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780 Good Narrative Essay Topics: Prompts & Ideas

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Dr. Helen Johnson
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An individual who passes through the American education system must write at least one narrative essay. In this case, the construction of a narrative essay topic is crucial to the successful completion of a narrative essay assignment. Basically, this guide on narrative essay topics begins with many examples, prompts, lists, ideas, and themes, while a definition of this type of work indicates its value in learning. Further on, the manual discusses the two types of narrative essays: fiction and nonfiction. Finally, the guide discusses the process of forming a topic for a narrative essay. In turn, the manual includes a template that students may use to create topics and provides numerous examples of narrative themes across various disciplines.

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Best Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Delving Into the Enigma of Alternate Universes: A Hypothetical Journey
  2. Surviving the Harsh Realm of the Alaskan Wilderness
  3. Encountering the Extraterrestrial: An Unexpected Friendship
  4. Harnessing the Power of the Mind: Inventing a Life-Changing Device
  5. Unraveling the Dark Secrets of the Louvre Museum
  6. Whispers From the Past: Discovering an Ancestor’s Hidden Diary
  7. Miracle on Main Street: A Small Town’s Unforgettable Christmas
  8. Overcoming Gravity: A Personal Account of the First Mars Settlement
  9. Portals to the Past: A Reality Touched by Time Travel
  10. Shadows of a Ghost Town: Unearthing the Forgotten Stories
  11. The Glittering Glamour of the Roaring Twenties: A Flapper’s Tale
  12. Trapped in a Haunted Castle: The Search for Freedom
  13. Empathy Through Connection: Experiencing Life as a Dolphin
  14. Unleashing Creativity: Transforming a City With Street Art
  15. Sail Through the Mysteries: Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle
  16. Adventure in the Amazon: A Quest for the Lost Tribes
  17. Revealing the Truth: Undercover in North Korea
  18. Conquering Everest: The Hidden Challenges of Mountain Climbing
  19. Seeking Atlantis: The Exploration of a Mythical Underwater City
  20. Redemption in the Rubble: A Story of Resilience After Disaster
  21. Dawn of the Cyborgs: Living in a Technologically Advanced Future

Easy Narrative Essay Topics

  1. A Walk on the Wild Side: Life Among Wolves
  2. Unlocking the Past: Unearthed Mysteries of the Pyramids
  3. The Dance of Dragons: Coexisting With Mythical Creatures
  4. Braving the Apocalypse: Survival in a Post-nuclear World
  5. Life’s Canvas: The Power of Tattoos and Their Stories
  6. Lessons from a Panda: Struggles and Triumphs of Wildlife Conservation
  7. Prophecies Fulfilled: Living in a Predicted Future
  8. Defying Expectations: A Modern-Day Nomad’s Tale
  9. Living With the Tribe: Survival Skills From the Amazon Rainforest
  10. Waltz With the Whales: A Tale of Ocean Exploration
  11. The Taste of Memory: Recreating My Grandmother’s Secret Recipes
  12. Light Show Extravaganza: Organizing the City’s First Drone Display
  13. Blossom in the Desert: Establishing a Sustainable Oasis
  14. The Shapeshifter’s Quandary: Understanding Identity in a Fluid Form
  15. Brush With Death: Life-Changing Experience in a War Zone
  16. Voyage to the Core: A Subterranean Adventure
  17. City of Ghosts: A Journey Through Chornobyl’s Exclusion Zone
  18. Lost in the Labyrinth: Escaping the World’s Most Intricate Maze
  19. Immortality’s Lure: The Ethical Dilemma of Life Extension
  20. Frozen in Time: Unveiling the Secrets of Cryonics
  21. Feast of the Gods: Cooking in Olympus
  22. Celestial Harmonies: Communicating With Extraterrestrial Civilizations Through Music
  23. Breaking Barriers: The Untold Story of an Underdog Athlete
  24. Navigating Neptunian Seas: Life on an Alien Water World
Narrative essay topics

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Echoes From the Abyss: Unearthing the Titanic’s Forgotten Stories
  2. Flames of Phoenix: Rising From Personal Tragedies
  3. Whispering Willows: Conversing With Nature in a Magical Forest
  4. When Robots Rule: A Glimpse Into a Fully Automated Society
  5. Shadows in the Spotlight: Dealing With Fame and Loneliness
  6. Mysteries of the Deep: A Close Encounter With the Giant Squid
  7. Becoming the Beast: Life Lessons From a Werewolf
  8. Cosmic Roulette: The Risk and Reward of Asteroid Mining
  9. Heroes in Hiding: Unmasking the Real Lives of Superheroes
  10. Reality’s Mirage: Experiencing Life Inside a Virtual World
  11. Conversations With the Cosmos: Interstellar Messages and Their Meanings
  12. Taming Tempests: A Day in the Life of a Storm Chaser
  13. Spellbound: The Realities of Modern-Day Witchcraft
  14. In the Heart of the Jungle: The Rediscovery of a Lost City
  15. Bonds Beyond Species: A Tale of an Unlikely Animal Friendship
  16. Transformation in the Wilderness: A Solo Trek Across the Sahara
  17. Threads of Time: Unraveling the Mystery of the Universe’s Creation
  18. Clash of Giants: Living Among the Dinosaurs
  19. Among the Stars: Life Aboard the International Space Station
  20. Music of the Mind: A Journey Into the World of Synesthesia
  21. Inside the Hive: An Intimate Look at the Lives of Bees
  22. Hidden Depths: A Submarine Adventure in the Mariana Trench
  23. Chasing the Aurora: A Personal Encounter With the Northern Lights
  24. The Silent Symphony: Life Lessons From a Deaf Musician
  25. Wonders of the Wilderness: The True Beauty of the Arctic Tundra
  26. Resurrecting the Past: Experiences With Jurassic Technology
  27. Tale of a Stowaway: An Unplanned Space Adventure
  28. Living With Ghosts: My Paranormal Family
  29. Behind the Mask: A Journey Into the World of Cosplay

Creative Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Leap of Faith: Surviving the World’s Highest Bungee Jump
  2. The Serpent’s Embrace: Understanding the World of Snakes
  3. Hall of Mirrors: A Mind-Bending Trip Through a Carnival Funhouse
  4. Mind Over Matter: Conquering Fear Through Extreme Sports
  5. Transcending Boundaries: Life in the International Space Colony
  6. Reclaiming Paradise: Reviving a Deserted Island
  7. Goliath of the Deep: Facing Off With the Legendary Kraken
  8. The Other Side: A Tale From a Parallel Universe
  9. Beneath the City Streets: Exploring the Hidden Tunnels of Paris
  10. Behind the Wheel: Experiencing Life as a Taxi Driver
  11. The Living Museum: Coexisting With Anachronistic Artifacts
  12. Colors of the Wind: An Artist’s Quest to Capture the Essence of Nature
  13. Awakening the Ancient: Bringing a Mummy Back to Life
  14. The Language of Love: Communicating Without Words
  15. Serenade of the Nightingale: Composing Music From Nature’s Sounds
  16. Alien Homecoming: A Human’s Adaptation to Life on Another Planet
  17. Twists and Turns: My Journey Through the World’s Longest Maze
  18. Dreamscape Odyssey: Adventures in Lucid Dreaming
  19. Dancing With the Dead: My Experience at the Day of the Dead Festival
  20. The Hidden Kingdom: Uncovering the World Beneath the Antarctic Ice
  21. Quantum Quandaries: Life in a Superposition
  22. Through the Eyes of a Hawk: Experiencing Life as a Bird of Prey
  23. Symbiosis: Living Harmoniously With Bioluminescent Organisms
  24. A Tale of Two Time Zones: Living on the Border of a Temporal Divide
  25. The Last Polar Bear: Struggling for Survival in a Melting World

Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Embracing the Challenge: My Journey to the National Spelling Bee
  2. A Kaleidoscope of Emotions: The First Day at a New School
  3. Lifelong Memories From My High School Theater Production
  4. Discovering Myself Through Volunteer Work in the Local Community
  5. Battling Against Odds: Winning the Championship in a Team Sport
  6. Learning Compassion: Caring for an Elderly Relative
  7. The Summer I Mastered My Grandmother’s Secret Recipe
  8. Triumph and Tragedy: The Rollercoaster Ride of Teenage Relationships
  9. Meeting My Hero: The Day I Came Face-to-Face With My Idol
  10. Risk and Reward: My Experience With Starting a Small Business
  11. Breaking Stereotypes: My Passion for Ballet in a Football-Oriented Town
  12. Mastering Courage: My First Public Speaking Experience
  13. Fostering Friendship: Forming Bonds in Unexpected Places
  14. Personal Growth Through Foreign Language Learning
  15. From Novice to Pro: My Journey in Digital Art Creation
  16. Bridging Cultures: Hosting an Exchange Student at Our Home
  17. Influence and Inspiration: A Teacher Who Shaped My Life
  18. Harnessing the Power of Nature: My Summer on an Organic Farm
  19. Overcoming Fear: My First Solo Travel Experience
  20. Reigniting Passion: Rediscovering Lost Interests in High School

Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Learning From Failure: The Value of Perseverance
  2. Self-Expression through Style: How Fashion Shapes My Identity
  3. Unveiling the Past: My Exploration of Family History
  4. The Transformation: Becoming a Responsible Senior Student
  5. Dedication and Discipline: My Journey in Martial Arts
  6. Impact of Literature: How a Single Book Changed My Perspective
  7. Harnessing Leadership: My Time as Student Body President
  8. Confronting Loss: Dealing With Grief During High School Years
  9. Nurturing Creativity: My Experience With a Middle School Band
  10. The Influence of a Foreign Film on My Worldview
  11. Breaking Barriers: Being the First in My Family to Apply for College
  12. Shaping My Future: The Role of Internship Experience in High School
  13. Grit and Grace: Balancing Academics and Extracurricular Activities
  14. Driving Change: Organizing a Schoolwide Recycling Initiative
  15. Journey into Space: My Fascination With Astronomy
  16. Dealing With Uncertainty: The Life of a Military Kid
  17. The Power of Empathy: My Experience With Peer Counseling
  18. Embracing My Roots: Exploring My Ethnic Heritage
  19. Learning Resilience: My Journey of Recovering From a Serious Injury

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Overcoming Personal Adversity: A Journey of Self-Discovery
  2. My Most Inspirational Mentor: Impact on My Life and Aspirations
  3. Embracing Cultural Diversity: Experiences From Study Abroad
  4. The Day I Challenged Authority: Lessons Learned
  5. Navigating Through My First Year in University: Triumphs and Trials
  6. Volunteering Abroad: A Life-Changing Experience
  7. A Family Tradition: Its Influence and Significance
  8. Friendship Amid Differences: Building Strong Bonds
  9. Sailing the Entrepreneurial Sea: Launching My First Start-Up
  10. Wilderness Exploration: Lessons From a Solo Camping Trip
  11. Surviving a Natural Disaster: An Unforgettable Experience
  12. Facing the Fear: Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety
  13. Intertwining of Art and Life: Finding Personal Expression in Music
  14. Discovering Feminism: Impact on Personal Beliefs and Actions
  15. Triumph Over Health Issues: My Journey to Recovery
  16. Balancing Academics and Athletics: A Student Athlete’s Tale
  17. Delving Into Politics: Participating in Student Government
  18. Engaging in Sustainable Practices: Initiating a Green Movement on Campus
  19. Broadening Perspectives: A Dive into Philosophy
  20. Creating Bonds: The Power of Shared Laughter

Narrative Essay Topics for University

  1. Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: First Solo Travel Experience
  2. Staying Grounded: Lessons From My Hometown
  3. Harnessing the Power of Technology: My Contribution to a Tech Project
  4. Investigating Environmental Issues: A Personal Quest
  5. Confronting Discrimination: A Struggle for Equality
  6. Reinventing Myself: The Power of Personal Transformation
  7. Securing My First Internship: A Stepping Stone Toward My Career
  8. Crafting a Novel: Pursuing My Passion for Writing
  9. Pursuit of Knowledge: An Insight Into Scientific Research
  10. Marching for Justice: Participation in a Social Activism Movement
  11. Realizing the Importance of Mental Health: A Personal Encounter
  12. Finding Solace in Nature: The Influence of Outdoor Activities
  13. Unearthing Family History: The Journey of Genealogical Discovery
  14. A Journey of Faith: Exploring Spirituality in College
  15. Learning From Failure: A Crucial College Experience
  16. Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships: Challenges and Successes
  17. Transition to Adulthood: Understanding Responsibilities and Independence
  18. Breaking Stereotypes: The Power of Individuality
  19. Adapting to City Life: A Rural Student in an Urban University

Fun Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Exploring the Enchanted Forest: A Journey of Wonders
  2. The Day I Became the World’s Best Cupcake Baker
  3. Navigating Through Time: A Hilarious Encounter with Dinosaurs
  4. My Unexpected Friendship With a Talking Squirrel
  5. Winning the Lottery: The Adventures of a New Millionaire
  6. Starstruck! My Surprising Dinner With a Celebrity
  7. Life’s Upside Down: The Day Gravity Reversed
  8. Dancing With Penguins: A Polar Expedition Turned Party
  9. When My Dog Decided to Become a Detective
  10. Landing on Mars: An Extraterrestrial Misadventure
  11. Running the World’s Most Unusual Ice Cream Shop
  12. Adventures of a Backpack: Discovering the World From a Unique Perspective
  13. Befriending a Ghost: The Hauntingly Hilarious Tale
  14. From Zero to Hero: The Misadventures of an Accidental Superhero
  15. Behind the Scenes: My Wild Day as a Movie Director
  16. The Great Food Fight: Battle of the Culinary Clans
  17. Stumbling upon Atlantis: The Underwater Uproar
  18. House-Sitting for Bigfoot: When Myth Meets Reality

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Encounter With an Endangered Species During a Safari Trip
  2. Performing on Stage for the First Time: My Experience
  3. Climbing Mount Everest: An Unforgettable Journey
  4. The Moment I Learned to Ride a Bicycle
  5. Reconnecting With a Long-Lost Friend: A Heartwarming Tale
  6. Building My First Treehouse: Childhood Adventures
  7. Moving to a New Country: My Experience as a Newcomer
  8. Attending the Olympic Games: A First-Hand Perspective
  9. Facing My Fear of Public Speaking
  10. Surviving a Natural Disaster: The Hurricane Experience
  11. Volunteering in a Developing Country: Personal Insights
  12. Taking a Gap Year: Discovering Myself and the World
  13. Immersing in a Foreign Culture: Living in Japan
  14. Sailing Across the Atlantic: A Journey of Courage
  15. Embracing Veganism: Personal Shifts and Challenges
  16. Fostering a Rescue Dog: A Rewarding Journey
  17. Teaching English in a Rural School: My Fulfilling Experience
  18. Meeting My Role Model: An Unexpected Encounter
  19. Backpacking Through Europe: Lessons Learned

