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Personal Statement Medical School

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Dr. Simon Robbins
  • Icon Calendar 15 May 2024
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Life is a difficult thing. However, the health of humans is what people can learn and develop. Basically, many people face various issues with the state of their health, and some of them become medical workers. In this case, they need to get specific knowledge to be able to help their patients to be healthy. In order to pass the requirements of such institutions, applicants must write a personal statement, medical school, and include all the necessary aspects. Also, it must show the start point on why the person wants to be a medical worker, explain the importance of the field, and include the applicant’s interests.

Start Point

Jacky asked, “Why do you think it’s your fault?” My mother replied, “I can feel how much he resents me. James screams at me, throws food to my face, and even bites me hard when I try to touch him. I pretend that I am not affected, but deep down, I feel like he is punishing me for something.” Basically, this passage is just a portion of a conversation I overheard between my mother and her former workmate Jacky after arriving home after a long day at school. Thus, it was a start point for writing my personal statement for medical school.

Personal statement medical school

Family and Personal Statement Medical School

James is my younger brother. Particularly, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was four years old. In this case, the birth of my younger brother changed things in our home but not in a typical way. For instance, James was not like normal kids who cried for short periods. Basically, he could cry and scream at the top of his voice while banging was head against the crib. In turn, my mother barely got any sleep. Then, a few months after James’ birth, she quit her job to provide full-time care for him. Hence, it was only after hearing the conversation between Jacky and my mother. Also, I realized the toll of my brother’s mental disorder on my mother and decided to write my personal statement for medical school.

Importance of Medicine

The practice of medicine goes beyond laboratory testing and writing a prescription. Basically, it is important in situations where a patient suffers from incurable conditions. Hence, my interest in Chemistry and Biology originated from my curiosity to learn how my brother’s medication worked. In this case, I have completed advanced Chemistry and Biology programs. Besides coursework, I have had the opportunity to participate in the Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program. In turn, my experience during this program made me more aware of the demands of scientific research and exposed me to goal-oriented teamwork. Moreover, I volunteer at a local hospital twice a week, where I get to shadow the general physician, adding it to my personal statement, medical school. The minimal experience I have gained through my efforts to learn about the medical profession has shown me that practitioners are not only healers but also caregivers.


By considering my personal statement, medical school, my interests outside class include soccer and rugby. I have represented my school in the school district soccer competitions. For example, my participation in sports has allowed me to nurture my leadership and teamwork skills progressively throughout my period in high school. Additionally, I volunteered at a substance abuse center, where I learned the importance of communal responsibility, especially when working with teenagers. In turn, my experience at the substance abuse center has made me aware of the dilemma that medical practitioners face when they must decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of prescription medication, especially for addictive drugs. Also, it has become apparent that medicine has the potential to damage and heal society. However, the practitioners have to mitigate any adverse impacts of the practice.

Summing Up on Personal Statement Medical School

My knowledge concerning the demands of this line of work and the responsibility that practitioners have to their patients, families, and society has exposed me to the multiple aspects of healthcare. Hence, I decided to write this personal statement, high school, to shape myself and help others. Overall, I believe that I possess both the intellectual and personal attributes to pursue this profession.

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