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Cover letter creation is a skill we learn the hard way. Unfortunately, educational facilities pay little attention to writing cover letters as they “are not essential” for students. That is because you are expected to continue your education. Hence, if you are “smart enough to continue the student-teacher path,” which is not something the majority of us want, you might not even need to write it as you will be asked to join the team with honors. However, for others, such missed opportunity comes at a cost as it is hard to find a good job without well-developed skills in writing formal papers. Therefore, for the likes of us, I created this page to highlight the major aspects of the cover letter that you have to cover to prevent any problems with its utilization and secure the desired spot in the company of your dream.

Cover Letter’s Heading

Firstly, you must start with a specifically identified heading of the cover letter. Such heading must include your personal details with each detail listed from the new line. Also, it might include information about the recipient, but that is optional. Do not forget to provide professional details as goofy emails are not accepted in good cover letters.

Cover Letter


Each cover letter starts with a greeting/introduction part. Such a part is one of the most significant ones of all. It provides information about you in two words (in the majority of cases). What that means is that you always must use the word “dear” in the start to prevent judgmental impressions about you. Also, do your homework and identify the person or department you are writing to. Such information, if known, may create a good impression about you if you greet the company’s representative correctly.

Introductory Paragraph of the Cover Letter

While a cover letter is one of the unique types of papers, it still starts with an introduction part, like any other essay. The first paragraph of the main body of the cover letter is all about catching the reader’s attention. As a fact, good companies receive hundreds of cover letters each day. Therefore, you have to stand out of the hollow crowd and make sure the HR representative will stop their eye on your cover letter and keep on reading. Hence, your chances of getting the job will skyrocket if you will be able to do so.

So, the best way to achieve such ranking would be to provide some statistical achievement or list of your skills that might benefit the company. As a result, after reading a full cover letter, there will be a great chance that your letter is the only one that was read from the first word to the last. Therefore, make sure you do it well on all stages.

Cover Letter’s Second Paragraph

In your second paragraph of the cover letter, you are adding on your value to the company. While you just caught an eye of the HR representative by talking about your skills, you must continue with the description of how perfect you are for the company. Hence, it will be much easier if the reader is hooked by the first paragraph. Therefore, the second paragraph will look obvious to them that you are a good candidate. Make sure this paragraph is attractive. It can also have some bullet points of values that might be important for the company’s achievement.

Third Paragraph of Your Cover Letter

Now, you must answer the question that will appear in the minds of every HR representative. The question is – why such a perfect person wants to apply to such a mediocre company of ours? While it might not sound in the same manner, such a question is obvious as you present evidence that you are perfect. Really, perfect in all means and the company will become the best in the world just because of you. However, such a statement will be hard to believe in without the explanation of why do you care to pump up exactly this particular company. Therefore, you must write a paragraph of a personal connection to the company. You must discuss how you will get along with the company and why. In other words, explain how the company is your dream job.

Closing Paragraph

Finally, after all these emotions and one-sided dialogue, you must make sure the HR representative will stop dreaming of you being one of your employees and recalls the fact that they still have to contact you somehow to get you started. Therefore, at this point, you appeal to them contacting you “in case of anything.” Make them believe you are always here for them. At this point, you are their “crush.” Make them want to get on the phone with you and talk to you 24/7.


End with right words. After being so perfect, make sure you also show that you are a person to rely on. You must end your cover letter in the way they realize that you are also a professional. Therefore, end with something like “best regards” and your name. No nicknames or short names or anything else that might destroy everything what we just did. No phrases like “with love,” “kisses,” “from Miky,” and so on.

Final provisions

You can always add on the cover letter with “P.S.” paragraph if you have some additional comments. Also, you may attach some files, but make sure they fit the whole story of yours. It is important never to break the image of the perfect candidate. All of your actions have to be beneficial for your candidature at any point in your cover letter.

Further Reading

Further reading on How to Write a Cover Letter theme will be available on the website. Do not forget to check my blog as I post new content all the time. You might find educational content on anything you might need there. Do not hesitate to check some pages right away as there is no limit to perfection. Also, your desire to learn should always be endless.

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