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Workplace Leadership Essay

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Any workplace leadership essay has to focus on specific practices among different environments, covering success stories. Workplace leadership is essential in the workplace for a positive impact on the interaction among employees and relies on many aspects. As a fact, characteristics of good leaders are the correct articulation of issues, coordination of employees, and setting realistic goals. Hence, their actions have a positive impact on employees and the organization as a whole. Obviously, leaders rely on such traits as trust among employees and excellent performance. In contrast, bad leaders, instead, involve people in unethical behaviors and breaches of the company’s policies. Employees’ behaviors result in legal battles, poor performance, and low self-esteem among employees. Therefore, good leadership is important to a company’s success and employee development and performance.


Leadership at the workplace is essential to bring a positive impact to the organization. First of all, organizations that have good leaders tend to become more successful, in contrast to those that lack effective leadership. Furthermore, good leaders can articulate issues correctly, coordinate employees, and set realistic goals. However, there also exists bad leadership in organizations that might affect both the employees and the organization as a whole. Despite the fact that good leadership in the workplace is vital, many organizations still struggle to implement this skill, which leads to unethical and immoral behavior.

Workplace Leadership Essay

Traits in Workplace Leadership Essay

The fundamentals of good leadership are good communication, engaging team members, being resourceful, and setting realistic goals. As a fact, good communication involves crafting messages that can be understood by team members. Also, most leaders in this situation ask their employees whether they have questions (Lukens, 2014). Furthermore, it eliminates the toxic environment in the workplace. Successful leadership involves engaging with team members at all levels. Moreover, good leaders need to learn to improve their skills and knowledge continuously. That is because employees tend to look at them whenever they encounter problems. Hence, practicing all the above ensures the success of the organization and the development of employees.

Success Examples

As in any good academic work, you have to have specific examples of success stories in your workplace leadership essay. The case of Apple Company is an example of good leadership. As a result, Apple has been lauded for its different leadership styles. The company has entrenched good practices that have been able to transform the company for the better. For instance, Tim Cook promoted innovation in the workplace (Lashinsky, 2015). Every employee was demanded to innovate, which resulted in numerous changes in the workplace. As a result, his leadership style promoted the inclusion of all the staff.

Definition of Success

Apple leaders have a good vision that guided the company to achieve tremendous success. However, the creative vision challenged the employees to work efficiently to make the vision of the company. Noteworthy, Steve Jobs spent over 12 years cultivating good interrelationship skills with subordinate employees. In retrospect, the strategy contributed to the effectiveness of achieving the goals of the company. Daniels et al. (2014) argued that the most fundamental factor behind the success of the company was the ability of the leaders to handle difficult circumstances efficiently. For example, Steve Jobs was able to mobilize his team members to overcome the difficulty he experienced. Hence, they overcame the economic challenge. Thus, Apple emerged as the best phone company.

Bad Examples

Additionally, it is usually important to include fail narratives in your workplace leadership essay to highlight what problems people might face. Apart from good leadership, there are also cases of bad leadership in workplaces. Bad practices in the workplace can range from misconduct to violation of policies (Joseph, 2010). These practices usually have adverse effects on the employees and the organization as a whole. Poor leadership entails poor communication skills, not engaging employees, not setting realistic goals, and a lack of resourcefulness.

Connection Practice and Workplace Leadership

Finally, it is significant to connect theory to real-life situations, while a workplace leadership essay would require one to explain how to improve cooperation among teams. In every workplace, some policies bind employers legally. For example, the case of “Romero v. Farstad Shipping (Indian Pacific) Pty Ltd” was about sex discrimination. Ms. Romero, a Fastard Shipping employee, emailed her HR, expressing the unfair treatment by the captain while on the ship (Tredwell, 2015). The company dealt with the letter the way they knew best since they did not think it was formal. MRomero also lodged a sex discrimination complaint and even the company’s breach of her contract. Therefore, it was legally binding to the company, and they were found to have breached the contract.

Conclusion on Workplace Leadership Essay

Therefore, it is essential to adopt good leadership skills in the workplace. Thus, the result of such an initiative will help in promoting a better working environment. Additionally, among the benefits that good leadership at the workplace enhances include: cooperation, trust, and increased performance of the organizational goals. However, poor leadership skills have opposite effects on employees and the organization, such as low self-esteem and bad performance. As a result, good leadership in the workplace brings positive effects to the organization and workers.

Hence, this workplace leadership essay is an example of a research paper, which is one of the most complex types of papers to learn. However, one has to acknowledge how to write specific passages of it, how to conduct research, and how to create an outstanding essay, after all. Therefore, this example might be a good guide on how to write research papers as well as how to write papers on workplace leadership essay topics.


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