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How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay With Tips and Examples

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When students face issues on how to write a problem and solution essay, they need clear guidelines. The key insights in the text include a definition of a problem and solution essay, its unique structure, and organizational pattern. Other essential details include the possible easy topics students can choose when writing their paper, the technical steps, and tips for creating a high-standard document. A sample outline and example of a problem and solution essay give readers a practical paper of how the text should appear after its completion. Therefore, this guideline is a must-read for every student who hopes to write a good problem and solution essay that meets the instructor’s quality expectations.

General Aspects of How to Write an Outstanding Problem and Solution Essay & Examples

Academic texts are an excellent place to build critical writing skills and develop the intellectual capacity to create different types of essays that others can use as sources of ideas. Since most types of papers are technical, students must continuously expose themselves to ideas and knowledge about how to write good essays. This guideline on how to write a problem and solution essay includes vital insights for students and anyone interested in writing this kind of text for academic or intellectual reasons. By reading this article, people can learn the meaning of a problem and solution essay, its unique structure, distinctive features, tips for a high-standard piece, and possible topics, among other essential details. A sample outline and practical example of a problem and solution essay offer readers a good paper of this type of text.

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay With Tips and Examples

Definition of What Is a Problem and Solution Essay and Its Meaning

As the name suggests, this kind of academic essay addresses a specific problem and its solution. In other words, someone writing this paper should identify a particular problem and explain how to solve it. This text mainly applies where instructors want to assess students’ writing skills and ability to investigate matters and find relevant information that enhances one’s understanding of them. In this respect, a problem and solution essay differs from other types of scholarly texts, including a research paper or a research proposal, and some essays, like an argumentative essay, a cause and effect essay, or a compare and contrast essay. While these texts require writers to examine issues and use evidence to construct and defend arguments and observations, a problem and solution essay means that one must state a problem and explain its solution.

Unique Structure of a Problem and Solution Essay

Like other academic texts, a problem and solution essay has a unique essay structure that writers should adopt to ensure their work meets the instructor’s expectations. The design features certain elements, including a description of the problem in a way that attracts the reader’s interest, an explanation of the solution, a plan for implementing the answer, and a procedure for evaluating the outcome. In short, students should approach the task more carefully when writing a problem and solution essay. For example, a mistake writers make is to assume expectations and rely on their knowledge of other papers in writing assignments. While there are areas of similarities, most types of academic texts have distinct features that form part of expectations. An essay structure is one of these features and determines whether writers score highly or poorly in the eyes of readers.

🔹 Problem Description

Defining a specific problem is a writer’s first task when generating ideas about a problem and solution essay. This definition should form part of a thesis statement to inform readers early about the paper’s aim. While using many words to describe the problem in a college essay introduction is not advisable, writers should use the paper’s body to comprehensively address the issue, including its causes and who or what is affected. Essentially, the description part of an essay should make readers care about the situation and be curious about the solution.

🔹 Solution

After describing a defined problem, writers should explain a logical solution in the body of a problem and solution essay. Typically, they should tell readers something about the solution in the thesis statement because it mentions the problem. Ideally, a good thesis statement should focus on the most critical aspects of the paper, in this case, the problem and the solution. However, the body paragraphs should tell readers more about the solution, including who or what provides it and how it will impact the situation. A problem and solution essay should be rich with information that enables readers to understand everything without outside input. In this respect, all solutions should not leave readers confused or unimpressed because of simplicity or unreasonableness.

🔹 Implementation Plan

A good solution for writing an essay should have an implementation plan because it takes time to happen. Since most problems are complex and multifaceted, solutions take time to develop because of the dynamics involved, including the need to consult and budget-making. Therefore, writers should discuss implementation by addressing who or what would provide the solution, how, and the time it will take to get results. These details are essential to readers because they provide a roadmap for dealing with the problem when going through an essay. The most critical element of an implementation plan is the timeline, meaning when the solution will be available to when expected outcomes will manifest.

🔹 Evaluation of Outcome

The most effective strategy for assessing whether a particular solution described in an essay has solved a specific problem is to evaluate the outcome. Some solutions may be futile if they do not address the issue. Therefore, when writing a problem and solution essay, students should explain who or what would evaluate the outcome and the features they would assess to determine whether it is the right outcome.

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Organizing a Problem and Solution Essay

The most notable feature of scholarly documents is the content organization from the introduction to the conclusion. For example, students can adopt block or chain structures when writing a problem and solution essay depending on whether the instructor has specified the pattern. Ideally, different patterns determine how writers describe the problem and the solution.

