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Nowadays, many students get creative writing prompts to develop their thinking skills. It is because such assignments help people not only to shape their knowledge in writing but also improve creativity through critical thinking. In this case, by taking an assignment, a person starts to think about what to write after reading questions. Also, covering key features and providing life examples strengthen the paper itself. Hence, the examples of creative writing prompts in this article on different subjects serve to help students to shape their knowledge.


A new organization is looking for ideas to empower teenagers in an upcoming event. In this case, compose a letter to the chairman of the organization explaining your thoughts for the upcoming event. Before responding to creative writing prompts, make sure you include all the relevant details that can help the chairman evaluate your idea. Include a suitable and creative heading that relates to the empowerment event. Besides, cover specific features that should accompany your opinion during a presentation to ensure that teenagers follow through.

Creative writing prompts

Creative Writing Prompt on Education

Some people think that education systems fail to prepare students with applicable life skills, covering creative writing prompts. Assuming that you are a policymaker, suggest an improvement that would improve the current education system. Write a letter to the school board detailing your suggestion and explaining why it is a practical solution to current challenges facing the education system.

Social Work and Human Services

Scholars who support social promotion assert that retaining a child in one grade for a long duration affects his mental development and self-esteem. Based on this argument, such scholars argue that students in elementary school should proceed to the next grade even if they fail to achieve the anticipated academic goals. Respond to these claims in a short but clear essay. Also, support your argument with practical examples to these creative writing prompts.

Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Your close friend comes from a humble background, and his parents lack the potential to cater for all his basic needs. Along these lines, he considers looking for a part-time job during school holidays and on weekends. Hence, write an essay and tell your friend the steps that he needs to follow to secure part-time employment for creative writing prompts. Moreover, make sure you include the benefits and dangers of a student working as a part-time wage earner.

Creative Writing Prompt

Think of your best moment in life for this creative writing in English. Write an essay that describes the experience. Include sensory details that will help the reader to imagine what it is to be in a similar experience. Ensure that you make a clear description of why the experience is unique to you, considering creative writing prompts. 


Imagine that you experience a challenge in your life. In not less than three hundred words, explain how you handled the problem. Remember to describe the outcome of the experience. Besides, your narration should have an excellent flow to ensure that a reader follows the events.


Write a story of a hero who experiences notable victory in his or her life but ends up dying in a miserable state. By following creative writing prompts, make sure that the hero should be a person from a novel, film, or history of a specific community.

Creative Writing Prompts in Ethics

People have varying opinion on the influence of the environment on the character of a child. For example, some people think that children who grow up in rural areas are better in terms of moral behaviors. In turn, others believe that growing up in urban areas makes children more responsible. How do you perceive the situation? Explain your reasoning and support your views with real-life examples, answering writing prompts.


Music is an essential cultural element in every community. In this case, compare and contrast the significance of music in your culture and society. Besides, explain how music influences your life positively to respond to creative writing prompts. Also, you must include realistic examples or evidence to support your claim.

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