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The American Psychology Association provides standardized guidelines for crediting and citing sources and structuring academic papers. Basically, APA format requires academic papers to have a title page, in-text citations, a reference section. Then, the structure distinguishes documents formatted in APA from those that use other formats. Hence, the APA paper must have a title page with a topic and author’s details, parenthetical in-text citations and a section with a list of all sources used.

Title Page

The APA paper organized in the APA 6th edition format must have a title page with centered details. For example, the first page in the APA format should contain the topic, including the name of the author and relevant institution. In this case, the heading of a paper should be in title case and at the center of the page horizontally. Besides, the entry should be short and relevant to the content. The author’s name and institution should appear below the title in the APA writing format. Along these lines, the name should not contain titles. Moreover, the word “and” should separate the name of two authors. Thus, the APA paper should have a title page with the centered heading, author’s name, and institution.

APA paper

In-Text Citations in the APA Paper

The APA citation requires students to use in-text citations. For instance, one should cite any information borrowed from outside sources. Along these lines, a person must provide the name of the author and date of publication of cited sources in the APA paper. Besides, these details should appear in brackets at the end of the quoted phrase. In some instances, an author should provide the page containing the cited information. In this case, one should use the letter “p.” followed by a period and comma and the page number. Also, a comma should separate the author’s name, the year of publication, and the letter “p.” However, when citing a website APA, a student should use the phrase “para.” followed by a period. Thus, the APA paper follows the APA citation format that contains the author, date of publication, and the page or paragraph.


The APA paper contains a reference list as the last page. For instance, the APA reference page contains all the sources cited in the paper. Along these lines, every reference entry should have a matching in-text citation. Also, the sources should appear in the alphabetical order of the author’s last name. Other essential aspects of the reference list include the indentation and capitalization. In turn, all sources should have a hanging indentation format. Besides, one should only capitalize the first word of the titles and subtitles on the APA format reference page. Thus, the APA paper has a reference list organized in alphabetical order and sentence case. 

Conclusion on the APA Paper

In conclusion, the APA paper must have a title page, in-text citations, and a reference list, following the APA citation format example. Firstly, the title page contains a relevant heading, author’s names, and institution. Basically, these details must appear at the center of the page. Then, the APA style utilizes parenthetical in-text citations by considering the APA style guide. They contain the last name of the author and the year of publication by considering the APA format in writing. In some instances, one should include the page of the paragraph containing cited information. Finally, the APA style reference page must appear in alphabetical order, hanging indentation, and organizing titles in sentence case.               

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