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Leadership Essay

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Dr. Simon Robbins
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Leadership Studies
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People structure organizations to have specific positions at various levels. In this case, leaders have to propel the organization’s members toward common goals that are vital to the realization of their vision. Basically, a leader’s mindset influences the efficacy of most forms of people-centric leadership styles despite the elusive nature of leadership’s definition. Hence, this leadership essay covers the definition of the concept, key aspects of organizing people, and human roles.

Definition of Leadership

The definition of leadership has multiple variations. For example, there are over 90 variables associated with the concept of leadership in its entirety. Basically, it explains the underlying cause of the different meanings to a single concept. Moreover, the reductionist approach in this leadership essay results in fragmented definitions, which intentionally advance particular variables. In this case, a wholesome definition of leadership lacks despite intensive research efforts. Also, an integrative definition uses several complex sentences to demonstrate the interrelation between the many dimensions of leadership. Hence, the development of a complete definition of leadership is quite problematic. However, the integrative definition is the best alternative at the moment. Thus, the proposed integrative definition may continue to change as the concept of leadership is modified in contemporary society.

Leadership essay

Styles of Organizing People Discussed in the Leadership Essay

Leaders may adopt different styles to realize the desired effect on their followers. Basically, it often aligns with the objectives of an organization. Also, there is much evidence supporting the superiority of people-centric leadership techniques. In this case, they are ideal for coping with changes and nurturing an innovative culture within an organization by considering the leadership essay. Then, people-centric leadership approaches prioritize the needs and contributions of each individual and the team as a whole, for example, transformational and authentic styles. In turn, creativity plays a critical role in any leadership approach. Besides, it enables leaders to respond to change quickly, encourages followers to develop new ideas, and provides a neutral environment that allows for risk-taking. Finally, people-centric leadership methods are most effective when implemented with creativity. Thus, the specific types of leadership techniques used within an organization are dependent on its suitability in leveraging a team’s diversity.

Focus of Leaders

The concept of leadership may appear focused on the organization members. However, leaders themselves need to be ready to take on the role. For instance, people in modern society face the same challenges as those that preceded them. In turn, the primary difference is the speed at which the changes are occurring. Also, the change is happening faster and follows less predictable patterns, which results in volatile leadership challenges that require quick responses. In this case, the leaders’ mindsets define their ability to handle these chaotic situations, covering the leadership essay. Moreover, the success of a people-centered leadership style is contingent on a leader’s mindset. Therefore, leaders need to assess themselves continually and pursue personal growth to meet the demands of their role in an organization.

Conclusion on Leadership Essay

The leaders, leadership styles, and leaders’ mindsets are equally essential elements that contribute to the success of an organization discussed in the leadership essay. Basically, researchers and scholars have not yet developed a fully comprehensive definition of leadership. Nonetheless, people-centric leadership styles have proven to be quite useful if the leaders implementing the techniques have the ideal mindset. Thus, leadership is at the core of any prosperous organization covered in this leadership essay.

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