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Personal Statement Law School

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Dr. Emily Norton
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Nowadays, many people want to learn about various professions. In this case, their experience and knowledge define goals that people want to achieve. Basically, a law school is a place where students can learn about the legal aspects of society to maintain peace and harmony. However, in order to pass specific requirements, people have to write their personal statement, law school. In this case, they must cover the story of their choice, path, reasons to learn, and providing some unique features that underline applicants among others.


In my sophomore year, I came face to face with one of my greatest fears, a police officer. It was before I wrote my personal statement, law school. For instance, I was walking home with my friends when we were stopped by police officers. They asked us to provide some identification. Immediately, one of the police officers drew his firearm and instructed lie down on the ground. Also, each of us was subjected to an invasive search. In turn, I asked one of the officers to explain why we were being searched. As a result, he answered, “We are doing our job.” At that moment, I remembered my father’s word, “If you want to reach college, fear the law and the police.”

Personal statement law school

New Insight on Personal Statement Law School

My brief encounter with law enforcement officers opened my eyes to the realities of life in a low-income neighborhood dominated by minorities. Basically, my parents had warned me of police harassment and brutality repeatedly. However, I usually assumed their opinions were not valid in contemporary society because things had changed. Before this disturbing experience and organizing my personal statement, law school, I had the desire to pursue a career associated with the law due to the injustices. In turn, I observed it in my immediate environment. Hence, this incident inspired me to become a lawyer. It was apparent that equality and justice were abstract concepts in my community.

Law School

The high school curriculum does not offer any subjects that are directly associated with the law. However, I had much interest in English literature and History by considering the aspects of a personal statement, law school. Basically, these subject provided a glimpse into the manifestation of the principles of law in the past. In particular, history was rich in content because of radical changes in American law. Then, I passed the law and advocacy summer program offered by the National Student Leadership Conference. In this case, I interacted with various professionals. Also, I interacted with university law students that explained some aspects of learning law. Currently, I am volunteering at a legal clinic to develop an appreciation for the work to prepare myself for a court case. Moreover, I got access to detailed case notes that have significantly improved my understanding of basic arguments.


Besides my exemplary academic performance and personal statement, law school, I have multiple awards for participation in the competitions where I represented the school team and the local community side. For instance, I spent my weekends at the local youth center that has a remarkable mentorship program. In this case, I am in charge of outdoor activities and entertainment at the youth center. It has been instrumental in developing my communication and teamwork skills. Also, I participate in a local environmental organization that oversees the cleaning and maintenance of the neighborhood.

Summing Up on Personal Statement Law School

I try my best to give back to the community as much as I can through my diverse activities, covering the key points of my personal statement, law school. In this case, the motivation and dedication that I possess will enable me to complete the law degree program successfully. Equally important, I have the intellectual capacity. Also, I want to learn the law and make a positive contribution to the law society.

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