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MLA Title Page

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The MLA referencing style requires an opening page to have the title of a paper. In this case, the first page is sometimes known as the main heading of an article. Generally, MLA title pages should contain identification details of authors, lecturers, and courses with dates. Besides, this page should have standardized margins and a header. Hence, the MLA title page should have sufficient identification details, a centered heading in a title case, uniform margins and spacing, and a header with authors’ surnames and page numbers.

Identification Details

The MLA title page should have sufficient identification details at the top-left end. In the MLA format example, first identification details should be the names of authors. In this case, authors of the MLA format essay should provide first, middle, and second names where applicable. Then, other identification details are the names of lecturers in charge of courses. Writers of the MLA paper format should use appropriate titles like a professor followed by the names of lecturers. Along these lines, one surname for lecturers or tutors is sufficient. Also, other identification details include courses and dates. Course details include titles and relevant codes. In turn, the correct dates of writing an essay should appear as identification details. Therefore, the MLA title page should have sufficient information, identifying authors, lecturers, courses, and dates of writing an essay.

MLA title page

Main Features of the MLA Title Page

The first page should contain a centered heading of an essay that observes capitalization rules if students want to know how to do MLA format. For instance, entries of essays should be in title cases. Basically, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, verbs, and subordinate conjunctions in essay titles should have first letters in capitals. Moreover, articles, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions should not have their first letters capitalized. The main heading of an essay should be centered. In turn, the alignment of entries should not be similar to that of identification details. As an alternative, the heading of an essay should be at the center of a page. Thus, the MLA style paper requires authors to have the first page with a centered entry written in a title case.

Other Aspects

The MLA title page should have uniform margins and spacing, including a header with page numbers. As a rule, a page should have one-inch margins on all sides. Basically, identification details should start one inch from the top and be left at the end of a page. Moreover, the first page should be double spaced. In this case, all the lines with identification details and headings should be double spaced. The header of an author’s surname should appear at the right-hand top corner of a page. In turn, such a header should contain page numbers. Therefore, the MLA sample paper requires the first page to have uniform borders and spaces with a header containing authors’ surnames and page numbers.

Conclusion on the MLA Title Page

In conclusion, the MLA format paper should have the MLA title page with identification details and heading. Basically, identification details include the names of authors and lecturers, courses, and its subsequent codes and dates, covering the MLA example and MLA format paper example. The heading should be centered and in a title case. Typical margins and line spacing should be uniform throughout a page. Finally, the header of the MLA research paper format should appear in the right-hand corner of a page and must contain authors’ surnames and page numbers.

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