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Compare and contrast papers identify differences and similarities in scholarly materials or other themes. Basically, students analyze related sources to identify standard features. In this case, scholars seek to help readers to comprehend the nature of different sources or objects. Besides, they can identify and present concepts that rhyme followed by those that differ. Otherwise, people can focus on the features of the materials under analysis. Mainly, compare and contrast essays for books, journal articles, movies, novels, music, and websites follow a similar structure but have a different focus.

General Features

Compare and contrast essays for different sources follow a unique structure. For instance, students must start from an informative introduction. In this case, the opening paragraph contains the background information of the sources under analysis. Besides, people include a thesis statement that consists of the main ideas. Then, an outstanding paper consists of a body that expounds the central claim. For example, every section should focus on a single concept related to the central assertion. In turn, one must draw evidence from the sources under analysis. Also, accurate citations help to authenticate the work and convince the readers about the resemblances and variances that exist. Finally, the last section of a comparative paper is a conclusion. Moreover, the closing part restates the chief assertion and brings closure to the paper. Thus, compare and contrast papers for all sources cover a unique structure but focus on different concepts.

Compare and contrast

Compare and Contrast Books

People compare and contrast books in relation to the main subjects, covering weaknesses and strengths. For instance, one identifies an issue in two books. In this case, the person examines how the two authors represent the matter in question. Also, the scholar draws evidence from the sources to support his or her suppositions. On the other hand, the analysis focuses on the strong and weak points of the materials. In turn, outstanding students make a judgmental evaluation of the information presented. Thus, one should identify an issue with its strengths and weaknesses when comparing books.

Journal Articles

The evaluation of journal articles pays attention to the effectiveness of the research methods used and the quality of evidence presented. For example, the person compares the research techniques used by the authors. In this case, one explores the academic applicability of the data collection and analysis in the two sources. Besides, an outstanding writer identifies the usefulness of the procedures. In turn, a comparative essay reveals the credibility of the evidence presented. Hence, one must assess the bibliographic details of the cited sources. Also, the strategy helps to show the quality of the evidence presented by the authors. Thus, a compare and contrast essay that focuses on journal articles includes the methods and quality of evidence.

Comparing and Contrasting Novels

The exploration of the novels relates the plot and characters. For example, the plot analysis is a compelling aspect that writers compare and contrast in storybooks. Basically, the person identifies the main events in the storyline. Besides, the student determines the major similarities in the sources under consideration. In turn, other aspects that scholars compare include the heroes and minor characters in closely related narratives. Also, outstanding comparison essays identify the personalities presented in the tales. On the other hand, students relate the unique traits and role of the protagonists in developing the scheme. Therefore, plot and characters are essential aspects that scholars use to evaluate different narratives.


Scholars associate and differentiate music as academic sources. For instance, students focus on genre and the significance of the piece under consideration. In this case, the role of the song in its class is an essential concept for evaluation. Besides, scholars determine the social significance of the composition. Then, other aspects that people compare include instruments used and organization of sounds. In turn, most of them relate the quality of the tools used to compose a track. Besides, they evaluate the impact of these aspects to the audience. Therefore, scholars compare and contrast the genres and values of the instruments used in two melodies.        

Compare and Contrast Films

Compare and contrast essays for films focus on themes and artistic concepts. For example, scholars relate the main subject presented in the pictures. Basically, one must evaluate the nature of films that address similar matters. In this case, the approach allows the learner to identify the significance of each movie in passing the original message across. Besides, the strategy helps determine the motion picture that catches the attention of the audience. Then, comparison papers recount the major artistic concepts conveyed by the actors. Mostly, people should evaluate the cinematography, scene, and music and sound. In turn, the scholar should examine the quality of the visual language. Also, special effects, cosmetics, and costumes are essential aspects of unfolding the features of vides. Particularly, these features reveal the variety and relevance of the sources. Therefore, students focus on the key features of movies when relating motion pictures.


Students compare and contrast information obtained from credible websites by focusing on their features and quality of information. For example, one must focus on the content and structure of the sites under consideration. Basically, competent scholars mainly identify the nature of demographic features. In this way, they recognize the website that contains thought-provoking content and user-friendly traits. Also, a compelling comparison should focus on the content of a site. Then, substantial websites contain images that enhance the information presented. In turn, scholars should evaluate the significance of the additional features in communicating the overall message. Besides, one should compare how the audience perceives the content on the websites. Thus, people evaluate the content and general features of websites in comparative essays.

Conclusion on Compare and Contrast Works

In conclusion, compare and contrast essay focus on identifying characteristic features of various sources. Generally, these essays are based on the unique structure that includes an introduction, body sections, and a conclusion. However, they have a different focus, depending on the sources. Basically, scholars focus on common subjects when evaluating books. Then, they cover the methodologies and quality of evidence when relating to journal articles. Further on, people evaluate the plot and the major characters when comparing novels. In turn, scholars analyze the genre and value of the instruments when comparing music. On the other hand, the central message and imaginative levels of the actors are appropriate tools for relating motion pictures. Finally, students explore the relationship between the basic features of websites and their overall messages. Therefore, people must focus on different aspects when relating various sources.    

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