Personal Experience Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Conquering My Fear of Heights by Skydiving
  2. Navigating My First Job: The Professional World
  3. Witnessing a Solar Eclipse: An Astral Phenomenon
  4. Finishing a Marathon: A Test of Perseverance
  5. Overcoming Illness: My Triumph Over Cancer
  6. Participating in a Protest: Standing for What’s Right
  7. Learning a New Language: My Spanish Experience
  8. Experiencing Snowfall for the First Time
  9. Camping in the Wilderness: A Survival Story
  10. Rescuing an Injured Bird: Lessons in Compassion
  11. Exploring the Amazon Rainforest: An Eco-adventure
  12. Witnessing a Historical Event: The Presidential Inauguration
  13. Embracing Meditation: My Journey to Inner Peace
  14. Surviving a Car Accident: A Life-Changing Moment
  15. Competing in a Chess Tournament: Strategy and Endurance
  16. Confronting a Bully: My Battle for Self-Respect
  17. Discovering My Passion for Painting: Art as Therapy
  18. Helping the Homeless: Insights From Community Service
  19. Adapting to Parenthood: My First Year as a Dad
  20. Thriving in College: Overcoming Freshman Fears
  21. Leading a Team: My Experience as a Captain
  22. Planting My First Garden: Cultivating Patience and Growth
  23. Mastering Martial Arts: A Journey of Discipline

Experience Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Experiencing an Earthquake: A Tale of Survival
  2. Living Without Technology: A Week-Long Experiment
  3. Visiting the Great Pyramids: A Walk Through History
  4. Participating in a Culinary Competition: Cooking Under Pressure
  5. Learning to Drive a Stick Shift: An Exercise in Coordination
  6. Running a Small Business: Lessons in Resilience
  7. Flying a Plane for the First Time: A Sky-High Adventure
  8. Observing a Lunar Eclipse: A Starry Night Experience
  9. Embracing Fitness: My Transformation Through Exercise
  10. Navigating a Divorce: A Personal Journey of Resilience
  11. Working on a Farm: Connecting With Nature
  12. Trekking to Machu Picchu: An Andean Adventure
  13. Celebrating a Traditional Festival in a Foreign Land
  14. Writing My First Book: Embracing the World of Literature
  15. Going on a Silent Retreat: A Quest for Mindfulness
  16. Journeying Through the Sahara: A Desert Adventure
  17. Preparing for a TED Talk: Behind the Scenes
  18. Surviving a Shipwreck: An Oceanic Ordeal
  19. Participating in a Dance Competition: Rhythm and Grace
  20. Living With a Disability: Embracing My Uniqueness
  21. Learning Sign Language: A New Way to Communicate

Narrative Essay Topics About Childhood

  1. Discovering the Wonders of Nature During My Childhood Camping Trips
  2. Forming Lifelong Friendships: A Tale of Childhood Bonds
  3. The Extraordinary Adventures of My Childhood Pets
  4. How Our Family Vacations Shaped My Worldview
  5. The Significant Impact of My First School Experience
  6. Unveiling the Magic of Fairy Tales: Lessons From Childhood Stories
  7. Navigating the Rollercoaster: The Highs and Lows of Childhood Sports
  8. Celebrations That Left a Mark: A Look at Childhood Birthdays
  9. The Role of Video Games in Crafting My Childhood Reality
  10. Anecdotes from the Playground: The Joy of Childhood Games
  11. The Beauty of Innocence: Exploring the Art I Created as a Child
  12. Recalling My Childhood Curiosity: The Pursuit of Learning New Things
  13. The Importance of Family Traditions in My Childhood Home
  14. Lessons Learned From Childhood Mistakes and Misadventures
  15. Transformation of My Childhood Room: A Space of Growth and Dreams
  16. How My Neighborhood Influenced My Childhood Adventures
  17. The Power of Music: Reflecting on My Childhood Piano Lessons

Relationship Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Exploring the Complexity of Long-Distance Relationships
  2. Maintaining a Healthy Relationship While Pursuing Professional Goals
  3. The Transformative Power of Friendship in College Years
  4. Navigating Intergenerational Conflicts Within Families
  5. Overcoming Breakups: A Journey Toward Self-Discovery
  6. Romantic Love: Unraveling Its Role in Personal Development
  7. Experiencing Parenthood: A Changing Dynamic in Marriage
  8. Communication Breakdown: Unraveling Its Impact on Relationships
  9. Adolescent Friendship: Influences on Personality Formation
  10. The Perennial Bond: Siblings and Shared Childhood
  11. Journey Through Grief: The Healing Power of Relationships
  12. Cyber Relationships: An Analysis of Modern Love and Friendship
  13. Exploring the Influence of Cultural Differences on Relationships
  14. Cohabitation Before Marriage: A Modern Relationship Narrative
  15. Adapting to the Empty Nest: Transition of Parent-Child Relationships
  16. Blended Families: Merging Lives and Cultures
  17. Mentorship: The Unsung Relationship in Personal Growth
  18. Interpersonal Relationships at Work: Navigating Professional Friendships and Rivalries

Narrative Essay Topics About Friendship

  1. Unveiling the Mystery: My First Experience With True Friendship
  2. Moments of Laughter: Recounting the Funniest Incidents Shared With Friends
  3. Treasured Bonds: The Significant Role Friendship Plays in Personal Growth
  4. Enduring Distance: Maintaining Long-Distance Friendships in the Digital Age
  5. Reconciliation Stories: Overcoming Disputes and Strengthening Friendship
  6. Childhood Companions: Navigating Life With My Oldest Friends
  7. Shared Passions: How Common Interests Fostered Unlikely Friendships
  8. Friendship Transcends Borders: Experiencing International Companionship
  9. Lessons Learned: Understanding Life Through My Friends’ Eyes
  10. Support Systems: Relating Personal Experiences of Friends in Times of Crisis
  11. Evolution of Friendship: How My Companionships Have Morphed Over Time
  12. The Power of Apology: Mending Broken Friendships
  13. Valuing Diversity: Celebrating Differences Within My Friend Group
  14. Friends at Work: Balancing Professionalism and Friendship in the Workplace
  15. Pets as Friends: The Unconditional Love From Our Furry Companions
  16. Serendipitous Meetings: Narrating Unexpected Friendships Formed in Unique Circumstances
  17. Friendships in the Cyber World: The Impact of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships

Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas on Traveling and Holidays

  1. Embracing the Unknown: The Impact of My First Solo Trip
  2. New York City’s Hidden Treasures: Uncovering the Less-Trodden Paths
  3. Bali’s Magic: A Journey Through the Island of the Gods
  4. Navigating Cultural Differences: My Holiday in Japan
  5. Chasing Northern Lights: A Memorable Trip to Iceland
  6. Lessons Learned From Hiking the Camino de Santiago
  7. Bonding Over Baguettes: Culinary Adventures in Paris
  8. Exploring My Heritage: A Sentimental Journey to the Homeland
  9. The Great Barrier Reef: An Underwater Paradise Journey
  10. Discovering Serenity: The Peaceful Retreat to the Swiss Alps
  11. Sailing the Caribbean: My Life-Changing Cruise Adventure
  12. African Safari: A Brush With the Wild Side of Nature
  13. Lost and Found in Venice: A Story of Self-Discovery
  14. Christmas in New Zealand: Celebrating Holidays in Summer
  15. Epic Road Trip: An Adventurous Drive Across the United States
  16. Enduring the Amazon Rainforest: A Challenge Like No Other
  17. From Skyscrapers to Temples: The Contrasts of Hong Kong
  18. Cultural Immersion: My Authentic Experience in Rural India
  19. Stranded in Rome: The Unforgettable Holiday of Mishaps

