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Book Review

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A book review is a written work on specific ideas from a defined source. In particular, people read books and write reviews on the strengths or weaknesses of some aspects of the work. Since writing requires the understanding of the source and claims of the author or authors, people should know about the main characteristics, style, and structure of the paper. Basically, the book review must be a well-written and well-organized paper that analyzes the source and helps readers to understand the ideas. Then, the style must be formal and academic to be clear to readers. Moreover, the structure of the paper must represent the logical work on the source. Therefore, the book review is the work that provides new highlights to the specific source based on the logical representation of the strengths and weaknesses.

What Is the Book Review?

book review

Book reviews are important aspects in shaping academic knowledge and the ability to learn the opinions of others. Although some people may find it challenging of how to write a book review, this assignment is common in academic writing like movie reviews. Basically, the book review is the analysis, personal opinion, or criticism of the author or authors of the written work. Moreover, the book review does not mean the summary of the work since these types of papers are different in essence. In most cases, summaries represent the source without the analysis, repeating and paraphrasing the information. On the other hand, reviews on claims or ideas of the author or author help to understand what the person wants to say to the reader. Hence, the book review starts with the reading of the written source, the definition of the main points, claims, or ideas, and a final paper that describes all of it.

What Are the Characteristics of the Book Review?

Main characteristics of the book review can be divided into several aspects, such as the representation of the plot of the written work and its details, attraction of the people’s attention, and choice to help them to make their own decisions. Firstly, the representation of the plot of the book and its details must be done because not all of the readers may be familiar with the work. Then, since people who read the book review must understand the author, the paper must be written in a coherent, interesting, and academic style. Finally, after reading the paper, people need to define their own position on the words and ideas that they get from it. Therefore, the characteristics of the book review include the explanation of the plot and its points, correct writing style, and offering a choice to make a position on the issue.

Style of Writing

The choice of writing styles in the book review is simple. Basically, the paper must have a formal and academic tone. For example, if the paper does not have logical connections between sentences, paragraphs, or ideas, this work will be not accepted by readers. Unfortunately, the author does not care about the style in this case. In turn, if the writer organizes the paper in a logical order with specific aspects from the written source, then this work will be easy to read and understand. Moreover, another important aspect of writing the book review is the use of personal points of view. Particularly, readers can get ideas from the author of the paper on the strengths or weaknesses of the book. Therefore, the writer should give causes for reflection.

Book Review’s Structure

In book reviews, the structure of the paper must not be complex or chaotic. Although some people may think that writing whatever they want is appropriate for reviews, they are wrong since readers can miss the flow of ideas because of the weak structure. In this case, the paper must start with the introduction, explaining the topic, a hook to get the reader’s attention, key aspects, the title of the source with the author or authors, and the final claim. Moreover, this last sentence must be in the form of a thesis statement by referring to the title of the book with the author or authors. By considering body paragraphs, these parts of the paper must expand the introduction part with cited evidence from the book. As for the conclusion part, this paragraph must be a summary of the discussed points, covering the strengths or weaknesses of the book.