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Video Review and Approval

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The video review and approval serve to help people to expand their knowledge on leadership. In particular, the movie “Black Panther” takes not only hearts by viewers but also provide the main aspects of leadership. For example, people can learn about the importance of leaders for nations, asking for advice, and improvement, roles of women and families, including a definition of leading identity. In this case, all of these leadership features causes a huge influence on people who can manage others successfully. Thus, the video review and approval on the movie “Black Panther” represent the key features of leadership that people should consider in their activities.


The video review and approval cover leadership as a position of influence. Basically, if a person gets a chance to lead, then this individual obtains an opportunity to influence the actions and behaviors of the other people who serve under them. In this case, leadership is an essential skill, and people need to drive the agenda of every household, business, non-governmental, and governmental organizations. Hence, leadership is one of the themes in this video review and approval, which are addressed in the movie “Black Panther.” Thus, the video review and approval on the film “Black Panther” present a story that revolves around the plot to describe the various aspects of leadership.

Summary of the Video

The movie “Black Panther” reviews a positive example of the role of leadership in society as a way of approval. For example, people respect the slogan “Wakanda Forever!” because they believe in their leader (Coogler, 2018). Generally, it is the slogan that all fans of the recently released Marvel Studios’ movie “Black Panther” follow in their daily life. Moreover, the storyline of the movie is fantastic while the actors are amazing, and the visuals are mind-blowing. In this case, the movie is deservedly receiving wonderful criticism and achieving outstanding financial success. On the other side, the film “Black Panther” teaches several important life lessons, such as patience, leadership and the importance of family and unity. In turn, the incidences of leadership are evidenced in many scenes of the movie.

Reviewing the Leadership

Leadership in the film “Black Panther” is expressed through the approval of characters. Firstly, T’challa wants to change the old ways of doing things to approve his leading position to make the world a better place. In turn, the Black Panther represents fearlessness in fighting for what he believes. Then, the movie “Black Panther” narrates the story of T’challa or Chadwick Boseman, the ruler of Wakanda, takes over the throne after the murder of his father T’chaka or John Kani. In this case, when a powerful enemy appears, T’challa’s reign as a king and as the Black Panther gets the test. Hence, his traits as a leader are well portrayed and admirable. Therefore, these aspects are some of the attributes that can be emulated by anyone who wants to serve as an ideal leader by others.

The Nation in the Video Review and Approval

From the video review and approval, people can learn several lessons about leadership. Firstly, the lesson approves that a true leader serves to get approval from the nation. In this case, King T’challa is seen seeking the counsel of the elders who represent the people, participating in social activities, such as ancestral worship and rituals that are beneficial to his nation (Coogler, 2018). Hence, the people are there to remind leaders of the responsibility that they have in keeping them safe and defending his title as a king in the face of great challenges and attacks from their enemies. As a result, T’challa proves his forte in his fights with M’Baku or Winston Duke and Killmonger or Michael B. Jordan and still finds it in his heart to forgive W’Kabi or Daniel Kaluuya for betraying him.

Video review and approval

Advice as Approval

The second lesson is that a good leader seeks the counsel of those who came before him and does not defame them. For example, while T’challa seeks advice and approval from his elders, great leaders must also make their decisions for the good of the nation (Brent, 2018). In this case, T’challa is determined to use the power and knowledge of the Wakanda people to be approved for universal good, which rises above everything else. On the other side, it is a difficulty, which demonstrates how challenging decisions might be by considering a leadership position. Nonetheless, the lesson here is that individuals should ask for advice and be determined.

Improvement in the Video Review

The third lesson on leadership is never to underestimate the power of constant improvements in leadership. For instance, T’challa unflinchingly accepts the challenges to his reign and defeats his enemies in mortal combat (Coogler, 2018). In this case, his actions demonstrate strong leadership traits. Basically, Wakanda nation has always been a secretive and isolated country. The people are afraid of the outside influences and the threats that they pose to their kingdom. At first, T’challa embraces this sentiment and comes up with more policies to reinforce their isolation. Then, T’challa realizes that he needs to build a relationship with other nations, achieving peace and prosperity. At the end of the movie, T’challa sees how he shreds Wakanda’s technological riches and how his new policy of outreach helps other communities. Therefore, true leaders develop their methods to improve the lives of the people.

Women’s Role in Approval

T’challa’s little sister, Shuri or Letitia Wright, has forethought and a different perception in the redesign of a new leader. In fact, by considering an academic review on matriarchy, women cause a huge influence on men’s actions. According to Shuri, the old leaders and their strategies are perfect but, “Just because something works, doesn’t mean it cannot be improved” (Coogler, 2018). In leadership, people follow the rhythm of rigid old policies and tendencies. Unfortunately, they do realize that there may be a way of improving things and doing them better. Hence, women can provide new improvements in shaping the image of leaders. Basically, leaders need to summon the courage to improve their way of how they do things (Northouse, 2018). Therefore, the movie teaches people that, by considering new aspects that women offer, people can improve their leadership skills and get to exploit their full potential.

Family in the Movie Review as Approval

From the video review and approval, people can learn another important aspect of leadership that is family. For example, the Black Panther attacked a convoy of vehicles that were transporting captured Wakandanians (Coogler, 2018). In this case, it was a scene where his love, Nakia or Lupita Nyong’o, took a key position in saving people. Hence, he interrupted this mission because he wanted Nakia to be approved on his side when he was a crowned king. Moreover, T’challa knew that this mission was important (Coogler, 2018). As leaders, people have to review the roles of family and work at some point. Hence, there are times when leaders have to forgo important missions for their family. In turn, relationships with close relatives can guarantee good leadership (Du, Swaen, Lindgreen, & Sen, 2013). Thus, such connections motivate the leader by providing moral support that people need to use especially when handling challenges.


This video review and approval teach a sense of leading identity. For example, Eric Killmonger, says to Black Panther, “Nah bury me in the ocean where my ancestors jumped from the ships because they knew death was better than bondage” (Coogler, 2018). In this case, he cannot imagine a world where he cannot approve of himself. He is willing to pay the ultimate price of death. Moreover, another instance is when Okoye or Danai Gurira, one of the greatest warriors of Wakanda, have to go undercover on a spy mission where she wears a wig to hide her identity. She remarks, “I want to get this ridiculous thing off me” (Coogler, 2018). In this case, she eventually reveals her identity and proceeds to fight for her nation. Thus, the film reminds people of how important it is to own leading identities and fight for what they believe.

Conclusion on the Video Review and Approval

In conclusion, the video review and approval state that leadership is one of the themes, which prominently feature in the film “Black Panther.” Basically, the film represents leadership through its characters. In this case, they show good leadership skills of empathy, humility, courage, and strength. Then, T’challa, the Black Panther, is a strong and courageous leader. He fights fearlessly to make the world a better place. Further on, people can learn important aspects of leadership, such as family, identity and the importance of constant improvement. Moreover, allowing people to share their talents and skills results in a greater influence. Thus, the video review and approval underline the main aspects of leadership that people should cover.


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