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Writing Strategies

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Many people try to find different writing strategies to improve their essays or other papers. For example, when students come to colleges, they begin to learn how to write essays. However, in order to become a professional writer, a person needs to master writing skills. Unfortunately, not all of the professors provide guides on how to write better. In this case, this article is for students who want to use effective writing strategies to become professional writers in 18 weeks.

General Aspects of Writing

Writing strategy is a critical aspect for any student in the conventional education system. Over time, instructors expect their students to show progressive improvement in their writing quality by following the essay structure. However, the instructor needs to invest a significant amount of time in mentoring the students. Unfortunately, the person does not have the time to provide extensive writing strategies on different types of papers or other info on paper formats. In turn, teaching specific strategies can have a remarkable impact on writing essays. It should be the focus of all instructors, for example, learning how to write an analytical essay. Therefore, the enhancement of writing skills requires students to learn strategies concerning structured essay writing, sentence structure, paragraph structure, thesis statements, referencing techniques, and proofreading.

Writing strategies

Weeks 1-3: Structured Essay Writing Strategy

Firstly, introducing the concept of structured essay writing is a strategy that people must master. For example, the structure of a basic essay consists of the introduction, main body, conclusion, and reference list. In this case, the instructor should cover the writing strategy of providing sample essays. Basically, students have to follow the essay structure, which will be used as materials for the class. Moreover, lengthy discussions concerning the prominent features of each segment are conducted with examples. Hence, students should develop an essay checklist of questions that can be used to assess whether each part provides all the necessary information as the writing strategy.

Weeks 4-6: Sentence Structure Strategy

After students have mastered the previous writing strategy, the development of an essay should be initiated by teaching the students the process of creating well-ordered sentences. For instance, the syntax is a crucial aspect of an essay. Basically, it has a direct effect on the meaning of a sentence. In turn, avoiding the wrong syntax requires the revisit of the parts of essay writing. Moreover, the relationships that exist between the parts of essays should be explained. Hence, this activity can be realized through brainstorming activities where students create the essay outline from randomly selected essay topics, and the syntax is scrutinized.

Weeks 7-9: Paragraph Structure in Writing

Next, students must address the skillful construction of paragraphs, which is one of the writing strategies. In particular, all paragraphs in the essay writings follow a rigid structure that demands a clear topic sentence, evidence to support the claim, analysis of the evidence, and a concluding statement. Basically, the class relies on an analysis of paragraphs in the sample essays. In this case, it demonstrates the association between the paragraph sections. Additionally, the instructor should provide learners with essay topics for college that are used to develop a structured and non-structured paragraph. As a result, the body must be accompanied by critical analysis to demonstrate the advantages of the former.

Weeks 10-12: Definitive Thesis Statements

Furthermore, all essay writings are dependent on the thesis statement. For example, developing their own ideas and thoughts establishes the need for students to learn the technique of organizing an effective thesis statement. Basically, the thesis statement is reliant on sound reasoning. In turn, thesis statement examples can help the author to develop a logical sequence of supporting claims to justify the main idea in the essay. Hence, the instructor must explain the theory of deductive reasoning to the development of the final claim. Particularly, it is one of the vital writing strategies. In this case, weak and robust claims may be used to practically demonstrate the role of the thesis statement in the essay.

Weeks 13-15: Referencing Strategy

On the other hand, writing academic essays requires the inclusion of opinions from other individuals. For instance, professors require students to comprehend various referencing and writing strategies. However, students may ask their friends: “help me write my essay.” In this case, students need to know the ability to present and discuss the information extracted from other sources while providing the necessary citations. Additionally, plagiarism is discussed through illustrative examples. Hence, this strategy allows the student to discern its manifestation in various situations. In turn, people use signal phrases through short writing assignments. This writing strategy trains the students to distinguish between their ideas and information from other sources.

Weeks 16-18: Proofreading as a Writing Strategy

Finally, students can improve their writing through the proofreading strategy of the final product. Basically, good proofreading practices can increase the quality of the essay. For example, the author reads through his or her work with a fresh pair of eyes to find possible mistakes. In this case, the instructor may require peer proofreading of the essay. Also, the person needs to demonstrate the positive effect of reviewing written works in identifying logical and grammatical errors. Moreover, the instructor may intentionally include complex syntax, logic, and grammatical mistakes in the essay writing and ask the students to identify the errors while providing detailed explanations for the corrections.

Conclusion on Writing Strategies

Summing up, the efficiency of writing strategies relies on the mastery of particular steps. In particular, the strategies highlighted in the discussion are not exhaustive. However, students have to address individual weaknesses that are evident in their essays.

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