🔸 Block Structure

The block structure is where writers divide the body of a problem and solution essay into two sections. The first element of an essay addresses the problem(s) and all the crucial details, like the causes and effects. The second section outlines the solution(s) to the problem and essential elements, like who or what would provide and the expected outcome. Therefore, when adopting the block structure in an essay, students should deal with the issue entirely before proceeding to the solution. Then, they should have another section in an essay for the implementation plan and another for evaluating outcomes. The format should be as follows:

  • Section 1: problem 1, problem 2;
  • Section 2: solution to problem 1, solution to problem 2;
  • Section 3: implementation plan;
  • Section 4: evaluation of outcomes.

🔸 Chain Structure

The chain structure divides the body of a problem and solution essay into several sections depending on the number of problems. In this case, students use each section to describe a problem, addressing the cause and effects and its solution, and essential details, like who or what would offer it and how long it would take to solve. Depending on essay instructions, students can use subheadings to identify the sections or use body paragraphs, each for one problem and its solution. Then, writers should have another section in an essay for the implementation plan and another for evaluating outcomes. As a result, the format should appear as follows:

  • Section 1: problem 1, solution 1;
  • Section 2: problem 2, solution 2;
  • Section 3: implementation plan;
  • Section 4: evaluation of outcomes.

Table Representing 12 Types of a Problem

Examples of 12 Problems, Their Solution(s), Implementation, and Evaluation for Writing an Essay