Narrative Argument Essay Topics

  1. Implications of Virtual Reality: A Step Toward Progress or Social Isolation?
  2. Comparing Digital Learning and Traditional Classroom Education: Which Provides a Better Foundation for Students?
  3. Exploration of Space: An Essential Venture or Unnecessary Expense?
  4. Impacts of Social Media on Society: Encouraging Connectivity or Propagating Narcissism?
  5. Animal Rights: The Moral Dilemma of Consuming Animal Products.
  6. Evaluating the Significance of Art Education: An Extravagance or Necessity?
  7. Balancing Work and Personal Life: Is a Four-Day Workweek a Solution?
  8. The Role of Feminism in Today’s Society: Promoting Equality or Causing Division?
  9. Rising Trend of Veganism: An Ethical Stand or a Health Choice?
  10. Surveillance Technologies and Privacy: Security Measure or Breach of Freedom?
  11. The Influence of Music Genres on Youth: Creative Expression or Potential Harm?
  12. Exploring the Impact of Violent Video Games: Entertainment or Aggression Catalyst?
  13. The Dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms: Technological Breakthrough or Threat to Nature?
  14. The Shift to Renewable Energy: Solution to Climate Change or Technological Challenge?
  15. Probing the Influence of Celebrity Culture on Self-Esteem: Aspiration or Alienation?
  16. Universal Basic Income: An Effective Poverty Alleviation Method or Financial Catastrophe?
  17. Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement: Necessary Precaution or Violation of Civil Rights?
  18. Understanding the Impact of Advertising on Children: Harmless Promotion or Exploitative Practice?

Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas on Childhood Memories

  1. The Fascinating World of Backyard Adventures: Finding Wonders in Small Spaces
  2. Unwrapping the Mystery: The Story of My Favorite Childhood Toy
  3. Crafting Innocence: The Childhood Art Project That Changed My Perspective
  4. Celebrations in Perspective: The Most Memorable Childhood Birthday Party
  5. Bittersweet Departure: Leaving My Childhood Home for the First Time
  6. Champions of the Neighborhood: Recollections from Childhood Sports Competitions
  7. Unearthing Treasures: The Joy of Childhood Collectibles and Keepsakes
  8. Echoes of Laughter: Reminiscing About Summertime Fun at the Local Park
  9. Whispers in the Library: My Childhood Journey into the World of Books
  10. Seasons of Innocence: Reflecting on Childhood Summers Spent With Grandparents
  11. Tastes of the Past: Reliving My First Cooking Experience as a Child
  12. Notes from the Heart: The Childhood Music Lesson That Shaped My Life
  13. Drawing Dreams: The Impact of Childhood Cartoons on My Imagination
  14. Discovering Friendship: A Chronicle of My First Best Friend in Childhood
  15. Lessons Learned: The School Field Trip That Broadened My Horizons
  16. Nostalgic Tunes: The Role of Childhood Music in Shaping My Identity
  17. Pet Companions: The Story of My First Pet and Our Shared Adventures
  18. Magical Moments: Revisiting My Childhood Fascination With the Night Sky

Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas on School Years

  1. Triumph and Tears: Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking
  2. Discovering My Passion: The Influence of My High School Art Class
  3. Break Time Bonds: Friendships Formed on the School Playground
  4. Challenge Conquered: Mastering Mathematics After Years of Struggle
  5. Navigating High School: Balancing Academics and Athletics
  6. Illuminating Knowledge: The Impact of My Favorite Science Teacher
  7. Unforeseen Triumph: Winning the School Spelling Bee
  8. Learning Leadership: My Journey as a School Prefect
  9. Bittersweet Goodbye: Graduating and Leaving Behind My Beloved High School
  10. Blossoming Creativity: My Experiences in School Drama Club
  11. Unmasking Potential: The Role of School Counseling in My Life
  12. A New Beginning: Adjusting to Life in a Boarding School
  13. Embracing Diversity: Lessons From an International School Experience
  14. Fumbling Through Failure: The Importance of Learning From Mistakes in School
  15. School Excursions: The Unforgettable Trip to the Local Museum
  16. Shaping Identity: My Transformation During High School Years
  17. Fostering Teamwork: My Experiences in School Sports Teams

Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas on Morality

  1. Understanding the Concept of Altruism: The Impact on Personal Morality
  2. A Personal Journey Through Moral Dilemmas: An Introspective Analysis
  3. The Interplay of Morality and Justice: Reflections From Personal Experiences
  4. Lessons Learned From the Holocaust: A Study on Extreme Moral Failures
  5. The Ethics of Capital Punishment: A Personal Narrative on Its Morality
  6. Cyber Ethics: Morality in the Digital Age Explored Through Personal Experiences
  7. Religion’s Influence on Personal Morality: A Detailed Analysis
  8. Addressing the Morality of Wealth Inequality: Personal Encounters and Reflections
  9. Personal Experience With Moral Ambiguity in Business Practices
  10. Animals’ Rights: A Narrative on the Moral Implications of Animal Cruelty
  11. Adoption and the Moral Questions It Raises: A Personal Perspective
  12. Ethical Considerations in Healthcare: My Experiences With Morality in Medicine
  13. The Role of Education in Moral Development: Reflections From My Schooling Years
  14. Caring for the Environment: My Personal Journey to Understanding Eco-Morality
  15. Personal Struggles With the Morality of War: An Inside Perspective
  16. A Narrative on the Ethics of Censorship: When Is It Morally Justifiable?
  17. Racial Discrimination: The Moral Lessons Learned From Personal Experiences
  18. Lessons From a Moral Crisis: The Personal Impact of Political Corruption
  19. Delving Into the Morality of Abortion: Personal Encounters and Ethical Dilemmas

Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas on Student Life

  1. Discovering Myself: The Importance of Self-Reflection in College
  2. Overcoming Academic Challenges: The Impact of Perseverance on Success
  3. A Journey through Campus: Unveiling the Hidden Wonders of University Life
  4. Societies in Focus: My Experience in Student Organizations
  5. Balancing Act: Juggling Academics and Extracurricular Activities
  6. Embracing Diversity: The Lessons I Learned From International Friends
  7. Transformative Power of Internships: Gaining Real-World Experience
  8. Nightly Debates: The Influence of Late-Night Study Sessions on My Understanding
  9. Surviving Exam Week: Stress, Struggles, and Strategies
  10. Meeting Mentors: Professors Who Made a Lasting Impact
  11. Roommates Revealed: The Dynamics of Living with Others
  12. Homesickness Healed: How I Adjusted to a New Environment
  13. Exploring Entrepreneurship: My Journey of Creating a Campus Start-Up
  14. Dormitory Diaries: Life Lessons Learned in Shared Spaces
  15. Navigating Freshman Year: The Ups and Downs of Transition
  16. Unforgettable Field Trips: How Travel Expanded My Learning
  17. Leadership Lessons: My Role in Student Government
  18. Volunteer Ventures: The Rewarding Experience of Giving Back
  19. Tackling Textbooks: Strategies for Effective Study Habits

