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Writing an original work in academics is crucial. Every graduate has to present either a thesis or a dissertation before the completion of the studies. Moreover, examiners use the thesis or dissertation to assess the abilities of a graduate student to research independently. However, the difference between a thesis paper and a dissertation is not clear. In turn, students have to complete a thesis, which is different from a dissertation in terms of scope, the number of people involved.

General Aspects

A thesis paper is one of the types of papers. It is an empirical research study that is innovative work by students. For example, a master’s thesis relies on data produced through an experiment or observation. An empirical study requires the study to gather reliable data rather than opinion. In this case, thesis writing becomes an original piece that indicates the abilities of a student to carry out research. Basically, completing a thesis shows the skills of a student to conduct original research, write a literature review, collect relevant data, scrutinize results, discourse conclusions and draw implications. Along these lines, students have to explore a topic exhaustively. Besides, the student should demonstrate independent thinking and interaction with the problem. Thus, a thesis paper is a unique work that students must complete and differs from a dissertation because of scope.

Thesis paper

The Scope of Thesis Papers

A thesis paper has a narrow scope when compared to a dissertation. For example, dissertations include a theoretical rationale that relates to the problem. The case implies that a doctoral student must go into a deeper breath when preparing a dissertation. Hence, a dissertation develops or refines a theory. Also, dissertation papers require a large sample size and rich qualitative analysis than a master’s thesis. The statement suggests that a dissertation has to cover a more comprehensive knowledge range. Therefore, thesis papers cover a narrow area of knowledge than a dissertation.

Master’s Thesis Paper

A master’s thesis involves fewer examiners than a dissertation. For example, doctoral students should form a committee that consists of a chairperson and members of the relevant faculty. In this case, a dissertation requires a larger committee that serves as readers. Hence, a scholar has to defend the dissertation proposal to the committee before proceeding with the actual study. Moreover, it requires the student to work with an assigned faculty chairperson and knowledge on how to write a thesis. A master’s student does not have to select a committee to evaluate his or her work. On the contrary, a faculty assigns the student a supervisor who guides the research process. Thus, a dissertation involves more people than required in a thesis paper. 

Conclusion on a Thesis Paper

In conclusion, a thesis is a research paper prepared by students. Writing a thesis paper differs from a doctoral dissertation in scope and involved people. A thesis has a narrow range than a dissertation. In this case, people have to complete an in-depth exploration of the proposed topic to understand how to write a good thesis. Besides, a scholar has to select a larger committee to assess his or her dissertation. Quite the reverse, students work together with assigned supervisors in writing a thesis. In turn, people need some thesis paper examples to follow academic standards or thesis help.

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