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The growing popularity of video games in contemporary society has made such products are common sources for researchers from various disciplines. In this case, the Modern Language Association referencing style does not provide explicit citation guidelines for such a type of source. Hence, students need to learn how to cite a video game in MLA. Then, this guide provides example-based explanations for standard in-text citation and works cited list entry formats. Also, the guide illustrates the utility of footnotes in a simulation citation.

How to cite a video game in MLA

Citing a Video Game in MLA 9

In-Text Citation

  • MLA allows an author to introduce makeshift locators on how to cite a video game soundtrack in MLA, but they must be consistently numbered, for example, ‘mission 2.’

Parenthetical In-Text Citation

Referring to the entire source: (Gang Warfare)

Referring to a specific part of the source: (Gang Warfare, level 3)

Narrative In-Text Citation

Referring to the entire source: In Gang Warfare, Jones is the most skilled marksman.

Referring to a specific part of the source: Gang Warfare has some inconsistencies in the representation of the 1700s, for example, Jones’s use of a scoped rifle (level 3).

Works Cited Entry

  • Ideally, authors should provide all available elements: author, the title of the source, title of container, other contributors, version, number, publisher, publication date, and location.
  • The citation structure provided below lays out the common elements of simulations.


Title of the Video Game. Version, Publisher’s Name, Publication Date.


Gang Warfare. Old-world console version, Electronic Arts, 2020.


In-Text Appearance

Modern simulations do not present an accurate representation of the world.1


1Misrepresentation takes the form of introducing objects or elements that did not exist in the time setting of the simulation, see Gang Warfare level 3.

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