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Exemplification essays allow scholars to validate a specific argument. In this case, the primary goal for writing an exemplification paper is to use a real-life example to prove that a particular point remains valid. Moreover, failure to make a suitable selection for essay topics leads to weaker papers that may discourage the target audience from reading through. Then, prudent learners begin the process of selecting a topic by brainstorming ideas. In this case, they generate unique ideas that may lead to debatable issues. Further on, other essential techniques include gathering relevant research to validate arguments and selecting the most compelling topics. Prudent writers rely on peer reviews to choose the most suitable exemplification essay topics. In turn, actual papers must contain an introduction that catches the reader’s attention. Besides, the body section should have excellent and compelling examples to support a thesis statement, while the conclusion should bring papers to a logical closure.

General Guidelines on Exemplification Essay Topics

An exemplification essay refers to academic writing that relies on specific and vivid examples to describe, persuade, explain, and exemplify a general idea. Basically, exemplification essay topics present reliable and robust substantiation and evidence to support the writer’s main argument. Moreover, exemplification essays prove some arguments and contain clear examples to support a thesis statement. Then, appropriate illustrations help to create the reader’s interest. Also, by supplying specific examples, one adds information related to “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how” questions. In turn, such details help to elaborate on the main idea presented in a paragraph or an essay. Although exemplification essays prove some arguments, one must use good examples to relate to a topic to support central perspectives logically.

Exemplification essay topics

Types of Exemplification Essays

Students can write two types of exemplification essays to support their central arguments. For example, the first type uses multiple examples to support a central argument. In this case, writers use several illustrations to prove the main idea. Also, this type allows learners to use related examples to verify the validity of a specific argument. Then, the second type of exemplification essay is an extended example, enabling authors to use one significant example but examine all the related finer details. In turn, scholars focus on elucidating a specific model to communicate the leading case in point.

Topics of Exemplification Essays

Learners can use different topics for multiple and extended exemplification essays. Basically, the primary aim in both cases is to ensure that readers accept a specific argument or perspective. Hence, particular examples of topics for two types of exemplification essays are:

1. Examples of Multiple Topics for Exemplification Essays

  1. Is a college degree relevant today?
  2. Should people have access to healthcare?
  3. Everyone should access affordable healthcare.

2. Examples of Extended Topics for Exemplification Essays

  1. Drug and substance abuse is a significant problem today. Drug abuse breaks up relationships and lures children into low living standards. Give your opinion.
  2. The United States should impose strict gun rules.
  3. Irresponsible parenting is the major of frequent public shootings.

Free Examples of Exemplification Essay Topics

The topic for exemplification essays varies from one subject to the other. Students should consider various current issues that relate to a specific subject. The following are some examples of exemplification essay topics in multiple disciplines.

1. Sample Themes in Arts

  1. Promoting arts supports the development of a multiethnic community.
  2. Baroque painting is the only art that encourages creativity and innovativeness.
  3. Promoting art leads to the creation of more job opportunities for youths.
  4. Art is a useful tool for promoting cultural diversity.
  5. The government should impose laws to restrict morality in the arts.

2. Examples of Essay Ideas in Technology

  1.  Learning institutions should eliminate the use of computers because they lower innovativeness and critical thinking.
  2. Online dating apps increase kidnap and rape cases.
  3. Weaker laws expose people to social media victimization.
  4. The invention of artificial intelligence will lead to human extinction.
  5. Cellphones reduce morality among teenagers.

3. Essay Prompts in Religion

  1. Religion is the primary cause of war in the middle east.
  2. Learning institutions should promote religious studies to encourage morality in society.
  3. Religion prevents individuals from using critical thinking.
  4. The development of religion undermines cultural diversity.
  5. Religion promotes cultural diversity. 

4. Examples of Exemplification Essay Topics in Business

  1. Business courses do not lead to economic performance.
  2. Youths provide potential people in the business.
  3. Empowering women to engage in business promotes economic growth.
  4. Employing women in business improves profitability.
  5. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic will promote innovativeness.

