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APA is an author-date citation style developed by the American Psychology Association. Initially, the method was developed primarily for psychologists. However, scholars in other disciplines have adopted the approach. In this case, many people use this writing style in the whole world. Hence, they must know how to cite APA style. Basically, the APA format allows scholars to include in-text author-date citations within their documents and detailed references at the end of their work.

In-Text Citations in the APA Style

The APA citation requires a scholar to have an appropriate in-text citation, in author-date format, at appropriate places within the text of a document, covering the APA 6th edition format. For instance, scholars must understand how to cite APA style. They provide an in-text citation for quoted or paraphrased information in the APA format. Basically, in-text citations in the APA style help authors to acknowledge the sources used in writing. Besides, every in-text citation in the APA citation format must have the publication date. If a scholar uses the authors’ names in the APA style format, the year of publication should appear in parenthesis.

How to cite APA style

Other Features

Moreover, the publication date should appear immediately after the authors’ names in the APA style citation. This presentation is different from cases where authors refer to work in the text. For example, a scholar should place the authors’ surnames and year of publication in parenthesis when citing a work. In this case, the parenthetical citation should appear at the end of the sentence by considering how to cite APA style. Also, a comma should separate the authors’ names and the year of publication. Therefore, the APA reference style requires scholars to place the surnames and publication date at appropriate places when citing information.


The APA formatting requires a scholar to provide a reference list at the end of a document with sufficient details. For example, the APA reference page should contain full bibliographic information for sources used in the in-text citation, covering how to cite APA style. In this case, the reference list should have the surname and initials of the authors, the title of the source, and publication date. Besides, the APA referencing should contain publication details, journal article, and page range where applicable.

Formatting Sources

A reference list in APA must follow a specific order and format. For example, scholars should arrange sources in the reference list in alphabetical order and format titles in sentence case. References should follow the alphabetical order of the authors’ surnames. Besides, only proper nouns and first words in titles should start with capital letters in the APA style paper. In turn, people must provide sufficient details identifying the origin of a source. References must contain links to websites or Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for documents by considering how to cite APA style. The information helps to identify the exact origin of the source used by scholars to prepare essays, covering the rules for the APA format website. Therefore, the APA format reference page must contain sufficient bibliographic information for articles used in the in-text citation.

Conclusion on How to Cite APA Style

In conclusion, by answering how to cite APA style, this format requires scholars to use in-text citations within the document. In-text citations appear in places where scholars use information from other sources. Along these lines, they help to acknowledge borrowed information. Every essay formatted by following the APA guidelines should have detailed references. As a rule, the reference list should have sufficient bibliographic details and be arranged in alphabetical order. Besides, titles of sources in the references should appear in title cases, where all words apart from proper nouns should start with capital letters.

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