Video Game Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas

  1. Unraveling the Complex Narrative Structure of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”
  2. Dystopian Themes Portrayed in “Bioshock Infinite”
  3. Psychological Manipulation and Player Autonomy in “Spec Ops: The Line”
  4. Role of History and Mythology in “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” Plot Development
  5. Examination of Socio-Political Commentary in “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”
  6. Metanarrative Elements and Breaking the Fourth Wall in “Metal Gear Solid”
  7. Character Development and Identity Formation in “Mass Effect Trilogy”
  8. Analyzing the Depiction of Ethical Dilemmas in “The Last of Us Part II”
  9. Undertale: The Power of Choice and Its Influence on Narrative
  10. Fallout Series: Exploration of Post-Apocalyptic Survival Narratives
  11. Examining Storytelling Through Environmental Details in “Dark Souls”
  12. Red Dead Redemption 2: Realism, Redemption, and Narrative Complexity
  13. Silent Hill 2: Symbolism and Psychological Horror in Video Game Narratives
  14. Halo Series: The Evolution of Heroic Archetypes in Sci-Fi Narratives
  15. Portal 2: Narrative as a Tool for Puzzling and Humor
  16. Firewatch: An Examination of Isolation and Personal Growth in Narratives
  17. Journey: The Art of Non-Verbal Storytelling in Video Games
  18. Bioshock: An Analysis of Libertarian Themes Within a Video Game Narrative

Unique Lists of 259 Narrative Essay Topics for Different Subjects, Courses, and Classes

Culture Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas

  1. Exploring the Impact of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures
  2. Unraveling the Role of Language in Shaping Cultural Identity
  3. The Effect of Pop Culture on Teenager’s Self-Expression
  4. Tracing the Evolution of American Music: Jazz to Hip-Hop
  5. The Influence of Social Media on Contemporary Fashion Trends
  6. Analyzing the Importance of Street Art in Urban Cultures
  7. Deconstructing the Impact of Cuisine on National Identity
  8. Understanding the Role of Festivals in Preserving Cultural Traditions
  9. Exploring the Influence of Bollywood on Indian Culture
  10. Comparing Japanese Anime and Western Animation: Cultural Perspectives
  11. Tracing the Origins of Samba: Brazilian Culture Unveiled
  12. Examining the Cultural Significance of Storytelling in African Tribes
  13. Understanding the Interplay Between Culture and Architecture in Ancient Rome
  14. The Influence of Technology on Modern Art Forms: A Cultural Perspective
  15. The Role of Women in Middle Eastern Literature
  16. Examining the Impact of Migration on Cultural Diversity in New York City
  17. Analyzing the Influence of French Cinema on Global Film Culture
  18. Dissecting the Cultural Roots of Flamenco in Spanish Society
  19. Evaluating the Role of Sports in Building National Identity: Case of Soccer in Europe
  20. The Influence of Greek Mythology on Western Literature and Culture

Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas on Sports

  1. Achieving Personal Growth Through Marathon Running
  2. Conquering Inner Demons: A Tale of Extreme Mountaineering
  3. Triumph Over Adversity: My Experience With Wheelchair Basketball
  4. Team Dynamics and Leadership Lessons Learned From Soccer
  5. Life’s Parallels Drawn from the Chessboard: A Personal Narrative
  6. Discovering Myself Through the Physical and Mental Demands of Gymnastics
  7. The Role of Swimming in Building Perseverance and Discipline
  8. Embracing Martial Arts: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Respect
  9. Grappling With Life: Lessons Learned From Wrestling
  10. Surfing Waves and Emotions: How Surfing Transformed My Perspective
  11. Football Under Friday Night Lights: Community, Camaraderie, and Competition
  12. Grace Under Pressure: My Ballet Journey and Its Impact on My Life
  13. The Pinnacle of Excitement: My First Skydiving Experience
  14. Uniting Cultures Through the Power of Cricket: An Immigrant’s Story
  15. The Healing Power of Yoga: A Personal Journey to Inner Peace
  16. Molding Character on the Golf Course: Patience and Precision in Practice
  17. Reflections on Rowing: Teamwork, Endurance, and Personal Growth
  18. How the Discipline of CrossFit Training Translates Into Everyday Life
  19. Chasing Personal Bests: The Thrills and Spills of Track and Field Events

Arts Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas

  1. The Evolution of Abstract Expressionism: A Journey Through Colors and Emotions
  2. Capturing Life’s Rhythms: Exploring the World of Dance in Art
  3. The Renaissance Revival: How Classical Themes Shaped Art in the Modern Era
  4. The Power of Perspective: Exploring the Illusion of Depth in Paintings
  5. Unveiling the Secrets: Decoding Symbolism in Renaissance Art
  6. From Brushstrokes to Pixels: The Digital Age of Art and Its Impact
  7. Rediscovering Forgotten Masters: Unearthing Hidden Gems in Art History
  8. The Art of Storytelling: Narrative Paintings and Their Impact on Viewers
  9. Exploring the Sublime: Depicting Nature’s Majesty in Landscape Art
  10. The Human Form as a Canvas: Body Art and Its Cultural Significance
  11. Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Different Artistic Movements Around the World
  12. Beyond the Frame: Sculpture as an Interactive Art Form
  13. The Delicate Dance: Exploring the Intersection of Music and Visual Art
  14. Artistic Rebellion: Challenging the Norms Through Avant-garde Movements
  15. Unveiling the Muses: Inspiring Forces Behind Famous Artworks
  16. The Art of War: Depicting Conflict and its Consequences through Art
  17. Art as Activism: Addressing Social and Political Issues Through Visual Mediums

History Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas

  1. Renaissance: Flourishing Era of Art, Science, and Exploration
  2. American Revolution: Defying Colonial Rule for Independence
  3. French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, and Reign of Terror
  4. Industrial Revolution: Transforming Society Through Innovation and Machinery
  5. Age of Enlightenment: Intellectual Awakening and Philosophical Ideals
  6. Civil Rights Movement: Struggles for Equality and Racial Justice
  7. Mongol Empire: Conquest, Expansion, and Cultural Exchange
  8. Holocaust: Dark Chapter in Human History
  9. Cold War: Superpower Rivalry and Nuclear Threat
  10. Spanish Inquisition: Religious Persecution and Fear
  11. Age of Exploration: New Worlds and Global Encounters
  12. Black Death: Devastation and End of Middle Ages
  13. British Empire: Expansion, Imperialism, and Legacy
  14. Scientific Revolution: Advancements in Knowledge and Birth of Modern Science
  15. Trail of Tears: Forced Relocation of Native Americans
  16. Opium Wars: Imperialism and Clash of Cultures
  17. World War I: Global Conflict and Birth of Modern Warfare
  18. Italian Renaissance: Artistic Revival and Cultural Brilliance
  19. Great Depression: Economic Collapse and Social Struggles
  20. Russian Revolution: Overthrowing Tsarist Regime
  21. African Slave Trade: Exploitation and Human Tragedy