4. Theme Samples in Music

  1. Classical music focused on enhancing stage performance.
  2. The bone flute was an example of creativity in the Roman Empire.
  3. Shakespeare promoted the development of classical music.
  4. Women played a significant role in promoting classical music.
  5. Hip-hop music promotes corruption among teenagers.  

5. Examples of Exemplification Essay Prompts in Languages

  1. Learning institutions that embrace multilingual learning support cultural diversity.
  2. Global citizens learn multiple languages.
  3. Training young children in their mother tongue language enhances cultural diversity.
  4.  Learning the English language promotes academic performance.
  5. Embracing native languages promotes confidence among teenagers.

6. Sample Ideas for Essays in Health

  1. Poor government leadership undermines the ability to achieve universal health care.
  2. Adequate health insurance policies lead to universal health care. 
  3. Public health facilities promote poor health outcomes.
  4. The emergence of private hospitals makes healthcare unaffordable.
  5. Active aging allows older adults to lead healthy lives at their old ages.

7. Exemplification Essay Topic Samples in History

  1. Fascism was a desirable administration policy, but poor implementation led to adverse outcomes.
  2. World War II led to technological advancement.
  3. The emergence of democracy weakened political administration.
  4. Democracy undermines development in third-world countries.
  5. Poor political decisions lead to post-election violence in many African countries.

8. Samples of Essay Themes in Media

  1. Weak media laws allow politicians to engage in unethical behaviors.
  2. Mass media contributes to the development and maturity of democracy.
  3. Mass media promotes respect for human rights.
  4. The emergence of mass media promotes cultural diversity.
  5. Journalism aligns with millennial development goals.

9. Examples of Essay Ideas in Science

  1. The emergence of science and technology promotes development.
  2. Science supports the emergence of sustainable developments in the twenty-first century.
  3. The emergence of life sciences acts as the pillar for quality healthcare methods.
  4. The development of scientific studies supports leadership sustainability.
  5. Science provides less effective solutions to current environmental issues.

10. Sample Topics in Education

  1. Pre-schooling fails to contribute to the child’s brain development.
  2. The elimination of corporal punishment resulted in juvenile delinquency.
  3. Embracing foreign language studies leads to the development of global citizens.
  4. Increased levels of texting undermine the use of vocabulary when writing.
  5. Online teaching fails to help people achieve primary educational goals.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Construct an Exemplification Essay Topic

Exemplification essay topics focus on providing a suitable explanation for the target audience. Basically, students must pay attention when creating a relevant topic for an exemplification essay. In this case, the primary goal that a scholar must achieve when choosing a theme is to present a compelling argument that may motivate readers to accept a specific point of view. Hence, the basic steps that one should follow in choosing or creating a suitable exemplification essay topic are:

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step in creating a topic for an exemplification essay is brainstorming relevant ideas. For instance, scholars must identify a concept that relates to an emerging issue. In this case, brainstorming allows students to generate unique and original topics for their essays or research papers. Moreover, prudent learners focus on raising many points related to their papers. Eventually, writers evaluate presented ideas to identify the most compelling concepts. Therefore, one should begin by brainstorming to identify the most appropriate title for an essay.

Step 2: Researching

Scholars have a mandate to research a topic identified to gather relevant examples. In particular, exemplification essays must have several general measures to support the intended point of view. Basically, students should take time to gather applicable sources to support their topics. For example, some of the credible sources that may help with getting necessary evidence include journal articles, books, and credible websites. As a rule, all the examples identified must support an exemplification topic directly. In turn, writers need to ensure that illustrations or supporting ideas relate to concepts obtained from reliable sources.

Step 3: Drafting a Title

Students must draft a suitable topic for an exemplification essay. Basically, the evidence gathered helps one to select the best idea from those recorded in the first step. In this case, one should engage in a critical evaluation process that can lead to the identification of the most compelling topic for a paper. As a rule, one should choose a subject supported by many and relevant examples. In turn, prudent learners draft several titles, from which they select the most compelling one. Besides, writers should not limit themselves to related ideas. Instead, authors should create diverse topics.

