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Essay on Education

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Dr. Isabel Larsen
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People in the twenty-first century continue to face unprecedented challenges due to accelerating globalization. Basically, technological development provides people with a myriad new prospect for advancing life. In this case, they need to navigate through these uncertainties. Also, schooling should assist students in developing curiosity, imagination, resilience, and self-regulation. Hence, this essay on education covers the idea that learning is as an essential tool for equipping modern students with intellectual, behavioral, and physical potentials for their survival.

Education as an Intelectual Tool

Learning equips learners with the ability to organize their minds and ideas, covering the essay on education. In schools, students learn to read, speak, and solve problems (Kassah, Kassah, & Phillips, 2017). Basically, interacting with written texts ensure that people recognize a combination of words and concepts and link them to their lives. In this case, they apply these concepts to the challenges they face. In turn, activities, like storytelling, drawing, and model, enhance cognitive development (Kassah, Kassah, & Phillips, 2017). Also, learning motivates students to be innovative while they uniquely express their thoughts. Thus, education equips learners with intellectual potentials that are essential for survival.  

Essay on education

Shaping Behaviors Skills in the Essay on Education

Education influence early behavior skills for pupils, which determines their level of success. For example, social concerns are prevalent among children with low levels of school readiness and kindergarten performance (Hartman, Winsler, & Manfra, 2016). Basically, poor academic performance increases cases of misconduct among students. In this case, the issue starts at an early age, which may continue to adulthood. Then, teachers provide guidance and counseling to learners (Hartman, Winsler, & Manfra, 2016). In turn, this approach enables pupils to become responsible members of society. Besides, schooling imparts morals and ethics required in workplaces. Thus, the essay on education states that behavioral skills allow students to lead successful and responsible lives.

Developing a Physical Potential Through Education

Education allows learners to engage in bodily exercises, which improve their health. For instance, physical education enhances the quality of life and overall productivity among learners (Cattuzzo et al., 2016). Basically, students who engage in sports control their weight status and cardiorespiratory fitness. In this case, they remain healthy and concentrate on their academics, covering the essay on education. Then, reduced physical activity (PA) increases overweight, obesity, metabolic, and cardiovascular problems among children (Cattuzzo et al., 2016). Also, the challenge is common among elementary school learners. In turn, this case implies that schools should adopt comprehensive PA programs to promote health among children. Therefore, holistic education supports physical development and overall health among learners.

Other Features

Physical education helps to nurture talents among teenagers. For example, children who engage in sports can pursue them as a career (Cattuzzo et al., 2016). In this case, professional sportsperson lead quality lives. Besides, they contribute to economic development. Thus, the essay on education includes physical potentials among scholars that improve their way of living.

Conclusion of the Essay on Education

Evolving challenges in the twenty-first century require learners to acquire unique skills. Basically, the essay on education represents learning as an essential method for shaping students with intellectual skills. Basically, they gain knowledge that supports their ability to solve real-life challenges. Then, teachers mentor pupils to acquire the desired behaviors. In this case, they assist young people to become responsible members of their communities. Finally, physical education unleashes unique potentials among young people. In turn, they improve their health through effective management of weight and cardiovascular problems. Besides, some people pursue sports as a career. Therefore, the essay on education provides highlights that equip learners with essential survival skills.


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Kassah, B., Kassah, A., & Phillips, D. (2017). Children with intellectual disabilities and special school education in Ghana. International Journal of Disability, Development, and Education, 65(3), 341–354. https://doi.org/10.1080/1034912x.2017.1374358

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