Narrative Essay Topics About Language & Literature

  1. Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Linguistic Devices in Poetry
  2. The Evolution of Language: A Historical Analysis of Literature
  3. Captivating Characters: An In-Depth Study of Literary Protagonists
  4. The Art of Storytelling: Narrative Techniques in Literature
  5. Literary Themes: A Journey Through Time and Cultures
  6. The Language of Love: Romanticism in Poetry and Prose
  7. The Influence of Language on Perception and Reality in Literature
  8. Breaking the Silence: The Power of Voice in Literary Works
  9. Linguistic Diversity in Literature: Celebrating Multicultural Narratives
  10. The Language of Despair: Exploring Tragic Elements in Literature
  11. Symbolism and Imagery: Enhancing the Language of Literature
  12. Metaphors and Similes: Unlocking Figurative Language in Writing
  13. Linguistic Revolution: Exploring Language Changes in Literature
  14. Exploring Different Literary Genres: From Drama to Fantasy
  15. Linguistic Innovations in Modern Literature
  16. The Language of Conflict: Exploring War Literature
  17. Literature as a Reflection of Society: Analyzing Social Issues in Texts
  18. The Language of Resilience: Exploring Narratives of Overcoming Challenges
  19. The Magic of Metonymy: How Words Transform in Literature

Narrative Essay Topics About Law

  1. The Impact of Criminal Justice Reform on Society
  2. Analyzing the Role of Forensic Science in Solving Crimes
  3. The Evolution of Constitutional Law in Modern Society
  4. Exploring the Ethics of Capital Punishment
  5. Investigating the Use of Technology in Law Enforcement
  6. Examining the Implications of Cybercrime Legislation
  7. Analyzing the Relationship Between Law and Morality
  8. Exploring the Intersection of Law and Medicine in Bioethics
  9. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Programs
  10. Analyzing the Impact of Gun Control Laws on Public Safety
  11. The Ethics of Surveillance in a Post-9/11 World
  12. Investigating the Legal Implications of Artificial Intelligence
  13. The Role of Civil Liberties in a Democratic Society
  14. Analyzing the Rights and Responsibilities of Journalists in the Age of Fake News
  15. Examining the Legal and Ethical Considerations of End-of-Life Care
  16. The Implications of Legalizing Marijuana for Public Health and Safety
  17. Analyzing the Challenges of Intellectual Property Theft in the Digital Era
  18. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Anti-discrimination Laws in the Workplace
  19. The Impact of Social Media on Privacy Laws and Individual Rights
  20. Analyzing the Relationship Between Law and Economics in Market Regulation
  21. The Role of Criminal Profiling in Solving Serial Crimes

Sociology Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Social Movements: The Impact of Civil Rights Activism in the 21st Century
  2. Gender Roles and Stereotypes: Breaking Boundaries in Contemporary Society
  3. Family Structures and Modern Parenting Approaches: A Comparative Analysis
  4. Globalization and Its Effects on Cultural Identity and Social Integration
  5. Educational Inequality: Examining the Achievement Gap in Public Schools
  6. Immigration Policies and Social Integration: Challenges and Opportunities
  7. Class Inequality and Social Mobility: Exploring the American Dream
  8. The Rise of Online Communities: Redefining Social Interactions in the Digital Age
  9. Crime and Deviance: Exploring the Societal Factors Behind Juvenile Delinquency
  10. Religion and Society: Examining the Role of Faith in Modern Communities
  11. Environmental Sociology: Understanding the Social Dimensions of Climate Change
  12. Aging and Gerontology: Social Issues Surrounding the Elderly Population
  13. Healthcare Disparities: Access, Equity, and Social Justice
  14. The Role of NGOs in Promoting Social Change and Human Rights
  15. Work-Life Balance: Navigating the Challenges of Modern Employment
  16. Youth Subcultures: Identity Formation and Socialization Processes
  17. Social Stratification: Analyzing Power Structures and Social Hierarchies
  18. The Sociology of Sports: Exploring the Influence of Athletics on Society

Narrative Essay Topics About Engineering & Technology

  1. The Evolution of Renewable Energy Sources in Engineering
  2. Enhancing Efficiency Through Smart Grid Technology
  3. Innovations in Biomedical Engineering: Transforming Healthcare
  4. Revolutionizing Communication: The Impact of 5G Technology
  5. Sustainable Design: Incorporating Green Engineering Practices
  6. Robotics and Automation: Shaping the Future of Manufacturing
  7. The Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Engineering
  8. Space Exploration: Engineering Beyond Earth’s Boundaries
  9. The Impact of 3D Printing on Manufacturing Processes
  10. Harnessing the Power of Nanotechnology in Engineering
  11. Cybersecurity: Protecting Our Digital World
  12. The Intersection of Engineering and Medicine: Bioengineering
  13. The Rise of Virtual Reality: Engineering Immersive Experiences
  14. Urban Planning: Engineering Sustainable Cities
  15. The Integration of Blockchain Technology in Various Industries
  16. Advancements in Materials Science and Engineering
  17. The Promise and Challenges of Quantum Computing
  18. The Engineering of Renewable Transportation Systems
  19. Augmented Reality: Enhancing Real-World Experiences
  20. Innovations in Civil Engineering: Building Bridges and Infrastructure

Narrative Essay Topics About Medicine & Health

  1. The Impact of Modern Medicine on Public Health
  2. Exploring the Role of Vaccinations in Disease Prevention
  3. Advancements in Surgical Techniques: Transforming Healthcare
  4. Unveiling the Potential of Gene Therapy in Treating Genetic Disorders
  5. The Growing Concern About Antibiotic Resistance in the Medical Field
  6. The Significance of Mental Health Awareness in Society
  7. Confronting the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness
  8. Examining the Ethical Dilemmas of Medical Research
  9. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Revolutionizing Healthcare
  10. Challenges and Innovations in Telemedicine Services
  11. Exploring Alternative Medicine: Integrative Approaches to Health
  12. The Role of Medical Imaging in Accurate Diagnosis
  13. Breaking Barriers: Improving Access to Healthcare in Underserved Communities
  14. Combating the Opioid Epidemic: Strategies and Solutions
  15. The Psychology of Pain Management: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  16. The Effectiveness of Traditional Medicine in Treating Ailments
  17. The Role of Medical Professionals in Palliative Care
  18. Fostering Empathy and Compassion in the Healthcare System
  19. Navigating End-of-Life Care: Ethical and Legal Considerations
  20. The Power of Medical Storytelling in Patient Advocacy
  21. Exploring the Link Between Sleep and Overall Health

Business Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Effective Strategies for Employee Retention in the Modern Workplace
  2. Leveraging Data Analytics for Business Growth and Success
  3. Innovations in Supply Chain Management: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability
  4. The Importance of Effective Leadership in Driving Organizational Change
  5. Implementing Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for Business Success
  6. The Rise of E-Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities for Traditional Retailers
  7. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Revolutionizing Business Operations
  8. Building a Strong Company Culture: Key Factors and Best Practices
  9. Navigating the Challenges of International Business Expansion
  10. The Future of Remote Work: Implications for Organizations and Employees
  11. Crafting a Compelling Brand Story: Strategies for Brand Differentiation
  12. Sustainable Business Practices: Environmental and Social Responsibility
  13. Effective Strategies for Managing Customer Relationships and Loyalty
  14. Exploring the Gig Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Workers and Businesses
  15. Enhancing Customer Experience Through Personalization and Customization
  16. Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Business: Strategies for Success
  17. The Evolution of Corporate Governance: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability
  18. Adapting to Change: Strategies for Thriving in Disruptive Industries
  19. The Art of Negotiation: Building Win-Win Business Relationships