Type of a ProblemExample of a ProblemSolution(s)Implementation (Activities that will help to solve the problem)Evaluation (The expected outcomes)
1. Chaotic problem.A lack of adequate nursing staff in a hospital’s emergency room (ER).– Recruit six new nurses.– Design a recruitment exercise by defining the job requirements, identifying interviewers, developing interview questions, the criteria for identifying the most qualified candidates, and the interview date and location.
– Announce vacancies for nurses in the press.
– Create a budget for recruiting additional staff.
– A well-defined and developed recruitment plan with all the essential details.
– A clear and precise communication inviting qualified candidates to apply for the position.
– A well-attended interview session.
– The hiring of six additional nurses.
2. Complex problem.Poor school academic performance in the school district.– Reassess the curriculum.
– Assess teachers’ curriculum implementation.
– Set up a team to reassess the curriculum.
– Identify the weaknesses of the curriculum.
– Propose recommendations.
– Assess teachers’ commitment to the curriculum.
– A team is in place tasked with reassessing the curriculum.
– The assessment team has defined the shortcomings of the curriculum to include misalignment with the school district’s students’ academic assessment criteria.
– The proposal by the assessment team indicates the need to redesign the curriculum to reflect the school district’s students’ academic assessment protocols.
3. Complicated problem.Healthcare professionals experience nurse burnout.– Hire more nurses.
– Introduce more shifts to reduce nurses’ working hours.
– Introduce spiritual programs that teach meditation.
– The human resource (HR) department establishes a committee to review nurses’ working conditions and table recommendations on how to solve the problem within six months.– A committee of 6 individuals exists with a mandate to review nurses working conditions.
– It meets twice a week, and there is evidence of minutes for every meeting.
4. Social problem.High rates of teen pregnancy in the community.– Establish reproductive health education programs in high schools.
– Mobilize adolescents for community work.
– Involve social workers in counseling teenagers.
– Engage community stakeholders to create linkages between education, healthcare, and social work.
– Build a community center for youth.
– Community leaders are constantly engaging people’s representatives in local assemblies to advocate for legal interventions, such as legislation and other policies targeting the youth.
– There is a forum for school administrators, healthcare professionals, and social workers to deliberate on youth issues.
5. Family problem.Increased cases of intimate partner violence.– Couple therapy.
– Divorce or separation.
– Prosecution of perpetrators.
– Therapy sessions by family psychologists.
– Involvement of counselors and social workers in community affairs.
– Family courts.
– Law enforcement patrols in communities to arrest perpetrators of intimate partner violence.
– Most psychologists have couple therapy sessions every week.
– Counselors and social workers actively resolve community issues, including domestic violence.
– The criminal justice system has set up a task force to address all forms of domestic violence.  
6. Health problem.Increase in cases of substance abuse among the youth population.– Development of youth empowerment policy frameworks.
– Disruption of the drub supply chain.
– Rehabilitation programs for drug addiction.
– The local, state, and federal governments pass laws targeting youth empowerment.
– Law enforcement agencies identify all persons involved in the illicit drug supply chain.
– Hospitals establish rehabilitation programs for drug addiction.
– There are laws in place facilitating youth empowerment, including internships, job-focused training, and skills development.
– Police departments have set up drug enforcement taskforces targeting the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and peddlers of illicit drugs.
– Public and private hospitals have in-house rehabilitation programs targeting people with drug use disorders.
7. Homelessness problem.Many people do not have places to live.– Massive affordable housing.
– Cash transfer for homeless senior citizens.
– Rent-regulation policies.
– Government land offers to private housing developers.
– Government-funded affordable housing projects.
– Legislation targeting financial assistance to homeless senior citizens.
– Legislation regulating rent in cities.
– The government has established land incentives for private housing developers.
– The government has identified public land parcels for affordable housing projects.
– Registration of private housing developers.
– The government has created a budget for financial assistance to homeless, elderly persons.
– Registration of homeless senior citizens.
8. Legal problem.When someone runs away from the police officer, this action means crime.– Community policing.
– Police patrols in high-crime areas.
– Time-bound amnesty for surrender or unregistered firearms.
– Partnership between law enforcement and the community to arrest criminal activities.
– Increased police presence in high-crime areas.
– Community-led collection of unregistered firearms without legal consequences for holders.
– Some members of the public have volunteered to collaborate with law enforcement to identify criminals in the community.
– Establishment of an interagency task force aiming at frequent patrols in high-crime neighborhoods.
– Increased arrests and prosecution of criminals.
– The government has announced a three months amnesty for anyone who turns in an unregistered firearm.
– The surrender of a high number of unregistered firearms.
9. Corruption problem.In public offices, representatives take illegal money.– Prosecution of corrupt public officials.
– Lifestyle audit for high-ranking public officials.
– A toll-free number for the public to report corrupt practices like bribery.
– Training of public officials on professional ethics.
– Increased focus by the justice department on unethical conduct in public service.
– Wealth declaration by high-ranking public officials.
– Initiatives increasing awareness of the dangers of corruption in society.
– Integrating professional ethics in training programs for public service employees.
– Appointment of a special prosecutor to deal with corruption cases in public service.
– Freezing of assets for public officials who cannot account for their wealth.
– Publications in public buildings and offices, such as pamphlets, asking people to report corruption incidences.
– Establishment of a whistleblower program in public service.
– Regular seminars on professional ethics for public service employees.
10. Road problem.A high rate of automobile accidents.– Increased traffic patrol.
– Arrest and prosecution of drunk drivers.
– Impounding unroadworthy cars.
– Mandatory driving tests for drivers charged with traffic offenses.
– The police department should increase the number of traffic marshals on busy highways.
– Impromptu monthly vehicle inspections.
– Suspension of driving licenses for drivers charged with serious traffic offenses.
– A high number of traffic marshals on busy highways.
– Conviction of a person on DUI charges.
– A monthly vehicle inspection initiative.
– Retraining of drivers charged with serious traffic offenses.
11. Easy problem.People have a lack of morale in the workplace.– A review of employee salaries and benefits. Improvement of working conditions.
– Establishment of workplace programs targeting staff rejuvenation.
– Elimination of communication barriers in the organizational hierarchy.
– Reconciling employee compensation with the workload for each job category.
– Provision of necessary support to employees across all cadres.
–  Building recreational facilities and programs for staff and their families.
– Rewarding high performance through family-oriented holiday packages.
– Adoption of the open-door policy.
– There is an improved worker compensation commensurate with the workload for every job category.
– An improved work environment focused on health and safety.
– There is a weekend-only on-site entertainment program for staff and their families.
– An established staff motivation initiative rewards high-performing employees with a five-day international and three-day local family holiday.
– Employees can raise issues with their managers without unnecessary bureaucracy.
12. Education problem.Insufficient funding of public schools.– Legislation specifying the budgetary allocation for every school in the district.
– Accountability and transparency in school funding.
– Regular audit of school accounts.
– Focus by elected leaders on increasing budgets for each public school, using student population as the criteria for increased funding.
– Appointment of auditors for the school district.
– Local and state assemblies are or have debated bills on school funding.
– The education department has appointed auditors to audit school accounts for all schools in the district.

