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Memorandums are an official means of communication used in many organizations. Basically, learning the memo structure and the content of each section is necessary for any individual to write an effective memo. A detailed discussion concerning the format and content of a memo template is presented with a focus on crucial aspects of memo writing.

Introduction in a Memo Template

Memo template

The introductory paragraph plays an essential role in ensuring a clear understanding of what is a memo. In particular, an introduction creates the context of a piece of communication by stating the subject and purpose of writing the memo template, identifying previous correspondence or critical dates and names, and a clear statement concerning the content of the essay. Hence, the content of the introduction allows the recipients to know the topic of the memo. Additionally, it assists them to relate the new memo with prior communication on similar or identical issues.


An audience is provided a detailed explanation regarding the subject of the memo template in multiple body paragraphs. In this case, the body of a memo has two distinct sections: the statement of facts and argument. A statement of facts contains a discussion of the issue or subject based on some facts. Hence, this section is followed by an argument that explains the significance of the facts and rationale for the need for action.

The Conclusion Part in a Memo Template

The closing paragraph in a memo template is not a traditional conclusion. Basically, the concluding section of a memo contains an invitation for a response or a call for action. This aspect depends on the content of the memo and the target audience. Also, the conclusion does not contain an overview of the main point. Instead, it describes a way forward, which ascertains a resolution.

Style and Tone in Memo

People employ a formal language in a memo template. However, the extent of formality and tone is dictated by the nature of the relationship between the sender and recipient and the sender’s perception of the audience’s expectations or needs. In this case, the use of slang and contractions should be avoided entirely. Hence, the style and tone the sender chooses should be courteous, direct, and accommodating. In turn, it must effectively and communicate the message.


Paragraphs in a memo template conform to the general rule where each paragraph presents a single complete idea. Basically, the length of each paragraph is kept to a minimum while ensuring that the content of the paragraph communicates a specific aspect of the subject. Moreover, short paragraphs facilitate clear communication. In turn, it forces the author to break the content into sizeable chunks, which are easy to comprehend. Therefore, long memos may have slightly lengthier paragraphs. On the other hand, the overall concept of reduced paragraph length is still applicable.

Memo Template Formatting

Memos have unique formatting rules. Firstly, the body paragraph spacing is typically single space while paragraphs are separated by two single spaces. In this case, the white spaces separating the paragraphs increase the readability of the memo template. Secondly, people should use headings and bullets or lists. Also, a systematic presentation of information ensures that the audience can quickly follow and interpret the memo. Thus, formatting is a vital aspect of memo writing due to its impact on the audience’s interaction with the text.

Summing Up

The content of each section and the basic paragraphing and formatting guidelines have been outlined. This memo provides explanations and acts as a template. Therefore, students should adhere to this template in writing memos. Also, they may check memo examples or memo writing example to improve their skills.

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