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Essay in 3 Steps!

Writing is an essential exercise for leaners. Basically, teachers use essays to evaluate the ability of a student to communicate successfully. In this case, people have to follow a specific structure when writing essays. Also, students at different learning levels write papers that have many similarities. However, they differ in terms of the complexity of the topics covered. In particular, the college essay and high school paper follow common academically acceptable structure but have varying thesis statements and complexity levels.  


Both college and high school essays must have a proper introduction.  For example, scholars should provide the background of the paper with a thesis statement. In this case, they give precise details that enable readers to understand their works. Besides, students offer a central assertion in the opening section. Therefore, the high school and college essay must have a relevant introductory part that sets its focus.

College essay

Essay Body Paragraphs

Papers written by students at different levels should have accurate body paragraphs. For example, each section in the high school paper and college essay should dwell on a single idea. In this case, writers identify concepts that relate to the central claim. Besides, they provide sufficient support to the primary arguments. Then, students provide evidence to support their arguments. In turn, people should obtain information from credible sources. Moreover, they should cite sources correctly. Therefore, scholars in high schools and colleges must develop accurate and relevant passages.

Conclusion in High School and College Essays

High school and college papers should have a relevant and concise conclusion. For example, the closing part of every college essay or high school paper should be clear and related to the information provided. In this case, the scholar restates the sample thesis statement. Moreover, they rephrase the entire work. Influential documents should have a section that brings closure to the overall work. Despite the similarities, papers at various levels of learning have some differences.  

Thesis Statement in the College and High School Essay

The college essay has a complex thesis statement. For instance, students in higher learning institutions cover thought-provoking topics. In this case, scholars develop central claims that reflect the nature of their papers. Besides, they include several thoughts in the thesis sentence. On the other hand, high school students develop straightforward phrases to show the focus of their works. In turn, they include one or two ideas in their thesis claim. Therefore, people in higher institutions develop papers with complex centra claims.

Complexity of Essays

College students write complex papers. For example, professors require their students to develop unique topics. In this case, learners identify available knowledge gaps and provide evidence that supports their assertions. Besides, they have to convince their audience that their point of view in the college essay is valid. Conversely, high school learners rely on straightforward topics. Therefore, people in higher learning institutions compose comprehensive papers.

Summing Up on College Essay

In conclusion, the high school essay and college paper have significant similarities. Basically, scholarly papers must follow a definite structure to meet the required standards. In this case, students construct relevant introductions, supportive body sections, and conclusion. Also, all papers must have these three sections irrespective of the educational level. However, people develop compound thesis statements in the college essay. In turn, they create unique topics that address existing knowledge gaps. Conversely, high school students write about direct ideas. Besides, their works do not show substantial levels of innovation. Therefore, learners at different levels of education develop papers with varying lines of complexity and uniqueness. Moreover, people should learn three steps on how to write better or check the sample papers, such as essay on television and essay on education.

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