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Video Review

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Dr. Emily Norton
  • Icon Calendar 16 May 2024
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When people get assignments to write a paper on the assigned video, they begin to search for additional information on it. Basically, a video review is a paper that covers personal thoughts or ideas on specific movies. In this case, for this article, the film “Salt” is taken for a video review. Therefore, if you want to understand what is a video review, look at this article based on the movie “Salt.”

Video Review on Salt

Video review, like other movie reviews, is one of the types of papers where people write personal impressions on the works. In this case, Salt (2010) by Phillip Noyce is an action film that features an actress, Angelina Jolie. For example, the starring actress is an Oscar-Award winning. Moreover, she is famous for taking an active role in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005), Wanted (2008), Salt (2010), and Maleficent (2014). In particular, the film presents a unique role of women in action movies. Hence, this video review supports feminism since it shows that women can assume duties that belonged to men by established patriarchal traditions.

Video review

The Plot of the Video

Firstly, the film begins with a Russian, Orlov, who walks into CIA offices to reveal a secret plan. In particular, Orlov claims that Evelyn Salt is a Russian agent who will travel to New York to kill the Russian President who will be attending a funeral ceremony (Noyce, 2010). Basically, the claim makes the CIA officers, who are predominantly males, suspect the woman and focus on arresting her. For instance, special forces thought Orlov to give false details until he mentioned the names of the agent who would end the life of the Russian official. Reviewing the video, the last piece of information provided by Orlov makes Darryl Peabody feel the need to arrest the female character.

Reviewing the Role of the Female Character in the Video

However, Evelyn Salt courageously stands firm to defend her innocence. For example, the woman decides to run from the premises and claims that she wants to save her husband, Mike Krause. Moreover, she believes that her husband is a potential target as part of the Russian plot (Noyce, 2010). Hence, Evelyn was a committed wife, who sought to defend her husband and protect their family. Throughout reviewing the video, Evelyn engages in bloody scenes in a bid to rescue her husband.

Female Personality in the Film

The main character presents a compassionate but devoted and robust personality throughout the film. For instance, Evelyn does not harm the Russian President during the funeral. In this case, her action in the video leaves the other CIA officers doubting her responsibility in the plan revealed by Orlov. Besides, Evelyn portrays a strong personality when she kills the Russian agents to save her husband (Noyce, 2010). Also, she daringly enters the old vessel where Orlov and his men plan their operations. Hence, Evelyn portrays courage through an intense fight with the Russian gang men. Even though she fails to rescue her husband, she depicts a strong personality in this video review. Thus, Evelyn engages in actions that the audience would believe to belong to men.

Strong Female Character in the Movie

The film features a strong woman who goes beyond odds to challenge men. Through reviewing the video, the main character surprises the audience with her courage to defend her love for her husband. She portrays determination to keep her family united and safe (Noyce, 2010). Besides, Evelyn shows compassion to people who are innocent and not involved in breaking her family.

Conclusion on the Video Review

Along with this video review, the movie “Salt” is effective in showing that women can engage in roles that people thought to belong to men. Traditionally, American society considered men to be the defender of the family. However, Evelyn Salt portrays a female heroine who takes an active part in defending her family. In this way, she shows that women are strong and can overcome odds to ensure that their families remain safe. Therefore, this video review of the film “Salt” promotes feminism by showing that women can have strong personalities and stand to defend their families.


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