levels on Your Thesis Statement

Hence, the content of your essays might be different, depending on the educational level you are dealing with. As a result, essays in universities are different when compared to high school ones. Therefore, you must adapt your skills and knowledge to complete assignments that arise. Consequently, your thesis statement will be different in each new grade or educational level.

Examples of a Thesis Statement

For example, you are writing about education:

Bad Thesis Statement for All – I think education is important.

Undergraduate Level:

High School – “Education is important for people.”

Higher Education Level:

College – Opposing arguments agree that education is important for each person with the difference only in their viewpoint on higher education, such as attending college after high school.

University – Therefore, based on the background literature review, it was proved that attending higher education facilities nowadays benefits people more than ten years ago, creating a new argument on the importance of education for people and their future.

Scientific Degree Level:

Master’s – The quantitative research reveals that the presence of mediators at special education facilities increases the chances of successful completion of courses and overall academic results of students among all ages with ADHD diagnosis while new curriculum was developed as the result of their presence, the effect of which is to be investigated in the future research.

Ph.D. – there is no possible way one can summarize everything in a Ph.D. dissertation in one sentence with the thesis being readable. Usually, the example of a Ph.D. thesis is around a couple of pages. Hence, the structure and the content of the Ph.D. thesis depend on the discipline, content, goal, and more.

Wrap-Up for a Thesis Statement

Guidelines for thesis statements:

1) Learn the difference between the purpose statement and thesis statement.

2) Investigate how to write a thesis statement before you start working on your paper.

3) Your thesis statement should be a one-sentence summary of your paper.

4) The thesis has to reflect your educational level and has to be clear, concise, and well-developed.

5) The position of the thesis statement has to be the last sentence of your introduction.

6) Revisit your thesis statement each time you change anything in your essay.

7) The thesis statement is an essential part of the essay’s structure.

8) Do not overgeneralize in your thesis statement and be clear in your arguments and answers to the essay topic.