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Persuasive Speech Topics

Nowadays, people know a lot about different aspects of human life because of speeches. Basically, many famous persons created their speeches where they changed societies in which they lived. In this case, these individuals used the power of words to persuade their people in what they believed right. Also, others began to learn successful speeches to shape their knowledge and skills in influencing others. In turn, students write many papers where they analyze some topics or persuade their audience in what they think right. However, not all of them can define actual themes because some people cannot accept all concepts. Thus, this article includes some persuasive speech topics to help students to write good papers and convince their audience.

Persuasive Topics on Cultural Species

Firstly, cultural persuasive speech topics focus on specific aspects of society. For instance, humans are parts of different societies while they form their cultures. In this case, all actions, objects, and subjects made by humans transform in cultural features. Moreover, various aspects of human existence define important themes or issues that students have to resolve. Hence, essay topics persuasive are:

Persuasive speech topics
  1. Should people learn classical music from school?
  2. Does technology mean a culture?
  3. Should museums be sponsored by the government?
  4. Do all countries need to have national programs on cultural identity?
  5. Should minorities have official subcultures on the national level?
  6. Does people’s sexual identity exceed over social rights of citizens?
  7. Should traditions be followed by children?
  8. Should adults care for their aging parents?
  9. Do citizens need to celebrate the day of cultural equity?
  10.  Should love change the world?

Persuasive Speech Themes on Economics

Then, persuasive speech topics in economics have a specific background. For example, all things related to economics can be discussed and disputed by various auditories of interests. Basically, different groups have specific interests that they defend. On the other hand, if one party gets an economic advantage, then another group can lose its positions. In this case, all themes related to an economical conflict between parties lead to speeches where people must defend their interests. Hence, persuasive speech topics can be:

  1. Should ordinary workers pay taxes?
  2. Should capitalism exist in society?
  3. Are countries involving in trade wars?
  4. Should parents pay for the education of their children?
  5. Are technology employees getting higher salaries compared to regular workers?
  6. Should the economy be free?
  7. Are house prices high?
  8. Should giant companies pay to recycle their waste?
  9. Are prisoners citizens who must participate in the economic development of the country?
  10.  Should public transport be free due to electricity technology?

Ideas of Speeches in Religion

Finally, religion is a complex concept because of beliefs and traditions. For instance, various religions have specific features that people must follow. However, some concepts in one religion may contradict to another one, leading to harmful conflicts. In this case, followers of different religions use some persuasive speech topics and try to defend their beliefs with their traditions and convince others that they are right. Therefore, the possible topics on persuasion that authors may use in speech writing are:

  1. Do parents define the religious identity of their children?
  2. Should religions be taxed?
  3. Should Christianity be superior over other religions?
  4. Are humans conflicting because of their beliefs?
  5. Should religions change due to new tendencies?
  6. Should countries highlight the dominant religion in modern times?
  7. Do politics and religion work together to provide a better future for citizens?
  8. Should harmful traditions be eliminated in all religions due to human rights?
  9. Are Muslims following their religious tradition while working? 
  10. Should different religions shape each other to create a single religion for all people on Earth?