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A thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of the essay structure. It provides an overview of what essays will talk about. Also, the main claims define the structures and content of the whole paper. Consequently, even a paragraph structure depends on the main idea. However, there are problems with understanding the difference between the thesis statement and purpose statement and the differences of main statements for specific types of papers. Therefore, the thesis statement examples presented in this article will shed light on how to create a perfect thesis claim and even will earn you an A+ grade in every academic essay.


Thesis Statement Examples

The thesis statement is a summary of an essay that is usually one sentence at the end of an introduction. Also, the sentence can serve as the roadmap for investigations and has to be written with care. However, students can find general tips on writing the main sentence example in previous and next articles that they can access in the blog section. Additionally, the previous article already provided some tips on writing the main sentence on different academic levels. Over the top of these facts, students must be sure not to stop in this article and investigate how to write a thesis statement further.

Thesis Statement Vs. Purpose Statement

The goal of the purpose statement is to deliver a message about what essays will be written about. In contrast, the main sentence talks about what is already written in papers and provides on the final investigations found within written pieces. For example, the purpose sentence does not provide a clear structure of papers. Unfortunately, it fails to meet academic standards as it is clear that writers do not understand what will be written in their works when they started it. However, the thesis claim is the way how scientists deliver their insightful thoughts that are important for investigation.


Purpose statement example – In this essay, I will…

Thesis statement example – This essay investigates on…

Even from these simple examples, it is clear that future work will be way different.

Thesis Statement Examples for Different Types of Papers

As a fact, for any type of paper, scholars should write academically. Hence, students must follow the set of rules regarding paper formats, essay structure, and others. Therefore, tips on academic writing would be like:

  • Firstly, avoid a purpose statement and write a thesis statement;
  • Secondly, be clear about what you are presenting to the reader;
  • Thirdly, make sure to investigate your subject before you start writing anything to prevent possible academic issues;
  • Also, be critical and concise;
  • Additionally, follow formatting rules;
  • Hence, you should provide mistakes-free work;
  • Finally, adhere to the differences within different educational facilities, academic levels, types of papers, and so on.

Below are a few thesis statement examples on how to adapt a main idea to a specific type of paper.

Scientific Works

Research Paper

As a fact, the research paper is a unique type of paper designed for serious academic investigations. Also, writers should pay attention to all results acquired during the research and make sure each important conclusion that the research provided is mentioned in the main sentence. Sample:

The research paper found that X compound will behave differently due to this, this and that while external influence from this and that will not affect the outcome of the reaction, which was considered unreachable before, creating a new stable compound.

Literature Review

For the literature review or literary analysis, individuals make sure that they summarize the synthesized argument they got during their review of different sources. Also, written works must not make any new contributions. In this case, the main claim example has to reflect the main idea and be centered around sources. Sample:

As a result, the literature review on recent publications on global warming proved that the rise of temperature is a short-term consequence of pollution while the long-term threat is yet to determine.

Research Proposal

The main claim in a research proposal is more like a hypothesis. Scholars are trying to explain what they are going to accomplish. However, while the purpose statement might be used in some cases, the research proposal also has done the research. In turn, the main sentence has to summarize such an act. Sample:

However, considering the gap in the understanding of how global warming affects the species in Texas, it was found that some of them got extinct, creating a need for the investigation of the possible link between the two events.

Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Narrative Essay

The narrative essay is usually based on personal experience. In this case, the thesis claim example for the narrative essay will explain how such experience accomplished a specific goal. Also, the whole work will be a story on how individuals moved from one point of life to another and how it changed them or how some other events were a definite event in someone’s life. However, the main sentence will connect the start and end points. Sample:

Therefore, I realized that various challenges on my life path could make me only stronger in regards to the fact that we are all becoming stronger with each day we live, but such knowledge becomes inevitable after you face tons of paid in the process of perception of it.

Expository Essay

The expository essay is written to inform readers of some minor themes. Therefore, the thesis sentence example is informative and explains the defined messages that writers try to deliver. Sample:

Therefore, these days, the word “to google” means to search, not to use Google to search for any information as a person who “googles” will not necessarily use Google for such purpose.

Argumentative and Persuasive Thesis Statement Examples

In argumentative and persuasive types of papers, writers try to present convincing arguments that might change someone’s perception of the topic. Hence, students use evidence to follow the academic rules, while utilizing facts is vital. Therefore, the main statement example will be unique in such type of works and will display convincing argumentation. Sample:

Therefore, Trump is wrong on his judgment of global warming being a myth as scientific journals such as 1, 2, and 3, present more than a hundred of recent articles only within the last year of publication, providing evidence of his opinion being incorrect.

Application Papers

Thesis Sentence Examples for Cover Letter, Admission Essay, Personal Statement, Application Essay and Related Types of Papers

In the types of papers used to participate in specific job applications or colleges, candidates should make it clear why they are the best fit for available opportunities. Sample:

Therefore, my passion for something, required knowledge in point 1 and point 2, vast experience in idea 1 and idea 2, and the willingness to accomplish this and that, makes me a perfect fit for the available opportunity.

Thesis Statement Examples for Personal Reflection and Response

These types of papers are used to express opinions on specific works so that thesis statement examples for them would orient on one’s final judgment. For Sample:

Therefore, the “Black Panther” movie is one of the best movies existing as it opened up a new era of empowering blacks within the media.

Thesis Statement Examples in Reviews

Book Or Movie Review
Thesis Statement Examples

In contrast, this type of paper focuses on the analysis of facts and interpretations of it to access the author’s purpose. Also, the review might include personal opinion, but it has to be based on analysis, making a thesis claim example more analytical. Sample:

As a result, by considering the analysis of the use of light, characters, themes, symbolism, settings, and plot of the movie “Black Panther,” it is clear that the movie highlighted Black people most appealingly, using strong images and magnificent cultural background to appeal to their viewers in a way to present Blacks strong, smart, independent, and crucial for their enemies.

Article, Artwork, Event, and Video Review
Thesis Statement Examples

These types of works usually focus on observations and the thesis claim example has to be a reflection of the personal assessment. Usually, it also talks about the takeaway. Sample:

After viewing a scientific video, it became clear that these factors impact people’s perception of anything before interacting with it because they are coming into contact with it with a biased viewpoint.

Thesis Statement Examples for Summary, Analysis, and MEMO


Thesis statement examples for summary usually orient on the expression of the author’s main idea. As a result, some also call it as an author’s thesis. Therefore, writers have to reflect on the author’s main idea delivered by their work. Sample:

As a result, this and this impacted this and this in the 19th century, according to the author, who is highlighting point 1, point 2, and point 3 in her book.

Rhetorical Analysis

As a fact, ethos, pathos, and logos, are those rhetorical devices that students will write about. Therefore, a working idea has to reflect on those. Sample:

Using ethos, pathos, and logos, the author succeeded in delivering the message to the target audience as point 1 proves the author’s credibility, point 2 appeals to emotions, and point 3 is where the author uses logical reasoning.

Memo Thesis Sentence Examples

There are usually no thesis statement examples in memo letters. In this case, individuals use such papers for communication within non-scholars, mostly. However, when it comes to memo examples, the main sentence example will be the most important information that the author tries to deliver. Sample:

In the next semester, all teachers are obligated to take one extra course due to the shortage of personnel, but will also have higher salaries available to cover up the inconveniences caused.

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