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For years, students learn how to organize their papers correctly. Basically, professors design different essay topics and questions to be addressed in scholarly works. For example, one of the common books that professors assign to their students is the Great Gatsby reading. In this case, students are forced to develop the Great Gatsby essay questions and answers in their papers. Hence, this article represents 40 prompts on the Gatsby essay topics to help students to get some ideas for their academic essays and papers with some questions and answers.

The Great Gatsby Essay Topics for Dreams

1. The creation of wealth does not guarantee the apparent attainment of a dream.
2. All dreams are not attainable in the Great Gatsby.
3. There is a difference between reality and illusion.
4. A change in social class affects people’s efforts to achieve their goals.
5. Achievement of a vision is a collective responsibility.
6. Time is a factor that plays a significant role in one’s ability to achieve dreams.
7. Opportunists may not achieve similar goals as people who genuinely acquire their wealth, covering the Great Gatsby book.
8. People should always be optimistic and pursue what they consider as important to them.
9. Reinvention for a wrong course of action leads to destruction.

The Great Gatsby Essay Prompts for Love and Friendship Topic

10. People may fall in love with one another but fail to support each other in achieving their dreams.
11. People may rekindle love and reunite but lack an objective.
12. A commitment to one’s course in life may break a love relationship.
13. Individuals can use their wealth to materialize love.
14. Social classes may be a factor that dictates people’s love lives by considering the Great Gatsby.
15. Poverty can be a hindrance to one’s ability to marry a person of different social classes.
16. An individual may feel loved, but, in essence, it may not be true love, being out of curiosity.
17. People are jealous of losing their love partners to their competitors, which may lead to verbal and physical confrontation.
18. In the Great Gatsby, love can make individuals risk by admitting mistakes they have not done.
19. People may abandon their friends during difficult times.

The Great Gatsby essay topics

The Great Gatsby Topics and the Essays on the Theme of Marriage Topics

20. People base their marriage on social classes.
21. Loveless marriages may exist if people lack an objective of why they got married.
22. People marry individuals they feel will offer social security and raise their standards.clas
23. In the Great Gatsby, people live in problematic marriages and conceal their fate to protect their social positions.
24. Loss of one’s partner in a marriage may lead to hopelessness and result in harmful actions.
25. Rich men are polygamous; hence they can marry as many wives as they wish.
26. The choices people make have consequences.
27. Self-conscience can help an individual to avoid messy relationships early.

The Essay Theme of Revenge Topic

28. Revenge may involve the revelation of allegations to expose one’s past mistakes as discussed in the Great Gatsby.
29. Attacks may cause death.

The Great Gatsby Essay Questions for Enmity Topic

30. Do people develop antagonism when they fail to succeed in their shared interests?
31. Do people achieve success because of enmity by considering the Great Gatsby book?
32. Does enmity force people to survive?

Essay Themes on Erosion of Morality Topic

33. Desire to acquire wealth to please other people may cause individuals to engage in immoral activities.
34. Men and women defy marital requirements and may participate in extramarital activities that endanger their marriages.
35. Money and love cannot be similar as it is represented in the Great Gatsby book.

Essay Topics for Property Ownership in the Great Gatsby

36. People should acquire wealth whenever there are opportunities to do it.
37. People who are wealthy do not like other individuals who have obtained riches, considering the Great Gatsby.
38. The acquisition of wealth by poor people threatens the social positions of the wealthy class.
39. Individuals who never work hard through their efforts to earn wealth are extravagant.
40. Property owned through corrupt means offers short-lived happiness.