Topic Examples for Writing a Problem and Solution Essay

Choosing good essay topics is the first task when writing an academic paper, and it determines whether students have an easy or hard time generating ideas and putting them together coherently. Therefore, they should know that selecting problem and solution essay topics can mean the difference between a below-average and an excellent document. Before deciding on the topic, one should read widely to seek knowledge on what topics are easy and which can complicate producing a high-standard paper. The following list comprises easy topics that students can choose from when writing a problem and solution essay because they require writers to describe a problem, state a solution and how to implement it, and evaluate the outcomes.

  • Reducing Plastic Waste in the Ocean: An Innovative Approach
  • The Obesity Epidemic: Simple Lifestyle Changes for Better
  • Discussing the Effects of Internet Addiction on Students and What Parents and School Administrators Can Do to Protect Learners
  • What Are the Side Effects of Prolonged Use of Painkillers, and How Can Governments Intervene?
  • Discussing Student Loan Debt as a Burden to Graduates and How the Government Can Lighten It
  • Exploring How Illegal Immigration Affects Natural Citizens and the Solutions to the Problem
  • Evaluating the Impact of Substance Abuse on Pregnant Women and What Health Professionals Can Do to Protect Mothers and the Unborn From Harm
  • What Causes Teen Pregnancy, and How Can Communities Prevent It?

Sample Outline Template for Writing a Good Problem and Solution Essay

I. Introduction

  • Hook: A statement starting with a quotation, striking example, or brief anecdote to capture the reader’s attention and stir their interest to know more about the topic.
  • Context: State the background of the problem and its development, including when and how it started, the cause, and who or what it affects.
  • Thesis: State the idea(s) that guide the rest of the paper, pointing to the problem and the possible solution for an essay.

II. Body of an Essay

A. The problem:

  • Describe the problem in depth, focusing on the causes and statistical evidence.
  • Explain the effects of the problem, including the people or other entities it affects and how.

B. Solution(s):

  • Explore the possible logical solution(s) that exist and their weaknesses.
  • State an ideal solution(s) to the problem.

III. Conclusion

  • Make deductions about the problem and solution(s).
  • Summarize the main points of a problem and solution essay.
  • Reinforce the thesis.
  • Make a call to action that enlightens readers about the problem and possible solution(s).

Example of a Problem and Solution Essay

Topic: Discuss Student Loan Debt as a Burden to Graduates and How the Government Can Lighten It

I. Example of an Introduction in a Problem and Solution Essay

The high cost of college education is historically out of reach for the majority. Officials in America enacted legislation to facilitate loans to individuals who see a college education as the pathway to economic mobility. Although student loan has helped millions to come closer to experiencing the American Dream, repaying it is burdensome to graduates, and some stakeholders believe loan forgiveness is the best solution.

II. Example of Body Paragraphs in a Problem and Solution Essay

A. Problem Sample Paragraph

Student loan debt results from the government’s effort to assist millions of Americans in attaining a college education despite their socioeconomic status. Any day of the week, a review of the mass media will reveal sentiments from various quarters about student loan debt and how it has made graduates’ lives a nightmare. For example, multiple reports show that most people graduating from higher education enter the job market yearly with a loan burden. These reports indicate the adverse effects of this condition, including sinking individuals into financial slavery and making a high standard of living a mirage. Arguably, people can conclude that a college education is no longer a pathway to the American Dream but one to economic slavery.

B. Solution Sample Paragraph

Since Joe Biden assumed the presidency, a section of congressional members has called for the federal government to adopt loan forgiveness to make life bearable for many graduates. Ideally, this intervention means the federal government owning up the student loans in the market to free graduates from loan repayment, which has proven to be a significant barrier to financial independence and a high living standard. While this solution is commendable, it has several weaknesses. Firstly, it does not solve the problem but transfers it from the individual to the government. Since the government gets money through taxation, student loan forgiveness will become a problem for taxpayers. Secondly, it does not address why people seek student loans, meaning the problem will continue manifesting. Another solution to the problem, which most people believe is ideal, is making the necessary arrangements, including legal, to make student loan repayment part of employment benefits. This solution recognizes that almost every graduate entering the job market has a student loan repayment obligation. Therefore, employers should make loan repayment an employment benefit and kill two birds with one stone, which means attracting the best candidates and retaining them because of improved life satisfaction. Companies are constantly losing their best employees because most skilled workers are always searching for an employer with the best compensation package. Making student loan repayment an employment benefit, like health insurance, will make an employer the dream workplace for most graduates because everyone wants the burden off their shoulders.

