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What Is a Self-Reflection Essay

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Dr. Isabel Larsen
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Self-reflection, in the most simplified definition, is the process of examining an individual’s perspective on a topic or idea. What is a self-reflection essay? It is the documentation of the assessment clearly and logically for presentation to an audience. Hence, this type of essay stands out from other forms of academic writing because its content is highly subjective.

Context of a Self-Reflection Essay

The introductory section of a self-reflection essay provides background information. In particular, it is necessary for the reader to understand the circumstances surrounding the self-reflection process. Basically, the source of motivation in the case of what is a self-reflection essay may vary for each author, for instance, exposure to a theory or a recent personal experience. In turn, the essay’s introduction enables the author to communicate the conditions or incidents that triggered their need for self-reflection. Besides, the section concludes with a typical thesis statement.

What Is a self-reflection essay


During the development of the body’s content, writers must explain the noticeable differences in their line of thought. In this case, readers must comprehend the author’s state of mind before and after the trigger event. Moreover, the elaborate presentation of this information ascertains that the audience readily extracts the correct meaning. In turn, each variation noted in what is a self-reflection essay precedes the corresponding explanation regarding the association between the previous and current ideologies.

Causal Relationship in Self-Reflection Essays

The interpretation of a change requires the author to outline the rationale. Basically, this explication acts as a justification for the transition from one point of view to another. In this case, the principles of a formal argument guide the authorship of this material on what is a self-reflection essay. Besides, the link between the mentioned perception modification and the specific cause of the alteration ought to employ a straightforward demonstration technique.

Evaluation of the Change

Authors have the responsibility of pointing out the extent of disparity between their opinions and the conventional moral and ethical positions. In particular, the essay discloses the alignment of the newly acquired standpoint and the author’s primary values. Moreover, writers state whether they consider the transformation of their views as positive or negative outcomes. Based on the writers’ level of certainty on their belief, they may recommend approaches to propagate their stance on the subject of what is a self-reflection essay.


The concluding paragraph focuses on the future rather than the past and present. For instance, this section of what is a self-reflection essay may indicate behavioral adaptations. Basically, authors intend to practice in their day-to-day activities. In turn, writers may speculate on the permanency of their redefined awareness and the possibility of further evolution. Furthermore, the essay ends with a holistic summary of implications of self-reflection at individual, family, and society levels.

Word of Advice for What is a Self-Reflection Essay

Some fundamental guidelines on what is a self-reflection essay aid the author in developing a high-quality paper. Basically, the author’s opinion should be easily distinguishable, especially in situations where other people’s opinions play the role of the starting point of the discussion. Then, change, causal relationship, and evaluation content on a particular topic have to preserve a sequential arrangement throughout the essay to enhance readability. Moroever, the application of contrasting sentence structures is compulsory to make sure that statements starting with “I” do not dominate the text. In turn, the standard rules of academic writing and grammar are still in effect despite the nature of the essay.

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