Social Work Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The Impact of Community Outreach Programs on Underprivileged Families
  2. Enhancing Mental Health Support in Schools: A Case Study
  3. Empowering Youth Through Social Work Interventions
  4. Addressing Substance Abuse and Addiction in Vulnerable Populations
  5. Promoting Gender Equality: Challenges and Solutions in Social Work
  6. Bridging the Gap: Facilitating Integration of Refugees Into Society
  7. Advocacy for Affordable Housing: A Social Work Perspective
  8. Promoting Social Justice in Criminal Justice System Reforms
  9. Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence: Strategies for Support
  10. Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth: Navigating Identity and Acceptance
  11. Combating Human Trafficking: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
  12. The Role of Social Workers in Child Welfare and Protection
  13. Empowering Individuals With Disabilities: Promoting Inclusion
  14. Addressing the Needs of Aging Population: Elderly Care Challenges
  15. Fostering Resilience in Children From Low-Income Families
  16. Promoting Mental Health in Marginalized Communities
  17. Exploring the Role of Social Work in Disaster Response and Recovery
  18. Enhancing Access to Healthcare in Underserved Communities
  19. Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault: The Importance of Trauma-Informed Care
  20. Empowering Indigenous Communities: Preserving Culture and Rights
  21. Promoting Education and Literacy in Low-Income Areas
  22. Tackling Youth Unemployment: Creating Opportunities for Success
  23. Nurturing Positive Parenting Skills: Strengthening Families
  24. Addressing the Stigma of Mental Illness: Creating Supportive Environments

Psychology Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The Influence of Attachment Styles on Romantic Relationships
  2. Exploring the Effects of Social Media on Self-Esteem and Body Image
  3. Examining the Role of Nature vs. Nurture in the Development of Personality
  4. Analyzing the Cognitive Processes Involved in Decision-Making
  5. The Psychology of Leadership and Its Impact on Team Performance
  6. Exploring the Relationship Between Stress and Physical Health
  7. Investigating the Psychology of Addiction and Effective Treatment Approaches
  8. Analyzing the Factors Influencing Human Memory and Recall
  9. The Psychology of Happiness and Well-Being: What Makes People Happy?
  10. Examining the Link Between Personality Traits and Job Satisfaction
  11. Exploring the Impact of Culture on Psychological Processes and Behavior
  12. Understanding the Psychological Factors Behind Phobias and Anxiety Disorders
  13. Analyzing the Psychological Effects of Bullying on Adolescents
  14. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination: Causes and Consequences
  15. Examining the Relationship Between Personality and Academic Performance
  16. Understanding the Psychological Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury
  17. The Influence of Music on Mood and Emotional States

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Serene Morning Walk Along the Seashore
  2. Enchanting Adventures in the Enchanted Forest
  3. Majestic Sunset Over the Golden Mountains
  4. Unexpected Encounter With a Curious Stranger
  5. Exhilarating Ride on a Raging Roller Coaster
  6. Mystical Journey through Ancient Ruins
  7. Blissful Picnic by the Sparkling Lake
  8. Whimsical Carnival Rides and Cotton Candy Delights
  9. Terrifying Escape From a Haunted House
  10. Captivating Dance Performance Under the Starry Sky
  11. Breathtaking Hike Through Lush Green Valleys
  12. Unforgettable Road Trip Across the Vast Desert
  13. Delightful Sleigh Ride Through a Winter Wonderland
  14. Dramatic Rescue From a Treacherous Mountain Peak
  15. Mesmerizing Fireworks Display on New Year’s Eve
  16. Thrilling Surfing Lesson on Towering Ocean Waves
  17. Heartwarming Reunion With a Long-Lost Friend
  18. Enthralling Concert Experience of a Famous Band
  19. Astonishing Hot Air Balloon Ride Above the City
  20. Awe-Inspiring Safari Adventure in the African Savannah
  21. Marvelous Exploration of a Mysterious Cave
  22. Hilarious Comedy Show at a Stand-Up Comedy Club
  23. Mesmerizing Stargazing Night in the Wilderness

General Guidelines

Definition of a Narrative Essay Topic

A narrative essay is a documentation of a real or fictitious succession of events, which share some form of link as subjects within a discourse. Basically, the presentation of events does not necessarily reflect the exact sequence of occurrence, for example, flashbacks disrupting typical successions of events. Instead, authors of narrative works must ensure that the order that they use in the presentation of events allows the audience to flow narrations easily. Then, narrative essay topics are useful in the sharing of personal perspectives on various issues. Mostly, students write narratives as a means of building their creative writing skills. In some cases, narrative papers may play the role of evaluation tools where professors ask students to reflect on their learning experiences. Besides, authors can write narrative essay topics in the first or third person.

Types of Narrative Essays

There are two main types of narrative essays: fiction and nonfiction. Basically, authors write fiction narrative papers based on imagined events, which may be motivated by past experiences or an individual’s idea of an appropriate sequence of events. In fiction narratives, both characters and events do not represent any real persons or happenings. Then, nonfiction narrative papers are an accurate representation of a series of events that authors experience or observe in the real world. Notably, the content of nonfiction narratives may not include all the events because it is a documentation of events from the perspective of the author, which implies that he or she may omit some events. In some instances, nonfiction narratives may contain fake character names to protect the privacy of real persons, but authors must warn the audience about name alterations.

Step-by-Step Construction of Narrative Essay Themes

During the process of creating a topic for a narrative essay, students should ensure that defined themes should give the audience a snapshot of a narrative in one sentence. Basically, the first step in the generation of a topic is the identification of a subject of a narrative. Then, authors distinguish whether they participated in the events, or they were merely observers. Besides, this stage is essential because it clarifies a narration perspective, which may affect the wording of a topic. In this case, writers should determine a preferred primary effect that a narrative should have on readers. Finally, authors choose a critical moment or event that is the climax of a narrative and develop a topic that adequately captures all the details, which previous four steps yield.

Working Template for a Narrative Essay Topic

  1. Selection of a subject.
    Write a maximum of two sentences that describe the subject.
  2. Identification of a narrative perspective.
    Identify some characters of a narrative and their roles.
  3. Choosing a primary effect of a narration.
    List some feelings or thoughts that the audience should develop after reading a narrative.
  4. Picking a climax event.
    Summarize a crucial moment in a few descriptive words.
  5. Creation of a narrative essay topic.
    Combine keywords from previous steps, events, and other words that trigger desired effects upon the first reading.

Altering a Topic to Suite Different Purposes

The purpose of a narrative essay theme plays a crucial role in the selection of words that authors include in their topics. Basically, once a writer selects a topic, he or she may adjust it to align it with the purpose of writing. Moreover, if an author decides to write about an accident, he or she may use a narrative paper to inspire or instill fear in the audience. Consequently, the topic “The accident that defines me” can manifest in two forms that represent a narrative’s purpose. Also, another version of a narrative topic that installs fear is “A mistake at the wheel that robbed my humanity.” In turn, an alternative version, which hints at inspiration, is “The silver lining to a grisly road accident.”

Samples of Narrative Essay Topics for Other Common Themes

1. Examples of Themes for Fictional Narrative Essays

A. Sample Ideas on An Act of Courage

Arts. An artist who paints content, which is against the directives of an authoritarian government.

History. A dog plays an instrumental role in ending the battle of middle earth.

Language and literature. The books’ failed to revolt against Michael, who was a librarian attempting to digitize all books.

Law. A day in court for a mother and her rebellious daughters that demand their freedom of expression.