III. Example of a Conclusion in a Problem and Solution Essay

Student loan debt is a burden to most graduates that the federal government and employers can help lighten for millions of Americans. The media shows how loan repayment has sunk a majority of graduates into financial slavery and made the American Dream just that, a dream. Loan forgiveness by the federal government can help to lighten the burden. However, making loan repayment an employment benefit is the best solution because it does not transfer the obligation to the taxpayer. Therefore, legislators should refocus their efforts on loan forgiveness and consider how loan repayment can become part of employment benefits.

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4 Easy Steps for Writing a Problem and Solution Essay

Writing scholarly papers or essays is a technical process that requires an in-depth understanding of certain conventions. These conventions include following a prescribed essay outline; formatting in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago/Turabian; using the active voice; adopting a formal tone; writing papers without grammar or format errors; and producing essays with a logical order of ideas and thought. Students should capture these details in various sections of their problem and solution essays. Ideally, the writing process happens in steps, each with its demands that form the instructor’s assessment criteria. Thus, the main steps for writing a great problem and solution essay are preparation, stage setup, document writing, and wrap-up.

Step 1: Preparation

Preparation is the first step of writing a problem and solution essay, requiring writers to focus on several details. The first aspect is defining the topic if the instructions do not specify it. The secret to a good topic is to identify a problem one cares about deeply that has practical solutions. Writing about a specific problem that cannot be solved would be frustrating because it would defeat the purpose of a problem and solution essay. Moreover, when defining the topic and generating ideas, writers should consider the audience to determine whether to use simple or technical language. The most effective strategy for writing essays is for students to incubate ideas during learning habitually. Course content is rich in ideas one can use to construct topics usable when professors issue instructions to write a paper for assessment.

Step 2: Stage Setup

Setting the stage is the second step of writing a problem and solution essay. The first task for students is to find credible sources. In this task, writers should research widely and identify materials relating to the topic to generate ideas for their essays. The best approach is to read several reliable sources while making notes. Besides, students should focus on materials that help them to construct a specific topic that addresses a problem with possible solutions. The next task is to create a clear outline according to the one above. However, someone may decide to follow block or chain structures in the paper’s body. The choice will depend on the number of problems and solutions, but a chain structure is best suited for an essay addressing several problems and solutions because it provides a logical flow.

Step 3: The Writing Process of Starting a Problem and Solution Essay

The third step in writing a problem and solution essay is to begin typing words, focusing on producing an initial draft. This first draft allows students to organize all ideas into a coherent paper. After completing the document, students should read it and confirm if the ideas are sufficient. If they are not, they should add more academic sources. However, if they are too many, one should delete some irrelevant sources. Writers should also alter their essay outlines after adding or deleting sources to fit the ideas. For example, people may switch from a block format to a chain structure in their essays if they find more problems and solutions and vice versa if the problems and solutions reduce significantly. The last task in this step is to create a well-organized thesis summarizing the paper’s objective, mentioning the problem(s) and solution(s).

Writing an Introduction for a Problem and Solution Essay

In the first paragraph, students should focus on a hook, background information, and a thesis when writing an introduction paragraph for a problem and solution essay. The hook is a statement that grabs the reader’s attention and stirs their interest in reading the entire text. Background information tells the context of the topic by stating why the problem is a matter of concern to a writer, a reader, and a broader society. The thesis tells the audience the reason for writing a problem and solution essay. As the last sentence in the introduction, the thesis gives readers a sneak peek into the argument that is the focus of body paragraphs.

Writing Body Paragraphs for a Problem and Solution Essay

The body is the most comprehensive section of a problem and solution essay because it comprehensively describes the problem(s) and solution(s). For example, students can adopt block or chain structures depending on the number of problems and solutions. An important detail for students to consider is ensuring each paragraph writing has a topic sentence that identifies an idea relating to a central thesis statement. The rest of the paragraph in an essay should focus on supporting the idea through evidence-based writing. In short, writers should use evidence from various sources, such as government websites and research materials. Moreover, one should cite such evidence in the applicable format: APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago/Turabian. The end of each paragraph should have a transition that allows for a logical flow to the next paragraph or section. Depending on the college essay length, writers can use headings and sub-headings to organize the body.

Writing a Conclusion for a Problem and Solution Essay

As the term suggests, the conclusion paragraph is the last part of a problem and solution essay. In this section, writers should end their papers by reminding readers of the thesis with a summary of the main points. Essentially, the conclusion of an essay should restate the problem(s) and solution(s) and make a call to action that allows readers to formulate ideas of what society should do to make the problem(s) less severe and the solution(s) sustainable.

