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Descriptive Essay

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Dr. Alex Freedman
  • Icon Calendar 18 May 2024
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Descriptive essays illustrate people, events, situations, thoughts, and feelings. Basically, a student provides sensory information that enhances the quality of writing in the case of covering a specific theme or object. In this case, readers actively participate in the text by using imagination and providing specific details. Hence, a descriptive essay answers the question “what,” develops an overall dominant impression, and enhances reflective, analysis, and critical thinking skills.


A descriptive essay provides information to the question “what.” For instance, students provide information on what the audience needs to know. In this case, they explain the setting, events, and background of the object or situation. Besides, scholars explain the nature of the subject. Therefore, readers can understand “what” of the subject.

Descriptive essay

Impression on the Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is unique since it creates a dominant impression. For instance, one can excitingly describe an object. In this case, the student should make a careful choice of words to influence the mood of the essay. Also, prudent students use thesaurus and dictionary to identify a variety of words with similar meanings. In turn, successful scholars develop papers that have unity and variety. Besides, descriptive writing should be focused and thought-provoking. Therefore, the choice of words and organization of phrases in descriptive essays gives it a dominant impression.

Shaping Reflective Skills

A descriptive essay is essential since it enhances reflective skills among learners. For example, one must reflect on the presentation of the work. In this case, students have to decide what to do with the information gathered about the subject. Also, people should only use relevant information to complete the paper. In this case, wise learners look back on the details that did not work in the first place and improve them. Besides, the primary focus is to develop a harmonized portrayal of the discussion. Therefore, the process of writing descriptive essays shapes one’s reflective skills.

Analytical Skills

Organizing a descriptive essay enhances one’s analytical skills. For instance, learners analyze the qualities and features of the theme. One must give the most compelling description of the subject. Besides, one should classify information to achieve a logical flow. Therefore, descriptive papers encourage learners to develop investigative skills.

Critical Thinking Skills

Writing a descriptive essay improves critical thinking skills. For example, learners must apply judgemental thinking when gathering the most appropriate information. In this case, one must decide on the details that fit well in the essay. Also, compelling papers have brief details that reveal the intrinsic features of the objects under analysis. Practically, one should develop several drafts to ensure that writing encompasses only the relevant facts. Therefore, writing descriptive essays improves one’s ability to think critically.

Conclusion on Descriptive Essay

In conclusion, the descriptive essay responds to “what-question.” Basically, learners explain what objects, subjects, or themes are. Moreover, these papers are unique since they develop an overall dominant impression. In this case, prudent students use words that are interesting and thought-provoking. Then, writing descriptive essays allows people to develop different skills during the process. Besides, the method of gathering the relevant information, choice of words, and development of phrases relies on one’s ability to think critically. As a result, the process allows the learner to analyze data and reflect on the features and qualities of the subject.