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How to Write Essay Better

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Dr. Simon Robbins
  • Icon Calendar 17 May 2024
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Essay writing is a fundamental skill for any student. Basically, additional emphasis on some activities in the writing process may influence the quality of an essay. Hence, people need to learn how to write essay better. In this case, assigning adequate time for research, outlining, adherence to essay and paragraph structure, and intense post drafting procedures can improve the quality of the output of the essay writing process.

Allocation an Adequate Time for Research

The quality of an essay may be improved significantly through the allocation of adequate time for research. For instance, writers generate the content of an essay during the research stage. In this case, the author consults various sources to acquire specific evidence by considering how to write essay better. Also, research allows an author to locate evidence that supports the essay’s claim. During the research process, authors should evaluate the reliability of the sources. Besides, they critically examine the experimental methods and assumptions associated with the findings. In turn, people must be aware of the interpretational constraints of the evidence collected. Thus, the author requires adequate time to extensively engage credible sources to collect and determine the viability of pieces of evidence for inclusion in the essay.

How to write essay better

How to Write Essay Better with a Good Organization

The organization of the essay and the creation of an essay outline may improve the quality of the first draft. For example, writers have to organize the information acquired from research into a logical arrangement. Basically, it allows the audience to easily follow the author’s argument, covering how to write essay better. In this case, they must organize the specific evidence collected through research systematically for presentation and comprehension purposes. Hence, the outline documents particular minor arguments and specific evidence to be used in writing each section of the essay.

Essay and Paragraph Structure

Writers should adhere to the proper essay and paragraph structure to streamline the presentation and improve the readability of the essay. For instance, the conventional essay structure has four core elements: introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Then, the drafting process prioritizes the realization of this structural framework to follow the rules of how to write essay better. Moreover, people must define the topic sentence, supporting statements, and concluding statement of all body paragraphs. In turn, the paragraph structure ensures that there is a distinct separation of ideas within the body of the essay. Thus, the correct structure assists the authors in developing the first draft of the essay.

Revising, Editing, and Proofreading

Refining the first draft is carried out through revising, editing, and proofreading to eliminate various types of drafting flaws. For instance, people can remove logical issues regarding the presentation of the argument during the revision process in the cause of how to write essay better. Also, they focus on generating a smooth flowing argument with apparent links between the body paragraphs and the thesis statement. Then, writers use the editing process to assess the correctness of surface features. In this stage, the author checks for mechanical errors concerning grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. In turn, the person should proofread the essay to ensure that there are no mistakes in the final draft. Also, post drafting processes are critical for cleaning the first draft. Thus, revising, editing, and proofreading improve the readability of the essay.

Summing Up on How to Write Essay Better

Writing good essays is dependent on the author’s ability to observe the critical guidelines of the essay writing process. Basically, guidelines concerning research, organization, structure, revision, editing, and proofreading describe vital concepts. In this case, people need to implement these strategies on how to write essay better carefully. Thus, quality essays rely on particular aspects of the essay writing process.

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