Step 4: Wrap-Up

The wrap-up is the last step of writing a problem and solution essay, and it is all about perfecting an initial draft document to make it final. The first task for students is to read and reread a problem and solution essay to identify and revise mistakes. Revision of an essay should involve rearranging words and sentences to eliminate an illogical flow of ideas and thoughts. The next task is to edit essays by fixing grammatical and formatting errors, including missing punctuation or wrong citations. As for formatting, students should adopt one style, like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, or others, in the whole essay since each one is unique.

For example, when citing a book, citations should read as follows for each type:

📕 APA Citation for a Book

  • References entry:

Author’s surname, initials of first and second names. Publication year in brackets. The title in the sentence case. The publisher’s name.

  • In-text citation:

(Author’s surname, publication year, page number)

📕 MLA Citation for a Book

  • Works Cited entry:

Author’s surname, complete first and second names. Title in the title case. The publisher’s name, the publication year.

  • In-text citation:

(Author’s surname and page number).

📕 Harvard Citation for a Book

  • Reference List entry:

Author’s surname, initials of first and second names with date of publication. Title in the sentence case. The publisher, the publisher’s location.

  • In-text citation:

(Author’s surname, publication year, page number).

📕 Chicago/Turabian Citation for a Book

  • Bibliography entry:

Author’s surname, complete first and second names. Title in the title case. The publisher’s location, the publisher.

  • Footnote entry:

Author’s first, second, and third names. The title in the title case. The publisher’s location, name, and publication year are in brackets. The page number from where writers got the information they are citing.

20 Tips for Writing a Problem and Solution Essay

A high-standard scholarly essay is a product of enough preparation and focused intellectual engagement. This condition makes it essential for writers to learn to accomplish their tasks flawlessly. The tips for students and anyone writing a problem and solution essay include identifying vulnerable groups in society; brainstorming about the problems they face; thinking about the possible solutions; generating ideas about the problems and solutions, creating an essay outline; considering whether to adopt the block or chain structure; writing the introduction with a hook, background information, and a thesis; describing the problems and the possible solutions comprehensively in the body; ensuring the body paragraphs have topic sentences, evidence, transitions, and citations; and writing a conclusion that restates the thesis, summarizes the main points, and makes call to action in an essay.

10 things to do when writing a problem and solution essay include:

  1. identifying the situation to address in an essay, such as a political, economic, social, or cultural problem;
  2. thinking about the solutions to the problem;
  3. creating an outline that considers the paper’s content, including the problem, solution, implementation, and evaluation;
  4. researching to find evidence about the problem for starting an essay;
  5. evaluating the weaknesses of the existing interventions; adopting one formatting style for the entire paper;
  6. creating a thesis that emphasizes the problem and possible solution;
  7. constructing body paragraphs that satisfy all academic writing conventions, including topic sentences, transitions, and citations;
  8. creating an initial essay draft;
  9. reading and rereading a final draft essay to identify and fix mistakes;
  10. proofreading a final version of a problem and solution essay.

10 things not to do:

  1. defining an essay topic that does not address a problem or solution;
  2. addressing a problem without a practical solution;
  3. providing an introduction without a hook, context, or thesis statement;
  4. adopting an essay outline that does not consider the four components of problem, solution, implementation, and evaluation;
  5. using both block and chain structures;
  6. failing to support arguments with evidence in an essay;
  7. citing evidence wrongly;
  8. mixing different formats (APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago/Turabian) in the same or different paragraphs;
  9. writing a problem and solution essay with numerous grammatical and formatting errors;
  10. failing to conclude a paper.

Summing Up on How to Write a Perfect Problem and Solution Essay

  • Define a problem afflicting vulnerable groups, like children, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities, for an essay.
  • Consider if there are existing solutions to the problem and their weaknesses.
  • Brainstorm to generate ideas about possible solutions to the problem.
  • Create an outline and populate each section with ideas, considering the hook, background information, topic sentences, transitions, evidence, citations, and a call to action.
  • Ensure a problem and solution essay adopts block or chain structures, not both.
  • Provide an in-depth description of the problem, its causes, and the people or other entities it affects.
  • Explain the possible solutions and who or what should provide them.
  • Make a call to action to leave readers with a lasting impression about the importance of the problem and why it is necessary to sustain the solution.