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APA 6th Edition

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Dr. Isabel Larsen
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The American Psychology Association (APA) provides guidelines to acknowledge information obtained from external sources. Basically, the APA 6th edition is the latest guidebook that ensures scholars avoid all forms of plagiarism. In this case, this writing format mainly focuses on authentication of online sources and direct quotes from different references. Hence, the APA 6th edition requires authors to include Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number and Internet Link for Internet sources and page numbers for direct quotes.

DOI Numbers

The APA 6th edition requires scholars to provide the DOI number for online sources. For instance, the APA format emphasizes on the credibility of online sources like the journal article. In this case, the DOI number helps readers to locate the quoted source. Besides, it allows readers to compare the quoted information with the one presented in the source to determine accuracy. In turn, the DOI number should appear in the references as the last item of the entries. Along these lines, a comma should separate the DOI and range of pages in journal article entries. Also, one must place a period after the DOI number. Thus, the APA writing style requires scholars to provide accurate DOI number for online printed sources.

APA 6th edition

The APA 6th edition forces people to provide a valid Internet link to websites. For instance, when citing a website APA, it requires students to obtain information from credible websites only. Along these lines, the student must provide the Internet link to the sites. In this case, readers follow the Internet link to compare the quoted and the original information. Also, it should appear after the title of the website in the APA reference page. In turn, the phrase “Retrieved from” must precede the Internet link. Besides, a period should not follow the Internet link. Thus, the APA referencing style requires one to provide the weblink to websites used in preparing an academic paper.

Page Numbers

The APA 6th edition provides explicit rules to credible sources when using direct quotes. For example, the APA referencing requires writers to include page number containing the quoted information. Along these lines, one must place the information inside quotation marks if it contains less than forty words. Also, the person must cite page number after the quotation marks, even if it appears in the middle of a sentence. For example, people should place the page number in brackets after the direct quote and then continue with the sentence. In this case, the letter “p.” must precede the page number. Besides, writers should not separate the letter and page number with a comma. Thus, the APA formatting requires authors to provide the exact page number of direct quotes used in the text.

Conclusion on the APA 6th Edition

In conclusion, the APA 6th edition focuses on authentication of online articles and direct quotes from different references. Basically, authors should include a DOI number for printed sources like online journal articles. Also, writers should provide an accurate Internet Link for websites. In this case, the DOI number and Internet links allow readers to locate original information. So, they compare the evidence presented with the original text for authentication purposes. Finally, one must include the page number for information quoted directly from the source.

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