Sociology. The struggle for the female voice in the family structure of the animal kingdom.

Engineering and technology. John sneaks into the palace to show the king his invention, which would push most royal families out of the automotive industry.

Medicine and health. The elephant’s willingness to try a new medication, which had significant side effects.

Business. Pike’s decision to sell off the family business and invest in new technology.

Social work. Kate’s missionary work and the town council’s greed.

Psychology. Dr. Stock’s first heart surgery that brings Maddie back to life.

B. Examples of Narrative Prompts on Forever Remembered

Arts. The songwriter creates music by channeling dead artists and composers.

History. The adventurer who stole Alaric’s treasure from the hand of its keepers.

Language and literature. The mystery behind the love songs to Alexandre from his cook.

Law. A judge and prosecutor’s plan to avenge a young boy’s death.

Sociology. A researcher breaks all social bonds in her pursuit of the fountain of youth.

Engineering and technology. The day Potter created the weightless spoon.

Medicine and health. The hare’s experiments unleash a plague that kills half the animal kingdom.

Business. Jackal’s source of his unique goods, which he claims comes from the gods.

Social work. The memoirs of Locksdale’s good works in the town of Danish.

Psychology. The scientist who discovers hypnosis through dark magic.

C. Samples of Narrative Essay Topics on No Other Way

Arts. Jonas’ inspiration for Picasso’s art.

History. Hitler’s affair with a Jewish maid before the start of the world war.

Language and literature. The secret language of the church mice.

Law. The summit for creating laws for the interaction of the human race and wildlife.

Sociology. Donte’s struggles to maintain control of the locust clan after his stepbrother suggests seasonal migration to resolve their hunger problem.

Engineering and technology. An artificial intelligence program that destroys the world after remotely launching all nuclear bombs in the world.

Medicine and health. The mysterious healing powers of nurse Pattie’s special white tea.

Business. The journey across the Red Sea to the New World.

Social work. Stacy’s love affair with the leader of the hippopotamus clan saves the elephants from poverty.

Psychology. The rattlesnake’s hypnotic tail end.

D. Examples of Narrative Themes on My Reflection on Justice

Arts. A play about a girl who could talk to her reflection in the mirror.

History. The real reason for Hercules’s goal to conquer Rome.

Language and literature. Dickson’s inner voice as documented in the lost memoirs.

Law. Bayle’s regrettable role in the witch trial of Salem.

Sociology. The first adoptive animal family and the challenge of overcoming species-specific instincts.

Engineering and technology. The fuel engine laments over the damage it does to the environment in its pursuit to better the world.

Medicine and health. The witch’s use of poison that slows the heart to save a child from the killer fever of the 15th century.

Business. A businessman who wears suits and lives a simple life despite being the head of the criminal underground.

Social work. Taking from the wealthy to assist the poor only to be caught and persecuted by the people one intends to assist.

Psychology. A narrative of a person who has two identities due to bipolar disorder.

2. Samples of Topics for Nonfictional Narrative Essays

A. Examples of Themes on Memory of My Adolescence

Arts. Robert De Niro’s defeat of stage fright in his high school years.

History. Lord Randolph Churchill defined Winston Churchill’s idea of democracy and freedom.

Language and literature. The childhood experiences that molded Maya Angelou into a civil rights activist.

Law. A day in the world of a black teenager under the black code enforced by the Jim Crow laws.

Sociology. The move to America that gave the young girl access to opportunities for self-growth.

Engineering and technology. Bill Gates’ first rub with technology in his youth.

Medicine and health. Tony Hansberry’s accidental invention of a better stitching technique.

Business. Jake makes his first $100 from selling a new blend of juice, which set the foundation for his beverage company.

Social work. Saint Martin de Porres’ recounting his youth that contains many scars of discrimination and ridicule.

Psychology. Schizophrenia robbed Jack of his adolescent years.

B. Samples of Narrative Essay Topics on The Burden of Friendship

Arts. The filmmaker who stole movie ideas from his friends’ diaries with no apologies even after his rise to fame.

History. A tale of two brothers that decided to fight on opposite sides of the civil war, although they lived in the same home.

Language and literature. A platoon commander who writes a biography for the son of one of his lieutenants whom he sent to his death during the war.

Law. A white man’s support for emancipation leads to his alienation from the community because he believes that his black friend should enjoy equal freedoms.

Sociology. John’s time in the foster system blurs the lines between friends and family and complicates his acceptance of his biological family.

Engineering and technology. Jane’s struggle to forge new friendship on social media platforms.

Medicine and health. Dr. Drake’s research on Parkinson’s disease is a consequence of his promise to a dear friend that he would find a treatment that can save the friend’s children.

Business. A business that collapses because of competing visions for the company.

Social work. Johnson’s “everyone is a friend” policy.

Psychology. Friendships under the strain of deteriorating mental health.

C. Examples of Essay Prompts on It Was Early

Arts. The death of a playwright before the official production of his play 50 years later.

History. The stabbing of a black doctor by one of his white patients after becoming the first black surgeon at a teaching hospital in Boston.

Language and literature. Satirical writing concerning blackface destabilized the fragile white-black relations.

Law. A judge’s personal beliefs complicate his ability to justly handle cases concerning gay relationships after the legalization of gay marriage.

Sociology. A woman who losses her family over drug abuse problems.

Engineering and technology. A scientist complains that the discovery of techniques to harness nuclear energy came to an under-civilized society.

Medicine and health. The passing of a child just before the invention of the pacemaker who could save his life.

Business. Denis Polack’s attempt to introduce e-commerce three years after the development of the Internet.

Social work. The fall of a non-profit housing organization under the leadership of a corrupt chief executive officer.

Psychology. A fatal brain surgery that left the attending psychologist without any confidence to proceed with his practice.

D. Sample Ideas on The Risk and Reward Fallacy

Arts. The failure of a young man who quits art school to be an apprentice to a renowned artist.

History. Abraham Lincoln’s pursuit of shared freedom led to his death rather than providing him with the time to fulfill his leadership goals.

Language and literature. Black authors are unable to effect significant change through their writing despite receiving much persecution.

Law. A win in the supreme court cannot change the hearts of men, as shown in the events that follow the ruling of the Board of Education v Brown case.

Sociology. Human relationships do not bring positive results.

Engineering and technology. A software engineer’s obsession with commercial standalone products comes under threat from a multi-developer effort to build an open-source version of his sole product.

Medicine and health. A doctor who follows his gut rather than established statistics in advising the patient kills a young man in his unbridled optimism.

Business. A young man’s investment in bitcoin sets the tune for many who follow but fail to make significant profits.

Social work. A young social worker’s experience as a victim of a syndicate, which got her addicted to the drugs she was trying to take off the streets.

Psychology. The ignorance of ethical policies in research yields excellent results in a researcher’s work, but he struggles to live with his decision as he ages.


  • Students should ensure that they identify a climax event before constructing an essay topic because this theme and climax event must illustrate a clear link.
  • Narrative essay topics may require repeated adjustment because authors refine the plot of a paper.
  • The use of a proposed template should ensure that students avoid false starts, which lengthen the time required to complete a narrative paper.

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Critical Analysis Essay: Steps to Achieving an A+

  • Icon Calendar 28 August 2020
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MIT essay prompts in 2023
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MIT Essay Prompts: Free Examples of Writing Assignments in 2024

  • Icon Calendar 26 August 2020
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