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In the majority of high schools, teachers require students to utilize APA citation format to learn how to operate in the scholar world where people must respect the intellectual property of others. Hence, rules on using APA citation format help students to operate in higher educational facilities as the majority of colleges also encourage the use of such formatting style. Therefore, it is essential to learn all major thinks that determine APA citation format, starting with the rules on how to format title pages and running heads as they do not rely on many nuances.

Running Head in APA Citation Format

APA Citation Format

As a fact, when one reads a lengthy paper, they need to remember what they are dealing with by considering the APA guidelines. While in some cases, the topic of the APA style paper seems obvious, in others there is a lot of information that might confuse the reader as it is going deep in the conversation or subject. For example, dissertations might cover a lot of outside factors that might influence the writing. Also, lengthy titles might not be easy to memorize from the first glance. As a result, the APA association said that each person, writing in APA citation format, has to acknowledge the title of the work on each page to make it easier for the reader to operate within the APA paper.

Running Head Standards

As a fact, just mentioning the topic on each page is not enough. Hence, you have to format each page correctly for the topic not to destruct the reader’s attention. Therefore, the APA citation format provided some guidance on such matter. Here are the rules for it:

  • Firstly, the title should not exceed 50 characters in your running head because ti will actually destruct the reader’s attention. Keep it short and concise. Also, try to use the shorter version of the topic if it exceeds 50 characters.
  • Secondly, remember, each letter has to be capitalized in the running head of the APA citation format. No excuses.
  • Thirdly, title in the running head should never differ from the original title of the paper. However, it can be shortened.
  • Additionally, page numbers should be present on each page, and they have to be flush right. Consequently, the text has to be flush left.
  • Finally, the running head on the second page is not the same as the one on the first page. Notably, the running head on the first page has to have “Running Head:” phrase present flush left before the actual title. Also, such a phrase has to end with the colon.

Title Page in APA Citation Format

Everything that you will find on the title page of the APA citation format will be right in the center of the page. Center here means the center position from all sides. Such a strategy is used to increase the readability of the paper. Never use any different fonts, bold text, italicization or whatever you find attractive. Simplicity is everything in this format. Just follow these rules of centering everything, and the page will look attractive by itself. Also, make sure that the title here is written according to title case rules.

Also, the reader must always know who wrote the paper they are reading. Therefore, the title page has to have the name of the institution you are writing in and your name below the title of the work. These two lines are the most important ones while other optional ones might be added too. Some optional lines include the affiliation, department, patronage, and more.

Title Case

When the one learns APA citation format or other paper formats, title and sentence case words appear a lot in the context. So, what is it? Hence, title case is the capitalization of all major words of the text. What it means is that you have to capitalize the first letter of each word that is 4 letters and more. Also, do the same for all major words that are 3 letters and less. Additionally, major words in this context mean nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. However, you must also capitalize minor words like articles and conjunctions if they are the first letter of the text that has to be in title case.

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