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The educational path for people is a complex process where students have to pass several levels. Firstly, children learn basic concepts in school. Then, they go to college and universities to get a higher education. After that, students decide to work and proceed with education. Basically, they write a personal statement, graduate school, to get specialist, master’s, or doctoral degrees. As a result, scholars can become scientists and shape human knowledge.

Child’s Dream

My father used to bring home some of the artworks and paintings from his workshop, which were very fascinating. For instance, I was not necessarily interested in the art itself. However, his ability to create something from nothing. In this case, this ability triggered my interest in construction and design. Also, my dream was the fact that I could develop buildings and other infrastructure from the soil and rock. As a result, I opted to join a civil and structural engineering undergraduate program. Hence, this program would satisfy my desire for creating manmade features, and I decided to start writing my personal statement, graduate school. Besides, it allows me to understand the sophisticated mathematical computations associated with the strength of construction materials.

Personal statement graduate school

Undergraduate Experience

During my undergraduate studies, I had a deep interest in foundation design and the use of green materials. For instance, my undergraduate dissertation was based on the use of green materials in strengthening concrete mixtures. In this case, the research undertaken at this level was quite basic but mind-opening to the potential of the relatively new technique. Based on my research, I managed to write a short article, “Foundations of the Future,” in a popular engineering magazine. As a result, it was well-received by the engineering community through the surplus positive feedback that I got, adding it to my personal statement, graduate school.

Internship Programs and Personal Statement Graduate School

In order to stretghetn my personal statement, graduate school, I would like to mention that I have participated in two internship programs: Research Experience for Undergraduates Program and Summer Research in Geosciences and Engineering. During both of these internships, I managed to hold the position of activities manager. In this case, I had valuable experience in managing relatively large research projects. Additionally, I got the opportunity to advance my research in green material applications in concrete mixtures for beams and slabs.


Besides research in my personal statement, graduate school, I have over three years of experience in the construction of buildings. For instance, I am employed at the Sajorekk Construction Firm, where I have overseen the completion of 12 building projects, most of which were high-rise structures. Then, active participation in the constructions industry has exposed me to the preferred construction procedures. Basically, this job has enabled me to observe areas where there is potential for improvement that can be realized through extensive research. Also, I volunteer at the Build a House Non-Governmental Organisation where I have supervised the construction of 350 low-cost housing units made from recycled materials. In turn, I participate actively in the various environmental conservations initiatives, such as Plant a Tree, Save a Life. Hence, the local youth center has developed a mentorship program for engineering and science students, which is under my leadership.

Leisure Time

My leisure time outside work is mostly spent playing soccer for the community team, covering my personal statement, graduate school. For example, tennis and badminton are other sports, which I enjoy playing. In turn, I have won multiple awards with soccer team through participation in numerous locally organized tournaments, which add to those I secured during my brief period with the university’s team.

Summing Up on Personal Statement Graduate School

The underlying motivation for my personal statement, graduate school, is the development of more environmentally friendly construction practices. Basically, my ambition and persistence in researching the use of green materials for construction will benefit from the resources at your institution and result in ground-breaking discoveries. Thus, I believe that I have the necessary academic qualifications and rich work and research experience. Also, it makes me a suitable candidate to join the institution’s graduate program. In turn, people may need to consider some personal statement examples.

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