Step 4: Revising a Drafted Topic

Learners should revise their drafted topics to ensure that they contain a single idea. Basically, a good case for an exemplification essay must be independent. In this case, a reader must understand the writer’s intended message by reading the title of a topic. Moreover, compelling topics must be short and precise, meaning that the audience should quickly grasp the intended meaning. In turn, one should ensure that discussed issues catch the reader’s attention. Besides, most individuals focus on reading exciting papers.

Step 5: Selecting a Suitable Topic

Authors should select the most compelling topic from the list of themes developed in the previous step. For example, writers should reread titles several times to identify the most effective one. In other instances, writers request their peers to evaluate proposed topics and identify the strongest ones. Moreover, the selection process forms the foundation for writing an outstanding essay. As a rule, the selected case should contain a debatable point. In turn, exemplification essay topics require writers to engage in a debate that proves the validity of a specific point or issue. Besides, learners must ensure that the topic identification process leads to a reasonable subject.  

Skeleton for an Exemplification Essay Topic

Writers can rely on a specific format to develop an exemplification essay topic. For instance, a suitable topic must contain a subject and debatable consequences. As a rule, the matter may be an individual, government policy, a trending issue, or any other thing that leads to specific outcomes. In turn, this basic structure allows one to use viable examples to support a particular claim for a study. Hence, a general format that an exemplification essay must follow is:

  • Subject, a debatable outcome

One may alter this structure based on a topic or discipline. For instance, students may decide to begin with uncertain outcomes followed by a specific subject. In turn, such a general format would appear as:

  • A debatable result, subject

Writers alter a topic skeleton to reduce monotony when writing their essays. Basically, diversified topics help to capture the reader’s attention. Also, learners need to ensure that the title of multiple topics for exemplification essays contains a narrow subject. However, extended themes for exemplification essays should have a broad topic that may lead to adequate subject analysis. In turn, this difference determines the nature of examples that one may use to support a central argument.

Template for Exemplification Essays

1. Topic

Topics for an exemplification essay should be short, clear, and independent. Basically, a suitable topic should contain between eight and twelve words. In turn, extended versions of such themes may sound vague and appear unprofessional.  

2. Introduction

The introduction should begin with a catchphrase that attracts the reader’s attention. In this case, writers should include the main points that allow readers to gain adequate background information. Besides, this section must end with a thesis statement that shows the writer’s argument.

3. Body

A. 1st Body Paragraph

The body section should begin with a paragraph that supports a thesis statement. In particular, writers must begin every body paragraph with a topic sentence followed by compelling examples. Moreover, the last sentence in a paragraph should summarize the main ideas and provide a transition to the next paragraph.

B. 2nd Body Paragraph

The second paragraph should contain a counterargument that opposes a thesis statement. As a rule, one should provide real-life examples that support a counterargument. Besides, writers should include explanations that can help readers to understand the intended message of this counterargument.

C. 3rd Body Paragraph

The third paragraph should refute a counterargument and show that a thesis statement holds. For example, writers must show the counterargument’s major weakness. In turn, this approach allows readers to make a suitable judgment about the main subject. Besides, this paragraph must help readers to change their minds and accept a thesis argument as a valid statement.

4. Conclusion

Exemplification essays must end with a summative paragraph. In this case, the last passage should bring a paper into a logical closure that allows readers to connect body paragraphs in a clear picture. Also, one should summarize the main points and restate a thesis statement.

Summing Up

Exemplification essay topics present specific arguments but require one to use real-life examples to support the central claim. In this case, students should validate central perspectives by using good examples that relate to the topic logically. Then, two types of exemplification papers should include multiple and extended models of themes. For multiple these, one should use several real-life cases to support a thesis. Otherwise, authors should break a single instance into relevant subtopics to help the essay’s central point. Hence, key tips that students must remember when writing exemplification papers are:

  1. Rely on brainstorming, drafting, and revision processes when developing a suitable title for an exemplification essay.
  2. Write an introduction that supports a topic directly.
  3. Include a supporting argument, counterclaim, and refutation.
  4. Convince the target audience to accept the main argument as acceptable.
  5. Bring the work to a suitable closure.
  6. Provide real-life examples to support the central argument.