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Family Movie Reviews

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Parenting is a difficult task, which determines the future of every person. Basically, every parent wants his or her children to lead a good life. Also, parents struggle to raise their children, pay their school fees, and support them in their endeavors. In some cases, parents want their children to perform well in school and secure white-collar jobs. By considering current family movie reviews, teenagers should have the freedom to choose the career of their choice since it leads to higher levels of gratification. Hence, the films “Gully Boy” by Akhtar and “The Perfect Date” by Nelson reveal that it is essential for parents to allow their children to follow their desire to live. 

Choosing a Career in the Film “Gully Boy”

The film “Gully Boy” shows that children who choose their career achieve a higher level of gratification. Firstly, the film features the young Murad, from a slum in Mumbai, who decided to embrace rapping as a career (Akhtar, 2019). In this case, Murad’s parents work hard to keep him in school. Also, they want Murad to secure a white-collar job after school. Hence, Murad realizes that he has an exceptional talent of rapping (Akhtar, 2019). In turn, the young person resolves to perfect in rapping, which is an emerging career in Indian. Besides, Murad overlooks that rapping in a new occupation in its early development stage. As a result, he becomes a successful rapper who helps his family out of poverty. From a critical point of view and family movie reviews, the film shows that youths can become successful when given a chance to follow their dreams.

Family movie reviews

Movie Review on Freedom in the Film “The Perfect Date”

The film “The Perfect Date” shows that youths can engage in innovative ventures when given freedom by their parents. For instance, the film presents Brooks Rattigan and his desire to lead a wealthy life (Nelson, 2019). Firstly, Rattigan decides to put his computer knowledge into practice. Also, he executes an innovative idea that improves his level of income. Then, Rattigan develops an app where women could hire him to act as their boyfriend (Nelson, 2019). In this case, Rattigan seizes an opportunity rarely utilized by his fellow teenagers. Besides, he makes a fortune from his venture and improves his financial prospect (Nelson, 2019). In turn, Rattigan’s business helps him lead a comfortable life. By following the ideas in family movies reviews, Rattigan’s parents gave him the freedom to follow his passion, becoming successful. Thus, the film reveals the importance of allowing youths to pursue a career of their choice.

Conclusion on Family Movie Reviews

In conclusion, every young person has unique passions and career dreams. Basically, some parents tend to interfere with the career choices that their children make. In this case, the family movie reviews show that a parent should allow his or her children to choose their career. Also, teenagers commit their efforts to achieve better results in the career of their choice. Hence, the teenagers in the two films decided to venture into activities they liked. Eventually, they became successful and created wealth. In turn, their parents did not interfere with their career choices. Thus, the family movie reviews represent that it is essential for adults to support their children to follow their passion.


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